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This is not a formal post, but instead a rundown of some newsworthy items you might want to check out. This week has been very positive from my perspective, even if I have read a couple of things on the AltRight that involved pointless grandstanding and punching to the right for no adequate reason. Best to forget such peacocking. Not worth the time or energy.

Let’s start in Germany where there has been some kind of confrontation between ‘far right’ groups and Muslim refugees in the town of Bautzen after the invaders harassed some locals. The police shut this down quickly, and such activities are often rather futile because the state supports the outsiders, but at least it shows beneath the surface in Germany there is still some spirit of resistance left alive after decades of guilt-brainwashing. This comes on the heels of Angela Merkel’s stunning electoral loss in her home state of Mecklenberg-West Pomerania to Russia-friendly anti-migrant ‘Alternative für Deutschland‘, and polls suggesting she may be looking at a similar disaster in Berlin this weekend.

In Hungary is where the real interesting news is breaking, or rather, in Slovakia where the European Union is holding a conference for member states. Prime minister Viktor Orban, who most of us have been keeping a close eye on ever since he made the eyebrow-raising statement in July of last year that he intended to create an “illiberal democracy”, has now amped up the rhetoric to impressive heights. An article in the Express not only transmits Orban’s desire to sink migrant boats trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, but also features this quote:

“The political war based on the topic of migration is a great opportunity for both parties. For them, it is a great chance to destroy the Europe that is based on the conception of Christianity and nationality; to completely alter the ethnic-based foundations of the EU. They know that Muslims will never vote for a party with Christian roots, so with the huge volume of Muslims the conservative parties will be crowded out of power. But this war is also a great opportunity for the supporters of the nation states with Christian roots.”

I cannot recall any politician with actual power in Europe (and Orban has almost a monopoly on power in Hungary) making such a statement in recent memory. He specifically speaks of ethnic foundations, and of the EU’s wish to use Muslim migrants to disenfranchise and ultimately destroy Christianity. Viktor I? Dare we dream?

he’s not a Reactionary yet
but there is potential here

And Orban isn’t the only one not mincing words on migrants. In a video that is no less than stunning, well respected Bulgarian former constitutional judge and member of parliament (now living in Hungary) Georgi Markov was interviewed on ‘Face to Face‘ by some jumped up female reporter who asked him about Orban. His response was a 14 minute tribute to the prime minister, and evisceration of his opponents.

“He made the first anti-communist party and he was the first to ask the occupying Soviet forces to leave Hungary in 1989. In comparison, Merkel was not among the protesters tearing the Berlin Wall down. She was at a sauna with her friends during that time. […] The gentlemen from Luxembourg and Western Europe in general must stand at attention because of that great nation’s fight with bare hands against communism. While Western Europeans were eating waffles and the US was dealing with the Suez, the great Hungarian people were first to remove a brick from the Wall, by cutting down the fence between Hungary and Austria.”

Luxembourg was singled out as a minister there demanded Hungary be kicked out of the European Union for refusing to take in refugees. Markov’s response is a third degree burn:

“The Luxembourg foreign minister should look at his own prime minister, because Orban has 5 children from a wife – a woman. The Luxembourg prime minister has for a wife – a man! Man with a man! That’s neo-liberalism for you.”

But the best part comes later in the video when, with a great deal of emotion, he says this:

“God forbid, they rape a girl here, you know, the Bulgarian man is poor, but has great sense of honor! The Bulgarian man will go to the streets! To defend his daughter, mother, sister. We can’t just forsake and give away freely this Christian continent! Just because Soros decided to send them here.”

Then we have the United States. You’ll remember how blackpilled I was being during my last hangout with Millennial Woes. I painted a pessimistic picture of the US election for Trump fans, based in large part from a frank analysis video done by RamZPaul. I acknowledged however that things could change…

Boy, have they changed. From calling Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” to completely COLLAPSING at a 9/11 memorial event and having to be bundled into her car like a sack of potatoes, it has been an awful week for mass murdering kleptocrat Hillary Clinton. She has tanked in the polls. Her national lead has been erased, and Trump now leads in several battleground states. She still has the edge in the electoral college, but one wrong step (i.e – fainting at the debate) would seal her fate. It also probably doesn’t help that one of the outspoken Latino activists outraged by Trump’s characterization of Mexicans as rapists… has just been charged with rape. The outcome of the US election cannot be predicted with any certainty at this point. It is too volatile and wacky, what with Hillary actually making cartoon frogs a campaign issue. Again, I am not invested in Trump, but want him to win for sound geopolitical reasons, a position shared by others.

The working week was capped off with Trump rather masterfully trolling the national media over the ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ issue, baiting them into covering his endorsements from a conga line of military veterans on priceless live TV. Journalists were furious, which is exactly how we like them.

the best part of this is Alex Jones wielding his ‘Super Male Vitality
Trump is making a satire of democracy

Finally I should mention Russia’s crackdown on online pornography. Obviously I support this move, and hope it is only part of the larger move towards a more pro-natal culture. Also, the Austrian rerun of the presidential election has been postponed due to ‘faulty glue‘ on the ballot envelopes.

A few other things to attend to as well:

Some links on the right hand side have disappeared, this is mostly due to clearing of blogs that have gone offline. You’ll notice a handful of new additions as well, plus a link to my Youtube channel. I already have over 200 subscribers, which is nice, and I’m closing in on the magic 500 followers on Twitter. I swear though, I would be over 800 if accounts following mine didn’t keep getting suspended. Tone it down, guys. 

I participated in three new, more relaxed Plebian podcasts hosted by Adam Wallace. As I recall this is mostly current events:

I also joined Babylonian Hebrew for something a little less formal:


9 thoughts on “Quick Thoughtcast

  1. I have to say that picture of Orbán strikes me as Majestätsbeleidigung (or Lèse-majesté), more so as he is a Calvinist, of the kind that defected to the Turks at Vienna, while the Turkic Muslims (Tatars) of Lithuania fought on the Catholic and Imperial side. There is only one who can by right and in good conscience now wear that crown, while his houses are stolen and his inheritance plundered by the so called Prime Minister of Hungary.


  2. Are you talking about the deposed Austrian royal family? Karl Habsburg-Lothringen? I have not really heard anything from him or any will to restore the Austrian monarchy. He appears to be a non-factor. Orban meanwhile could convert to Roman Catholicism and claim the throne of Hungary if he so wished. He does exhibit royal characteristics at times, even if I disagree with him on some major issues. His recent statements were nothing short of superb. (regardless, it will not happen. his successor however…)

    Similarly, I support the Carlist claim to the throne in Spain. Its regent has displayed some characteristics that are entirely absent in the current so-called 'king'.


  3. The pains of being a monarchist in these days. It is now the case that for most countries, legitimatism must be put away because of the unsuitability of the candidates, however sympathetic we are to their family's historical place.


  4. Were he (or his successor) to claim the Crown, he would be nothing more than a usurper along the lines of the thrice forsworn traitor Horthy. His recent statements have been nothing more than contradictory bluster. You should really look into his illegal acquisition of Royal property. The Principle of Legitimacy exists for a reason, and to discount his Majesty Karl, who is actually continuing the traditions of his family, in favor of an illegal minister after his own glory and has continuity only with the traitors of the past, seems incomprehensible to me.


  5. Admittedly, I do not know much about Karl, only that he is not allowed to claim any royal title in the areas formerly constituting the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If he is suitable of course I would consider your position, but you must show some kind practical mechanism via which he can regain his office.

    What you see from Orban is somebody committed to illiberalizing his own country, and he has institutional power, thus could be a monarch. We all recognize that most royal lines throughout history seize power, and if accepted, are given the mandate of heaven, hence how dynasties change.

    For instance, I do not think the Romanovs could rule again in Russia. It is unclear who the true successor is due to the martyrdom of the Tsar's closest relatives. A return of the Romanovs would thus be problematic and controversial, besides the fact that their political orientation is at best unclear. However, there could be another potential royal house in Russia, given the current milieu, in fact many may be suitable.


  6. Hello, I'm a Romanian, Mark knows of me. You are saying some things here that need responding. The Habsburgs f*ked it up, twice, of their own doing. The scions they produced proved often to not be up to the task. I wish it was otherwise, because their Empire was basically a good idea (and a mythical place that as a Central European I feel some connection and sympathy towards), but, like Marxism, that good idea proved to be bad in practice.

    Here is what I object to: you said “by right” as if the Habsburgs are legitimate Sovereigns of the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary. They're not. If you're not familiar with the Holy Crown doctrine, you might want to do that. If you're Austrian, you probably won't, as your ancestors didn't (and hence f*cked things up)…

    Of course the Sovereign of the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary is the Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God, and in her lieu, the Holy Hungarian Crown of St. Stephen sits on the Throne of the Realm. In fact the Crown is the Realm in the same way in the Ancien Regime France the King was the State.

    The King is only an Office of the Crown. Well, not ONLY, but mainly. He also holds sacramental functions, like any European King, but the Hungarian Nation (which means, traditionally, the First Estate and the Second Estate, not “the people”) is empowered by tradition and custom to replace the King, alter the line of succession, replace or dethrone the Dynasty, enthrone another King (like King Matyas), through the Diet or otherwise (“otherwise” often meaning armed revolt).

    Of course, we Romanians were very loyalist and always opposed the Hungarians and for our efforts we were given in reward what Hungarians received in punishment. Which was criminally incompetent for the Vienna Court and caused the Empire's desintegration. For the better. After the Treaty of Trianon several territories were forever severed from the Holy Crown of St. Stephen.

    In particular, Transylvania and its attendant territories is now a part of Romania, in right and in fact. I seriously advise anyone who wants Transylvania: if you want it, come try to take it (though perhaps this time, Austrian, you won't be shooting your cannons at our Churches, for Christ our Lord's sake)!


  7. So, according to you King Matthias Corvinus was an usurper, Hapsburg Restorationist? I didn't know. Come, please, teach, o, learned one.


    Mark, I'm starting to like very much the Carlist “double legitimacy” doctrine. It could save many a monarchy from the traditional failure mode of monarchies: when the King is a liberal.


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