Alternative Evropa

An article for West Coast Reactionaries. on the divide between the American right and the European right in light of their different situational particulars and historical backgrounds. There is a huge amount of work to be done on both sides, but it may be a different set of tasks in many instances. Thanks to Adam Wallace for publishing it! You can read the essay by following the link below:


I have some updates. three more episodes of the Plebian Podcast dealing with various issues, among them current affairs and universities (the last one was particularly interesting).

I also joined two of Reactionary Ian’s Christian hangouts on the blackpill and Romania, plus the American South:

I then had this article re-printed in a print-only quarterly I don’t know much about called MoniZine. Thanks to them!

My next Youtube video is in the works, but slow going. I’ll get there eventually.


7 thoughts on “Alternative Evropa

  1. From the POV of an American white Supremacist, a “nation of socialists,” even one ethnically “sound,” IS A NONSTARTER, literally! And the fact that “we” glimpse a media that characterize such a “nation of ethnically homogeneous socialists” AS the “right” IS ANOTHER FRAUD in an of itself.


    The fraud does not stop there BECAUSE there are actual ethnically distinct “national socialists” who partake in the media's fraud to being characterized as “right” as though a “nation” of socialists made “right” where a globe of socialists was the only alternative.

    So in fact, there IS NO American Right versus European “right.”

    There is only all-out war on white Supremacy whose last spritual stronghold is dispersed throughout MRKA. Ethnic Europeans are part and parcel to this war AS present day “Nazis.”


  2. Mr. Citadel…

    The article is correct in that American whites and European ethnics are in spiritual crisis. It is also correct in noting the good probability of American whites and European ethnics taking different short term paths. Where I think you come up short is in declaring who, where and what will lead the entirety of the white race out of this advanced stage of mass self-annihilation?

    What Europe knows more in Tradition is only off set by what old stock Americans understand as Birth. If the task is Birth new Nations of Old Tradition then “we” beget a psychological Union.


  3. Mr. Citadel…

    European ethnics and their “American” lackeys understand “white supremacy” as Nazism… MRKN cuckservatives understand “white supremacy” as retrograde white Christianity… And so the dull masses have a conception of “white supremacy” as primitive “Christian” nazism.

    And so the practical effect is that NO ONE CONCEIVES of or understands white Supremacy, absolutely. Not even the high IQ “white” Christians will conceive of or understand white Supremacy AS white men who believe in and therefore strive towards objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection. That this very thing IS the practice of Christianity amongst the white man IS DEAD to a critical mass of European ethnics. There are still old stock remnants in MRKA where such thinkkng is alive and well.

    White Supremacy EQUALS regenerate white Christianity.”

    “By faith alone… Because modernism is (t)rue.”


  4. Thordaddy your sentiments continue to baffle me due to your word choice. As I've said, you should maybe start a blog. I continue to define white supremacy by a reasonable dictionary definition, the belief that whites are inherently and completely superior to all other races by every metric, and thus by implication should be set over them. Not only do I think this belief is without basis, but I also disagree with the very premise of 'white' as a meaningful concept outside of necessity, and as I said its adoption is something of an Americanism with little relevance to European race realists.


  5. I hope this isn't seen as being too off-topic, but I just wanted to get your opinion on something which I think is going to have to be dealt with at some point in the possibly very near future:

    from reading the main blogs and other online sources, it appears that neo-reaction is now essentially an anti-Christian movement; it probably always was, but it just seems that it's being openly admitted in polite NRx circles now, whereas before…..well, maybe not as much.

    Do you ever envisage a time when you will have to positively distance yourself from the movement? And if not, in what way is NRx even remotely Christian at this point?

    I'm struggling to remain allied to the cause in spite of what I see as this anti-Christian rhetoric, and I feel at a loss as to why I should. Thoughts?


  6. I'm not sure what you're referring to. I have close relations with many of the most important figures within NRx, and if anything I think it is more Christian than it was when I started in 2014. If you have an article you'd like me to look at, post a link. I can't get around to everything usually, so I am not aware of what everybody under the label is putting out.


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