A Troll Assumes My Identity


In a rather amusing turn of events, somebody has decided to begin posting comments under my name and icon. This apparently started on the KiwiFarms forum, but the person has subsequently commented at Social Matter as well. The comments are somewhat innocuous, but make me sound extremely arrogant and condescending in a way which would be scarcely believable to those who know me. Some effort has gone into this troll, the intent of which was to stir up a hornet’s nest of intrigue based on a faulty picture of my personality. Full disclosure, I wasn’t even aware of what KiwiFarms was until this was brought to my attention.

Who is this person? Well, I cannot be sure, but the effort put into it strongly suggests someone with whom I have had interactions. I suspect the culprit is a Twitter autist named Hendrik Verbraeken, a real weirdo who would constantly tag my handle in his tirades against transsexuals, something of a daily obsession for him. Subsequently I blocked him, and he appears to have thrown a shit-fit over it. There is one other person it could be, but I won’t reveal their name because I have no solid evidence other than intuition. This is just part of being on the internet unfortunately. I have found out that the troll is from Australia.

(Update: I am now very sure that Hendrik is behind this. His Twitter account went dark some time ago, but the account which drew my attention to the thread on KiwiFarms (SceneCore636) has striking similarities to the prose of Hendrik, right down to using the word ‘transies’. So just to confirm, he was so eager for my attention, he alerted me to his own troll.)

The problem with comments on blogs and such, is that anyone can assume your identity. As such, there really isn’t much I can do to stop this. However, I have an outlet for casual ruminations in Twitter, so what I can do is announce right now that I am on an OFFICIAL HIATUS from any comments on blogs, news sites, Youtube (which aren’t responses to comments on my videos), etc. This won’t actually harm me in any way since I don’t regularly comment anymore anyway. Until I announce this hiatus to be over, consider ALL comments under my name and icon to be bogus. I would also request that blog owners delete these comments henceforth.

In addition, I will probably now publish articles at Thermidor rather than here for a brief period, so content may be less regular.

Many thanks.


4 thoughts on “A Troll Assumes My Identity

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  2. What a piece of work is man! Such queer behavior.

    Keep your chin up, Herr Citadel! I don’t envy you your situation, but at least it’s something you can laugh at.


  3. I would recommend you to PGP sign your comments, there are several ways in which you can be able to have people know which key is yours. Sign up on keybase.io and put up all the social media and verify the information, after that you can be able to upload your particular PGP key there. Problem solved. If you need any assistance doing any of this let me know how I can be able to help.

    I would really recommend to do this for any messages, since counterfeit messages, not just hackers, but maybe even state agents acting maliciously is a possibility especially given your political views.


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