Julius Evola – The Decline of Heroism (Video)

It is something of a surprise the regularity with which I’m actually able to produce these. It was not planned that this latest video would coincide with my Social Matter article on the archetype of the warrior, but a pleasant coincidence is always welcome.
Taken from his book The Metaphysics of War, this chapter details a general overview of how Julius Evola saw the unfolding Cold War. In it, he casts doubt on the degenerated warrior ethos in the West and its unreadiness to handle the threat of Bolshevism from the fortress of bourgeois pseudo-ideals. Evola perhaps underestimated the rate of decay which took hold behind the Iron Curtain, but his words can perhaps be even more usefully applied to the War on Terror which the West is undoubtedly losing, ceding its own home base with every border crossing. Being a warrior type himself, Evola was uniquely positioned to pass scathing judgment upon what today passes for ‘heroism’ in the West.
I also participated in another Plebian Podcast, where we refresh the formula somewhat.  We discuss Ted Kaczynski and technology, as well as a little bit on identity formulation. This was a clean break from a formula that had gotten a little too comfortable and a return to good form I think.

One thought on “Julius Evola – The Decline of Heroism (Video)

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