The Revealed Cynicism of ‘Benevolent Hegemony’

My first article published by the renowned Katehon think tank. In it, I take a look at some neoconservative Syria proposals put forth in National Review and explain what they reveal about the grimy underside of Atlanticist geopolitics, that which Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue should she become president. There is now a complete lack of even attempting to justify actions such as those being considered in Syria using any appeal to benevolence. What we see is nothing short of tyrannical violations of previously sacrosanct sovereignty for the effervescent ‘American Interests’ which of course are the interests of a global elite class and have nothing to do with real citizens.

Thanks to the editorial team at Katehon, and Mr. Malofeev for supporting such an essential outlet for a continentalist, and more importantly Traditional assessment of geopolitics and contemporary international issues.


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