The Decline of London


Apologies for the week’s absense. Things have gotten incredibly busy recently, which also explains why I haven’t had a Youtube video up in a long time. Hopefully we will get one up by the end of this month. In any case, this is my latest contribution to Social Matter, some casual reflections of my recent time in London. It definitely gave me a clearer picture of metropolitan decay.


One thought on “The Decline of London

  1. Toronto is very much the same. Is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of White nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?

    White Genocide Defined:

    “There can be no all-white countries anywhere, and there can be no all-white areas within the confines of those formerly all-white countries. There can be no all White communities, no all White, cities, no all White organizations.

    Do you see that this evil proposition is Genocide?”

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    Here’s a non-white who’s opposed to White Genocide!!!


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