The World is Reborn in Bethlehem

I certainly have been neglectful this past year, especially in the latter few months, being unable to keep up with all the goings-on in the sphere. Unfortunate amounts of work have prevented me from being as engaged as I otherwise would have liked to be, and for that I apologize. When the current period of unrest is over, things will hopefully return to normal.

This said, it is with great hope for the new year, there could not be a better way to ring it in than with some thinking on Christ’s birth, which is celebrated as per the Julian Calender tomorrow. Being a rather bad Orthodox Christian, and certainly no theologian, I feel somewhat out of my depth delving into such a topic, but then perhaps this can be excused if one approaches the writing of an essay with the innocent curiosity of a child, rather than the scruples of a master. This is at least, what the holy day has come to mean for me. Thanks to Kristor at The Orthosphere for making space for it:

What’s more, another treat is my rather short-notice appearance on Descending the Tower, where I joined Nick B. Steves, Anthony DeMarco, E. Antony Gray, Harold Lee, Jean-Luc Deaux, One Irradiated Watson, and William Scott for a jam-packed year in review. Well done to the DeMarco in particular for his well-constructed round-up of events.


2 thoughts on “The World is Reborn in Bethlehem

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!! Just got back from the church Christmas party (imagine that – celebrated after Christmas instead of before!!!) so I'm a bit loosed tongued (not golden tongued haha) and stewed. Dude – you guys gotta get on Gregorian; the holidays get too skewed otherwise 😉 Any way, just think. The One who made you and me and the entire universe, came into the world as a weak, helpless baby in a stinking stable. It just boggles the mind eh? Merry Christmas and God bless you!!!!!


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