Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – The Beginnings of Legionary Life (Video)

I commemorated this day, the 30th of November, last year with an article for Social Matter on the political ideas of the Romanian martyr for Orthodoxy and Reaction, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, and am glad to be able to once again mark the occasion with some content that I hope will be of interest to my readers.

Codreanu, much like the martyrs of the French Vendée, has something to teach us. A true exemplar of man’s quest to stand for that which is above him rather than below him, the answer to a sacred call of duty, the defense of Tradition, prospering none from such an effort and receiving in the line of duty only death. As Reactionaries we are spoiled for choice from a plain of the finest minds in the last three hundred years to furnish our positions and offer a path of self-understanding, but we are often struck by how underprivileged we are for warriors, for heroes, for men of true greatness. Codreanu is perhaps the finest example of such a man, who believed principally in the resurrection of Romania along the guide-path of spiritual awakening and national catharsis.

Hated and despised by those who felt history outdated rather than eternal in its presence, with a soul of rock he proclaimed that justice would come. Sad as it was that it was not achieved in his lifetime, and indeed may not be within ours, his grave bears witness to nothing more and nothing less than a warrior of Tradition.

On this day in history we remember those Christians who gave their lives for our holy cause, executed under cover of darkness and in cold blood by vampiric murderers who will never be honored. Their names:

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Nicolae Constantinescu, Ion Caranica, Doru Belimace
Ion Caratănase, Iosif Bozântan, Ştefan Curcă, Ion Pele, Grigore Ion State,
Ion Atanasiu, Gavrilă Bogdan,Radu Vlad, Ştefan Georgescu, Ion Trandafir
With all of this said, it is my pleasure to provide a reading from Codreanu’s book ‘For My Legionaries‘, in which he describes the foundation upon which he built the Legion of the Archnagel Michael.
In addition, I did an extended interview on the Legion with Teleolojic Folkways over at his Youtube channel, discussing the entire history of Codreanu and the Legion, branching off into analysis of the time period and of some of Codreanu’s political views. Highly recommend checking this out, William is an excellent host:

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel over the past few months. Apologies that my videos take so long to put out, but the hope is that the quality makes up for it.


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