Cube & The Price of Conspiracy


Apologies for the delay in content. It has been an extremely busy period. I have another piece up at Thermidor Mag, which by the way is really coming into its own as of late. Those who follow me will know that cinema (despite being a previous passion of mine) rarely if ever appears as a subject for my political ruminations, but the concept for this article has been on the burner for a while. I take a cursory look at macro-conspiratorial mindsets, and the detrimental effects they have as distractions from the pursuit of virtue, using the 1997 surrealist sci-fi classic, Cube, as a jumping-off point.

I also have another announcement. The hangout I did this week with The Distributist will be the last such appearance on podcasts, hangouts, etc. for a little while. I don’t know for how long my hiatus from such mediums will be, but I had been meaning to cut this off for over a month now (they get requested pretty often). I do plan to return, but I feel that they have contributed to the development of negative traits that I recognized in myself only recently, and I need to address those on my own and in my own time. This has no effect on my own Youtube channel, and while I cannot say when the next video will be released (it’s a long one), know that I am working on it, alongside a book that I hope to have out before this time next year. A huge thank you to those who have had me on various channels and podcasts over the years, with of course a special soft spot for the now-defunct Plebeian Podcast. As I said, I hope we will speak again.


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