José Antonio Primo de Rivera – The Basic Elements of the Liberal State (Video)

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Apologies that it has taken a while to get around to this. As most people know, it has been a difficult few months, and I don’t predict it will get easier any time soon. That said, it is my pleasure to present to you my latest video, a presentation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera’s essay ‘The Basic Elements of the Liberal State‘ which is taken from the book ‘Collected Writings‘. It is an excursus on the dogma of popular sovereignty, the failings of Liberalism, and the need for national unity. Coincidentally, this is the day I cracked 1000 subscribers on Youtube, so thanks to everyone who has shared, retweeted, and promoted my videos. Watch below: D3hucojDPwc

Rivera did not write a great deal during his lifetime, as the active life was very much his focus. Son of General Miguel Primo de Rivera, who had ruled Spain between 1923 and 1930, he was the third Marquis of Estella, and quickly made a reputation for himself in right wing politics. To get a sense of his character, when a brigadier general wrote a defamatory letter against his father, Rivera found him at a cafe and delivered a knockout punch to defend his family name.

He founded the Falange Española in 1933, based largely around inspiration from Fascist Italy, Rivera’s own romantic vision of the Spanish nation, a disdain for the democratic form of government, and the mission of keeping the Spanish regions united. It remained a fringe party until the ascension of the crypto-Communist Popular Front to power, whereupon opponents of the left wing regime flocked to it. This new government arrested Rivera in 1936, believing that he was a threat to their revolutionary agenda. He was eventually charged with conspiracy against the Republic and military insurrection, which resulted in his execution by firing squad on November 20th.

Since that time, he has been given the title; El Ausente. The missing one. May God rest his soul.


2 thoughts on “José Antonio Primo de Rivera – The Basic Elements of the Liberal State (Video)

  1. Brilliant video. Normally I am already relatively well versed in the authors you narrate, however, this particular work (Though less so the man behind it) was entirely new to me.

    Have you considered reading or perhaps narrating any of Imperium? The critiques of liberalism (Though often critiques of liberalism hammer the same nails, for obvious reasons) reminded me somewhat of Yockey.


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