America’s Color Revolutionaries

Violent Protests Erupt At UC Berkeley Against Speech By Breitbart Writer

(This article can be found published at Katehon here, but many of the adjoining links were lost in translation, so I reproduce it with them included below)

From the outsider’s perspective, the United States appears to have entered the peak stages of a psychotic meltdown over its newly elected president Donald J. Trump. His election and subsequent time in governance of the world’s most powerful country has torn the mask from a stagnant pool of malcontents who have in the wake of political earthquakes been activated by their paymasters to cause as much panic, disruption, and violence as possible.

Not all of this will be mainstream news outside of the USA, and so I bring you this synopsis of events so that you can better understand exactly what is going on in Trump’s America, and what he needs to do in order to deal with it, because the longer it is allowed to fester then the more dangerous the situation will be. Instigations like the ones I am going to list are not undertaken with no end-goal in mind. Just as similar radical assets of the globalist liberal cabal were activated in Georgia, Ukraine, and other places, utilizing both useful idiots and committed fanatics to bring about so-called color revolutions, so too are the seeds of a color revolution being sewn in the United States.

The first thing to note is the vitriolic hatred of Russia that has emerged particularly from the ‘liberal left’ in the past year, and from which they justify much of their present activities. Once a bastion of the neoconservatives, fear and loathing concerning the Russian president and his omnipresent hacker collective have been whipped up by the mainstream media and the Democrats to convince the public that Russia somehow rigged the election in favor of Trump. This of course de-legitimizes the president, but also unleashes a stream of bile and insults against Russia itself. One such example is noxious so-called ‘anti-racism educator’ Tim Wise, a pseudo-academic who is routinely invited to American universities and news networks to deliver hate-filled rants. Tweeting out on the 15th of December, Wise said: “With each new day, I know why part of my family left sh**hole of imperial Russia. 100 years after last rev(olution) lets hope for another one” as well as “seriously, when your contribution to the world is Faberge eggs, autocracy and pogroms, no one should much care what you think.” Leaving aside that pogroms first happened in the 1300s in Western Europe, autocracy is as old as humanity, and Faberge Eggs are auctioned for more than Tim Wise will make in a lifetime, the statements of this self-described anti-racist filled with nothing but utter loathing for ethnic Russians were but a taster of what was to come.

With the never-ending stream of lies pumped out about Russian actions in Syria to end the terrorist insurgency there, liberals took their first step towards outright violent sentiment against Russia later that same month. The day after the brutal and cowardly assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, a writer for the NY Daily News named Gersh Kuntzman applauded the murder and called for further killings of Russian diplomatic staff. Though Russia demanded an apology, it was never given, on the grounds that Vladimir Putin was the equivalent of Adolf Hitler.

After the election, the calls for violence were directed inwards at Trump’s supporters and the man himself. The depraved Women’s March in Washington DC, egged on by feminist radicals known for mailing period blood and creating banners such as “if Mary (the blessed Virgin) would have had an abortion, we wouldn’t be in this mess”, assembled a motley crew of washed-up celebrities to declare that Donald Trump was also Hitler and make clear their desire to murder his family and blow up the White House.

Things only escalated from there as Trump swiftly moved to fulfil his campaign promises in quick succession. The callous majority of the Democrat Party vowed to protect illegal alien criminals using sanctuary cities, and dismissed even the cries of those whose relatives had been brutally murdered by Central American gang members and unhinged lunatics. Meanwhile, George Soros (who had denounced Trump as an imposter after his election) was pouring funds into the transposition of a violent European anarchist movement into the United States.

The group, known as ‘Antifa’ or ‘Anti-Fascist Action’ is a gang of anarchist thugs who have terrorized Western Europe for decades with violent mob assaults, home invasions, destruction of property, and other forms of harassment. Everyone with whom they disagree is a ‘fascist’ and is thus fair game for their eerily 1930s-reminiscent tactics. Since Trump’s victory, local branches in the USA have been recruiting across university campuses, and made their presence felt at the recent event at the University of California Berkeley, under slogans such as ‘Kill Trump’ and ‘This Is War’.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial but harmless gadfly of Breitbart News, was set to speak at the campus after having been invited by the College Republicans. This is covered by his 1st Amendment right to free speech, and the university is obliged to provide him a safe platform given the circumstances. The event was mobbed by roughly 1500 people who worked to protect and obscure a core group of about a hundred violent Antifa anarchists using a tactic known as ‘the black bloc’ which works to conceal their identities and prevent arrest as they cause property damage and commit assault and battery. These thugs pepper sprayed a college age girl, and beat a man half to death with shovels. They damaged private property with wanton abandon, and much to the glee of municipal authorities, the event was cancelled. During this chaos, another roll-call of Hollywood degenerates demanded coup and civil insurrection, including the likes of comedian Sarah Silverman and director Judd Apetow. Further to this, an Antifa branch in Arizona threatened to kill a reporter’s daughter, leading many to formally request Donald Trump brand this organization as a domestic terrorist group.

It’s not the only time Antifa had engaged in this kind of behaviour in the USA. Some time earlier, AltRight figurehead Richard Spencer was sucker punched by one of these masked cowards in DC. And even more recently, a talk by libertarian Gavin McInnes was disrupted in New York, again by these black-clad zealots. Thankfully, NYPD behaved competently on this occasion and arrested many of them.

These pathetic terrorists are recruited from the ranks of university trust-fund babies to attack women, children, and the unsuspecting with the worst forms of puerile assault, all from behind anonymity (and it should be said you negate your right to anonymity when you are committing violent crimes). The majority of them don’t even lift, and thus perform poorly when fights are more equal, but they love their work and are paid handsomely for it. Trump’s supporters, and even neutral bystanders caught up in the pandemonium have to suffer because such criminals are aided by elements of the Democrat Party and the media who play interference for them with outright lies. In fact, one of the biggest changes of the Trump era is that the media are openly calling for vicious assaults themselves.

Donald Trump needs to understand that this violence and the calls for more violence, will only escalate from here. For as long as they are allowed to behave in this way, his enemies will push the limits, all the way to actually carrying out Madonna’s threats. This needs to be ended now, and that means starting with something that is long overdue:  arresting George Soros and confiscating his assets. Financing domestic terrorism is a crime, and the links between Soros’ Open Society foundation and the violent protests rocking the United States are not hard to untangle. Furthermore, the president needs to pursue charges of incitement and even sedition against elements of the media and entertainment industry who are calling for an American Maidan. He should follow through with his threat to defund universities where his supporters are harassed and beaten with the tacit consent of the administrators. Finally, he needs to brand many of these radical groups such as Antifa as domestic terrorists, for which support can carry a 15 year prison sentence.

For as long as these would-be revolutionaries are allowed to harm the innocent and cause disruption and mayhem, the administration will be under constant threat and won’t be able to focus on its domestic policy agenda. It is time to decapitate this viper, and its filthy slithering brood. Trump must follow the example of zero tolerance for this type of agitation, set by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and Russian president Vladimir Putin.


6 thoughts on “America’s Color Revolutionaries

  1. At this point, the connections between Soros and all of this violence like Black Lives Matter and Antifa is so well established and broadly known to the Trump supporting half of the United States that I don’t imagine it would be difficult for Trump to arrest him. I think he would have popular support. Interestingly, I have almost never heard anyone seriously suggest this outside of trolling.


  2. Good article, Mark.

    I think that using the Antifa may not get Soros a real threat to the administration, but indeed they disturb the law and order of societies whose regimes they try to topple/sabotage. In former Eastern Bloc countries, right-wing hooligans deal with them. To the West of these, unfortunately, Antifa commies are left free to intimidate everyone they can. (Though they haven’t appeared on the news for while, not frequently. But then, the mindset of Western Europeans is pretty leftist to begin with.)

    Strategically, the Anti-Trump movement and its acts may be a bait for Trump to act on his enemies’ challenges. I see a few reasons why Trump will not face them any time soon:
    – First, if the forces of order fail to stop the ensuing disorder, it will make Trump look weak and ineffective – the opposite of the reason he got elected and of what he is proving to be at the moment. And the USG’s capacity to deal with internal violence is quite limited – these things will have to be dealt with on a state level. States that back Trump may be willing to support him in this and fight revolutionary forces, but some states may be incited to let disorder take Trump down. (Though I don’t see a secession happening any time soon. See also point four.)
    – Second, if Trump focuses on his enemies, he will appear to be on the defensive. Part of what is both objectively good about him and what makes him popular is that he is on the offensive. It is important that he first does what he promised, and this will sustain his reputation and keep his vocal opponents’ numbers small. Not paying attention to them may even make them look so small and insignificant that they become totally discredited in a few months or a year. We should not forget, though, that the media protects their reputation and even if leftist groups become outright murderous, they could probably get away with it – like not being reported.
    – Third, dealing with revolutionaries is tricky, as it can be used to portray him as an oppressive tyrant, especially since both the North American and European mainstream media are against him. He needs to build a reputation of being democratic and “American”, just as Putin slowly built his reputation of being firm and reflecting Russian values. That means that he must get someone else do his dirty work, and for this to happen the rightward trend in American politics must continue. The things that you advice are a good start though, for the one to whom Trump could delegate these tasks.
    – Fourth, Trump’s opponents seem to be more vocal than numerous or powerful. Moral outrage is a strategy, and may be ineffective nowadays, since people are having more and more enough being told that they are bigoted Untermensch for not being bourgeois new-leftists. Trump’s election is evidence for that. Trump may even be capable of flying under the radar and get more rightists in power while the whole outrage continues to focus on other issues.

    That being said, the actions that you advise are a good start, and also nationalizing and liquidating the media and the universities would be a step further in the right direction. It is essential that the left is incapacitated in a swift a way as possible. Starting now and counting on finishing it issue by issue over the years will let the left take the initiative and be on the offensive, and get us to defend what they choose.
    Of course, the currently emergent Right may just as well be another “Hitler”/”Tory democracy” in NRx terms. It depends what choice it makes when the time comes – right-wing order or democratic popularity.


  3. “they love their work and are paid handsomely for it.”

    The second point makes me wonder if Soros can actually afford to foot the bill for a fully-fledged colour revolution in the USA. I bet it’s a lot cheaper in the typical impoverished countries he ordinarily victimizes, where you can probably buy rioters for two packs of cheap cigarettes per head.

    In any case, I’d be tickled pink if he tries it in earnest, since it will give the State under Trump both the motivation and the pretext needed to do away with democracy decisively, and moreover do so to resounding public applause.


  4. With consequences usually never forthcoming, these antifa and the protestors whose ranks they conceal themselves in, keep getting bolder.

    I and my wife were at DePaul for Milo’s Tour in the room when BLM stormed the stage and shut down the event. Security – which Breitbart was forced to pay for – did nothing. Neither did the police on campus. Later it turned out some head honcho lady who was in charge of the police around DePaul had a daughter who was one of the BLM storming the stage.

    You’ll notice similar things happened at other colleges on Milos tour, specifically Berkeley. They have a lot more funding and backing then any of us thought – not just from Soros.


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