Ivan Ilyin – On Democracy (Video)

This is perhaps vaguely the gap you should expect from one video to the next, but it is likely to get a little longer as the year wears on, that’s just how it goes. In any case, you can now view my second video on my Youtube channel, which is a reading of the Russian philosopher, Ivan Ilyin’s essay ‘On Democracy‘. Prescient, since we are for our own reasons rather enthralled by the current mutations of day-to-day events in democratic politics, even as we stand outside them. Perhaps this is a reminder as to why we take such a stance, and why our cynicism regarding ‘democratic institutions’ is most assuredly justified. Follow the link below to watch the video:


As always, please subscribe, thumb up, share, etc. These things require some effort. I want to take the time to thank Soul of the East for making this essay available online, where I first got a hold of it thanks to Mark Hackard. You can read it in text form at the following address:


And of course there is some other business to attend to. 

I joined a Plebian Podcast with Adam Wallace and Alareiks, Auld Wat, and something of a celebrity guest, Millennial Woes! While it was officially a discussion on Adam’s channel and where it has come from, where it is heading, etc. we also discussed a wide range of issues and the dialogue was particularly memorable.


I had a surprisingly lengthy discussion with Forum Anglorum, the host of a recent round-table discussion on the Rotherham abuse scandal. We mainly talked about history as I recall, which you may want to check out if you have the time:


There was some other stuff on Babylonain Hebrew’s channel, but it was both less political and… I wasn’t exactly on my game. I hope to do something a little more official with him soon. Until next time.


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