Joining Thermidor


I had said that I would have an article at Thermidor upcoming, but the truth is somewhat more substantial.  Since the magazine started, my good friend P.T. (the founder) has expressed a wish that I join the team there in a more official capacity than as a regular contributor.

I’m glad to announce that henceforth I will be continuing my work, as an editor with Thermidor Mag. Carlo has put together an excellent team behind the website, and it is my privilege to join them in their efforts to make it a success. Working as part of a team will undoubtedly be more fruitful than as a free agent. I have every faith in this project. It will be something of a role-change for sure, my attention will be turned towards reading, and I hope to specialize in book reviews for the website (which was the original intention), as well as perhaps some translations which could be quite a challenge. Other things will continue as normal, but this blog, like WCR and several other platforms, has served its purpose. If you have enjoyed the output here, I would highly recommend Thermidor as an outlet producing work in a similar vein.

I’d like to give special thanks to Nick B. Steves who gave me my start in the sphere, and Adam Wallace, who has been a constant friend over the years. If you want to get in touch with me from this point on, please do so through Thermidor.


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