A Fresh Start or the Beginning of the End

After a year of procrastination, I have finally gotten around to creating a WordPress. It’s the free version, but it at least brings me into standardization with 90% of the other blogs in this sphere. The bare bones of this have been in the works for a while. I was hesitant due to my unfamiliarity with the format. It is not as user-friendly as Blogspot, but in retrospect I think Blogspot limited me in ways that WordPress may not, and there is always an opportunity to learn.

The Blogspot blog will remain online for the forseeable future, mostly because I don’t want to kill off external links, but no new content will be posted there. As you can see, all of the posts from my blog’s previous iteration have carried over, however the move probably hasn’t come at no cost to internal link coherence, so hopefully I can fix that given time.

At the time of this post, the number of visits to the blog since its inception were just under 350,000. In addition to this of course, my blog was the on-ramp for the launch of my Twitter account and Youtube channel. I have almost hit 1000 followers on Twitter, and the next subscriber mile-marker on Youtube will be 750. In addition, there is the respectable collection of outlets that have been kind enough to publish my work over the years. Overall, I am happy with what I achieved from 2014 to 2017.


So, now we reach the explanation for the second half of the title. I have been considering the discontinuation of the blog (ironic after just having moved all my content to a more permanent location). The reason for this is that while traffic didn’t dramatically drop off in the last couple of months, engagement with the work did. If what I am writing is no longer making people think, but is instead leaving them indifferent, then I’ve lost my touch as a writer and this whole thing becomes rather fruitless. Continuing to give it the attention that I do would be unwise if it isn’t aiding the understanding of others. It is perhaps the case that the old format was suffocating me, and the move to WordPress will kickstart things again, or maybe this prospective move is a reflection of other struggles happening in my personal life. I’ll get a feel for if that is the case after a few essays I suppose, but should present trends continue then my time as a Reactosphere blogger is probably nearing its end.

I wanted to make readers aware of this so that if the blog should close in the next month or two, it does not come as something totally unexpected, but also to give people a chance to let me know if I should in fact continue or not, if my work has remained interesting or become stale. I value your feedback.

Many thanks



23 thoughts on “A Fresh Start or the Beginning of the End

  1. It’s not just you. IMO the whole alt-right will be losing steam as the Trump presidency progresses. The alt-right is the reaction to progressivism/leftism/liberalism/modernity, and given that these are now perceived as less ominous and formidable than when the Cathedral was fully in control, many people will lose enthusiasm, boil off, disengage, and go do something else, at least until the next Leftist Singularity that is.


  2. I have found your writing interesting and informative and I thank you for your well thought out and well executed work. For me the entire alt right is symptomatic of the creeping uneasiness many feel with being forced to live in shared environments – if you’re not allowed to have your own tribe then you join with others in a virtual tribe – the next best thing as you’re forcibly-engineered into a “non-offensive” sock puppet by those of certain tribal dispositions, globalists, and the rambling nonsense of political correctness.
    In short – where is my home, where is my tribe, where is my culture, and given the destruction of the West by the traitorous powers that be – where is my land – these are the core issues we need to resolve – until then a well written blog is a good friend – unless you can find better things to do with your time (like answering those questions!)
    Whatever you decide to do – thanks and good luck.


  3. I certainly hope you continue. I’m one of those readers who rarely comment, but I take what I read and learn to those around me. The effects are always hard to measure, but if you decide to stop blogging, just know that you’ll be missed. You’re a powerful writer.


  4. I still enjoy your writings. For me these last several months have just been hectic. Along with a busy workload I have been fighting spiritual battles in my internal life. For awhile I disengaged from the Rectosphere just so I could focus on other aspects of myself. And as the first comment says, I think many people will fall out of the Rx circles because of Trump. We have to remember, as far as the alt right and dissident right goes, us Counter-Revolutionaries and Reactionaries of pre-enlightenment ideals are a minority among the larger alt right, many still hold faith in the democratic system.

    Other then that my writings have suffered as well just due to the fact that most of the topics I would write about have either been covered by a better blogger then myself or are available in in classic Rx books.


  5. Dude, thanks for the reminder, but I got you covered. Updated my blog roll long time already. This old man’s got things covered.

    BTW, new site is awesome.


  6. Forgot to add – you can also take a break. Sometimes, things get stale and life distracts. A break refreshes. Put it aside for a few weeks or a month, whatever. When you have something to say, say it.


  7. Regarding the feeling not to write anymore, it is something which I have struggled with from the start — even with YouTube, the “why” of things emerges periodically. The best answer I have found is simple: listen to that voice. If one is having doubts about one’s endeavours, it is most often a sign that one is doing something wrong, that something is not being fulfilled. We can propagandise all we like, we can whore ourselves out to ideology as much as we are able, but fundamentally, the imagery of intellectual rigour cannot feed our souls; involving oneself with a social sphere, no matter its actual shape, must always move beyond appearances. I believe that the doubt you are experiencing is simply your soul telling you to nourish it. Your mind can rest, but your heart requires attention. Either recalibrate your work online to breathe some new life into it (the specifics rely on the nuance of your personality) as I have done many times, or take a break and focus on your interior life and the physical community around you (family, friends, etc.).


  8. Citadel Foundations was actually one of the very first Rx blogs I discovered, around a year ago when I finally swore off the mainstream conservative publications I used to read in disgust over their treatment of Trump. I binge-read every single post over the next few days, and came away truly impressed with the philosophical and political orientation, the writing style, and above all, the intellectual calibre of it all. It was welcome fresh air against the mental suffocation of reading the same old vacuous, conveyor-belt cuckservative platitudes in the likes of National Review year after year.

    I think that a reason readers weren’t engaging as much as they might have is because Blogspot just makes it too difficult to leave replies (I myself hardly ever commented, mainly for that reason, although I always read every new entry and looked forward to it).

    -Doug Smythe


      • Mark: How it happened is that one evening late last February, I idly clicked on a meme in Google Images, which lead me to some blog whose name I can’t recall; I clicked through a couple of blogrolls and found your blog, Social Matter, and a few others.

        Thanks for adding me to your list of links.

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  9. I share your feeling. I don’t even do that much and I think I’m approaching burnout. Sometimes I don’t know why I stay reasonably engaged. Having said that, I think your work is great and you’re very intelligent.

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  10. Mark – I like the fancy new site, thought of switching myself over to wordpress but I’m not good with change – hence my struggles with the modern world. I hope you do not stop writing, I visit your site regularly since the link to it went up on The Iron Legion blog – I do not comment because I do not have much to contribute. Much of your writing is a bit over my head – I have said that before, but the stuff I get I like very much and does give me much to think about… your site helped to introduce me to Evola and Codreanu and to help me better understand them – don’t give up, maybe you just need a holiday.

    I check the Iron Legion Blog daily – thisblogisdangerous.com and the front page was hacked sometime in the last twenty-four hours (the last post) – I get a feeling that others may get hacked, the sites listed in the recommended reading list, please check your security and keep an eye out for it – I had a hacking problem a few months back at my site but I hope it is fixed – good luck.


  11. The new site looks great, Mark. I hope you’ll continue to write. The alt-right/reactosphere is going to need strong, mature voices and direction or we’ll slide into complacency now that Trump’s in office. It’s normal for a movement or a person to need some time to recuperate after a victory, and it’s necessary to mull over what new direction to take – but the other side is going to rise up and smash us the first chance they get. We need to be ready. I enjoy your fresh take on things and your understanding of history, politics, and tactics. It’s nice to see your comments on Orthodox blogs, too.

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  12. Let Jehovah guide you. Only write if you want to, and don’t fret about the numbers.
    I suspect that many (like me) became red-pilled in the last year or two, and so there was a bump to your numbers that is now tailing off post-US election.
    Interestingly, I am thinking of starting a Christian blog myself, but as a new Christian, I will be writing about the ongoing experience, rather than reactionary items.
    I have found your writing to be very useful and interesting, so thanks.


  13. Don’t you dare stop writing! For me personally, you have been a massive and important influence in my continuing transition (hate that word now…) from white nationalist to Traditionalist and reactionary. Your work is always extremely well written, and not pretentiously written, which it often is in the case of some in the reactionary milieu. And because your prose is so good, you make often dense topics accessible.

    I’ve championed your work quite a few times on Gab. The place itself is, sadly, infested with patriotard, MAGA, #1A #2A fetishists but there are also some good reactionaries and Alt-Right people there and it seems others on Gab appreciate your work too.

    Anyway, thanks again for your superb writing I hope you continue for a long time yet.


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