Announcing the Launch of my Youtube Channel

I did say “exciting things to come”, did I not?

Okay, well, it isn’t that exciting, but it is certainly a development. With the growth of the Reactosphere, interest in our ideas on metapolitics, religion and state, it seems to me that our construction of an antiversity, a collection of new samizdats to accelerate the awakening of our political destiny, must break new ground in the ongoing information war.

Conservatism is in a state of extreme decay, its Buckleyesque publications withering, its stale position of moderate resistance to Liberalism and the destructive ends towards which it endeavors becoming less and less credible to anyone of intellectual caliber. It has been entirely discredited all across Europe and America, which is why its practitioners on radio and in print are sweating at the prospect of our emergence. In their place must come forth the uncompromising iron-clad will of the spirit, the multitudinous cadre of informed opposition. I believe we are living through a new incarnation of the German Conservative Revolution of the Interwar Period, except this time we shall not be swept aside. We have learned from the mistakes of the past. The battle lines have shifted, the enemy is weakening, and the convergence of economic and geopolitical events favors the ascendancy of our vision.

The channel’s purpose will be readings of Reactionary political theory, hopefully in a mildly engaging manner (at least it better be, with the amount of ball-ache the upload process is). The first video is now live, a reading of Joseph de Maistre’s ‘Man Born Evil in a Part of his Essence‘.

Then there is my adoption of this motif, which carries with it important symbology which I feel encapsulates the aims of the Reactionary school. Somewhat experimental I know.

The HOURGLASS SHAPE is itself a signifier of the partnership of time and truth, that history does not bend towards progress but towards truth, towards the organic nature of things, towards us. Reality matters.

Aloft, the TWO-HEADED EAGLE, which since the time of the Second Rome has been the symbol of the spiritual union of the Roman ideal with Occidental Christian statehood, used by the Byzantine Empire, the Russian Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, along with other smaller states and factions over the years. In my own case it is crowned with the tsarist crown.

The THREE SWORDS symbolize the Reactionary ideals as best as I can reduce them, of which we are the bearers.

1 – The importance of a correct upward orientation; belief in the vital nature of the divine and the supremacy of Traditional religions. (Entails clericalism and anti-secularism)

2 – The importance of a correct inward orientation; belief in the non-interchangeability of peoples and the hierarchical nature of human society. (Entails layered autocracy and patriarchy)

3 – The importance of a correct outward orientation; belief in the preservation of cultures and peoples as distinct from one another. (Entails racial consciousness and geopolitical realism)

Below, the TIGER in the black is symbolic of the Dark Age or Kali Yuga, part of a metaphor coined by Julius Evola to describe how we must approach the era of dissolution and the reign of quantity. This is everything that must be repulsed, mastered, and finally vanquished. In other words, it is everything we seek to transcend as the eagle soars over the chasm.

And with that, please subscribe. Encouragement in the form of views, likes, shares, and comments only spurs my efforts.


6 thoughts on “Announcing the Launch of my Youtube Channel

  1. I'll check this out when I get a chance. Thank you, Mr Citadel.

    One further step that would be good is if you provided the audio track for a separate listen/download, though I can understand why you might not wish to do that.

    Are you interested in feedback on the quality of your reading/recording?


  2. I'm not opposed to providing audio versions of these readings. I might give it a few months before making that next step however.

    Feedback is appreciated. I've already gotten some corrections (a few word slips), but for my first attempt I don't think its too awful.


  3. It has a rather interesting history. It was introduced in the late 1800s I believe, but was not at all popular in Russia, and was only used in very official ceremonies. It is during the later period of Soviet rule and the emergence of contemporary Russia that white, yellow, and black have been the favorite of Russian ultranationalists and tsarists. You can see this if you look at videos of their rallies on Youtube.

    I believe before the period of the late 1800s, Russia had the flag it has now, the red blue and white, and had adopted this in imitation of the Netherlands. Prior to this, I'm not sure if there even was a flag. Perhaps the cross of St. Andrew may have been used?

    In any case, I adopt it in solidarity with the colors my brothers use today.


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