The Russian Moment

Once again it is my honor to be published by the esteemed Katehon think tank. This is more than a summary of the past month’s events as they pertain to Russia, but also a broadside directive on how Russia should move strategically to advance the goal of ensuring its security vis-a-vis Europe. This requires an embrace of the role of standard-bearer for the Traditional outlook, without coyness or obfuscation. The greatest threat to the Russian people remains the existence of Liberalism, and not in fact military manoeuvres along its borders. An axis of illiberalism has to emerge now, as the opponent is weakened. Russia can find itself at the head of this axis, but getting there will be no easy feat, and is something that could be very easily squandered if it fails to realize the coming paradigmatic shift in Europe, prompted by factors economic, political, and demographic.

A couple of things to link to. Two further episodes of the Plebian podcast somewhat focused on current events:

And also, Reactionary Ian had another hangout which I briefly dropped in on

Apologies to people if I seem to be out of things at the moment. Wagecucking taking its toll around the holidays, as well as other studies. Things will hopefully pick up come January, but for now I’ll be a little low-key. Yes, I am aware of the backlog of questions. I will get around to these, it’s just some of them require reading links, and I haven’t found the time yet. Have patience.


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