Shia Geopolitics & The Fortress State

It’s been a while since my last Social Matter article I know, but the waiting paid off. I have never been so enlightened by my research as I was when preparing for this, and hopefully it gives you some easily accessible knowledge on why Iran behaves as it does, and what the geostrategy of the Shi’ite world must necessarily entail. Thanks to Hestia for hosting it. I feel that in the last few months especially, Social Matter has really come into its own and is building that alternative pool of wisdom that we on the far right have for a long time desired.

Exciting things to come, I promise.


One thought on “Shia Geopolitics & The Fortress State

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Mark, regarding Social Matter. We haven't blasted the trumpet a whole lot about it, but Hadley and Mark (Yuray) have been doing a heroic job of keeping up the quality and increasing the quantity. And it's paying off. Nothing spectacular, but slow and steady wins the race… or at least we hope so.


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