Should the West Consider Christ’s Victory?

I had been planning this article for a few months, but since it was going into some pretty deep theology I wanted to do more research before finalizing it. The Orthosphere have generously published this essay on what I see as the virtues of the Christus Victor or Ransom theory of atonement that was popular among all Christians for the first millennium, and remains the standard belief of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox today.

Can all believers once more recognize the light overcoming the darkness, the snake’s head being crushed, the fist that smashes the prison bars which entrap our very souls? “In this sign you will conquer” is as relevant today as it was then, in all but one respect. Our enemy today is emboldened by our weakness and uncertainty, our inability to identify him. Until we can do so, and be confident in our justification and spiritual fortitude, we will have no hope of escaping this prison alive.


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