The Curious Case of Louise Mensch


Happy to announce my first piece published with, a little perspective on everybody’s favourite anti-Russian wack-job, Louise Mensch. Her past is boring, but her present is completely off-the-wall. From writing chic-lit to uncovering the Nazi roots of Theodor Herzl, there really is nobody quite like Mensch. She’s a cut above the rest when it comes to innovating new ways to make the whole Trump-Putin conspiracy so unconvincing that I have a strong suspicion she herself is compromised by the Kremlin.


4 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Louise Mensch

  1. Don’t criticise the Temporary Superpower of Mensch.

    The best thing that could happen to her career at this point, is if she continued to push the Putin-Trump conspiracy after Trump’s actions in Iran. This might immortalize her, somehow, into a meme.

    The Menschpill, greater than the Bogpill.


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