The Standby Speech

Due to the revelations concerning Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk‘, in which he relished in his own celebrity and said things that no doubt most celebrities say but will never admit to, many are speculating about his presidential aspirations, with news media practically drooling over the idea that the Donald drops out.

President Duterte of the Philippines had once lamented that he hadn’t been the first in line for the gang rape and murder of an Australian missionary to the Philippines, and yet he won in a landslide, but as we all know, the populations of these two countries are very different, and so are the dynamics at play. I cannot say if these comments will sink Trump, and I’m not in the prediction business. Perhaps for everymen it will be like water off rock, the kind of talk people hear in mechanic shops and keg parties everywhere. Perhaps it will mobilize angry feminists, or deflate his social conservative vote. Who knows? I certainly don’t think he will drop out, not after a very impressive debate performance this week in which Hillary Clinton received a rather substantive black eye, or the Podesta email leaks which show some pretty distasteful attitudes towards religious believers behind the scenes.

Demotic politics aside, I want to put pen to paper here and write down the farewell speech Trump should give if he does lose. This is almost a dream speech, the maximum blow he could deal before he leaves political life. He has already laid the groundwork throughout the campaign, the seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of the process, and this would only be the logical conclusion of what he has said. Giving anything close to this speech would be a sharp and sudden break from previous practices, but would make Trump an unlikely hero in the battles to come, for his obstinate unwillingness to yield quietly would further catalyze the success of the right in terms of rhetorical advantage and the growing appeal of extreme ideas to an ever more disenfranchised base of young white males.

My fellow Americans

I want to thank everyone who made this campaign what it was, to the people who worked tirelessly to make America great again, to the phone bankers, door-knockers, voters young and old. To the factory workers in the rust belt who have had their lives destroyed by globalism. To the victims of illegal alien crime. To the veterans who have been so mistreated by this administration. I want to thank my family for putting up with this grueling experience, and my running mate Mike Pence and his family for sticking with us until the final votes were counted.

We put countless amounts of time, treasure, and sweat into this effort, but in the end I’m sorry to say it was not enough, which is why I must concede the race to my opponent.

At this point, I am expected to tell you how important it is to come together as Americans, to make the best of a result we had not hoped for, and to tell you that we’ll get them next time. I could do that, but then I would only play into the charade of a hundred fraudsters before me who have lied to you time and time again. I made my reputation both in the private sector, the Republican primary, and this general election as a straight talker, someone who while not always the most articulate, was always willing to tell the hard truths. I don’t intend to break that tradition tonight.

The fact is that the system is corrupt, and it is important that you know in which ways it is corrupt, so that you can see with open eyes the danger you are in. My opponent was coronated on day one of this campaign cycle. My opponent had every major print, television, and indeed many online outlets making her case, covering for her gross misconduct as secretary of state, and maligning my supporters. My opponent was backed by every multinational body, every major banking cartel, every wall street speculator, and every lobbyist in Washington. She even had the United Nations tweeting on her behalf. My opponent also had the benefit of the current administration ensuring she never faced criminal penalty or even vigorous investigation for crimes that would have seen any one of our men and women in uniform thrown behind bars.

Real Americans find this obstacle insurmountable. They cannot compete with it. These elections are not free nor fair in any true sense of those words. The people who sneer at you from their newsrooms, the people who export your jobs , the people who import foreign criminals and terrorists to jeopardize your children’s future, these are the people who hold all the cards in our sham of a democracy. You hold none.

The Republican Party stabbed me in the back. It stabbed you, the voters, in the back. Just when the election was at a hinge point, the Party abandoned me, refusing to give me the necessary financial and organizational resources to win, and allowing its elected representatives to attack me over and over again in the press without consequence. This party does not deserve your vote, it doesn’t deserve your money, and it most certainly does not deserve a minute of your time. It is the personal property of a cabal of advisors without vision, and corporations without shame.

I believe in what I said about Hillary Clinton. I believe she is a danger to the people of this country, that she is the most corrupt person ever elected to high office, that her foreign policy will put us on a collision course with other countries where war and terror will be the only outcomes. I also believe in what she said about herself, that her dream is of a completely open-borders America, with her as the chief legal defense for the corporate forces that will rape the American worker more brutally than her husband forced himself upon his victims during his time in office. I do not think any sane American can trust Hillary Clinton in the White House, but nor can they trust the feckless Republican Party to stop a single agenda piece she wishes to pass, knowing that in many cases they will be party to her unflinching nepotism.

Your fears about this country are all true, and in fact more true than you realize. A bleak future lies ahead because of the results of this election, and I cannot offer you a solution. My solution was tried and failed to overcome the challenges put in its way by our enemies. If there is a solution, it is for another generation to find, but know this; the Constitution won’t protect you. The Republicans won’t protect you. You have to protect yourselves. In the coming days I will be announcing the launch of a new media enterprise dedicated solely to helping real Americans do just that. I look forward to continuing to work with the wonderful people I’ve met during this campaign, to do the best for a suffering nation.

Goodnight, and good luck.


5 thoughts on “The Standby Speech

  1. Very good, except for one thing: he should not concede. He should contest. Cite all the things you said and more. Amp the fear over Islam. And then claim that the election was rigged.

    Trump is, after all, a negotiator (that is what he billed himself as.) He should try to bargain his way to the Presidency by threatening a civil war. Or, he should take it to the Supreme Court, all the while ramping up the fear factor.

    The die is cast. They wanted this.



  2. The speech Trump makes after a potential defeat truly will radiate through American history. Many Americans obviously at this point, do in fact look up to him as a role model, a defender of the common man, the enemy of the oppressive system. If he folds at the end, accepts the outcome as “part of the democratic process” then he'll discourage many. If fights, even after defeat, calls out the inherent ineptitude and corruption in all of this, he'll not only motivate many to continue the fight but they will only be radicalized further and lose faith in the democratic system. A Trump loss, with him kicking and screaming at the end, is still a win for the True Right.


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