Mark Citadel is an Anglo-Russian metapolitical theorist and geopolitical analyst writing  within the broad school of Reactionary thought, as part of the burgeoning online network that has come to be known as the ‘Reactosphere’. He is an Orthodox Christian, once described by critics as a “pretty consistent ideologue”.

His work has been published by the Katehon Think Tank, The Orthosphere, Return of Kings, West Coast Reactionaries, Geopolitika.ru, Thermidor Magazine, and Social Matter for whom he is a regular contributor.

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  1. Good evening,

    I’ve just listened to your interview on the reality Calls Show and, by God’s Providence, we happen to share the same weltanschauung. I want to say thank you for your hard work and congratulations for promoting intellectual excellence.
    I happen to be French and I heard you mentioning Dominique Venner on Tara MacCarthy’s podcast: you were pondering on the hypothetical influence of Evola on Venner and you said you wasn’t so sure. I happen to have read a few books and articles of and about Venner, and the least I can tell is that he is in no way a “Traditionalist” in an Evolian or even Guenonian sense of the term. He is an ethno-nationalist, pan-european nationalist, quite anti-christian, promoting some kind of “vitalist” neo-pagan wordview based on the epic values of Homeric texts (I quote this famous motto from him, roughly translated: “with Homer we learn to consider… Nature as a basis, Excellence as a goal, Beauty as an horizon”). He wrote elsewhere that he has his own definition of tradition: if I remember correctly, he defines tradition has something eternal which nurtures and fecundates the present to give birth to the future. For him it’s like an undercurrent, something immanent, not transcendant, and something which can only be destroyed by white european genocide.



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