What a year it has been. I’ve never experienced one pass so quickly before my eyes, and indeed with such quakes and unexpected events, both in terms of the macrocosmic world of politics and international intrigue, but also among this ‘community’ of the like-minded.

I joined the now slightly world famous Millennial Woes for 2 remarkable hangouts, off the back of his Dangerous Haggis Tour of America. The first was largely focused on the Trump phenomena, the situation in contemporary Europe with regards to this sea change, and forcasting the future.

In the second hangout, we were joined by Adam Wallace, and conversation turned to the familiar topic of the inner constitution of European men, the problems we face surrounding externalizing our flaws, and what will be required in the future.

After these were finished, me and Adam migrated over to the Plebian Podcast with a few of the usual suspects, and had what I think is most certainly among our best efforts. Piggy-backing off the previous discussions, this could be seen as an addendum, and hits on a lot of other important points as well as some tidbits from a year-in review.

Apologies if content seems sparse right now. There’s some instability in my personal life right now, so I am pretty busy. Nevertheless there will be an article next week for sure. Happy new year to all my followers, and a huge thank you to Millennial Woes, who is solely responsible for my Youtube channel crossing the 500 subscriber threshold before 2017.

And on we go.


2 thoughts on “Millenniyule

  1. Well, it was of the everyday sort. My biggest regret was in the latter half of the year I lost the time to read as much as I would have liked within the Reactionary blogosphere. I do plan to do my best to change that soon. May God grant us even more success this year!


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