The French Republic is Finished

symbolic irony
during the Nice massacre, a fireworks accident engulfed the Eiffel Tower in smoke

Let me just run through this chronologically so the rest of this short essay is put in its full context and not misunderstood by those who have not been following events in France.

7th January 2015 – Terrorists working for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula shoot thirteen people in a terrorist attack on the obnoxious French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, including three police officers.

9th January 2015 – A close friend of the brothers who attacked Charlie Hebdo kills four civilians at a Jewish deli in Porte de Vincennes, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

19th April 2015 – Algerian Jihadist shoots a woman in Villejuif during an unsuccessful terror attack on two churches.

26th June 2015 – An ISIS linked delivery driver decapitates his employer in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier and tries to blow up a gas works.

13th November 2015 – The deadliest terror incident in French history sees nine Islamic State terror soldiers conduct grenade, shooting, and suicide bombing attacks on a number of targets in Paris including restaurants, a sports stadium, a metal concert, and bars. 130 are murdered.

13th June 2016 An Islamic State terrorist murders a police officer and his wife in their home in Magnanville by stabbing them to death.

14th July 2016 – Another Islamic State terrorist drives a cargo truck through throngs of people during the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, murdering a total of 84 people, and leaving hundreds of others with horrific injuries.

Today – A much-beloved local priest Father Jacques Hamel was decapitated in his Church in Normandy by two Islamic State assassins.

victim of the latest atrocity

That is 236 total murdered in cold blood by rampaging Jihadis, just since January of last year. France has more terror attacks now than Yemen, which is considered by many geopolitical analysts to be a failed state. Since the Paris attacks last year, the country has effectively been in a state of emergency with French police now roaming the streets armed. Nowhere is safe, and as the recent Belgian and German attacks attest, the surrounding nations aren’t doing so well either, but France is the epicenter of this chaos.

I wrote an open letter to France after the Bataclan shootings, declaring that the Liberal aspirations of the country had doomed it to immolate itself. I’m writing this to succeed that letter in response to the dramatic escalation that has occurred since.

The Fifth French Republic, which was declared in 1958 after a popular referendum dissolved the fourth iteration of this monstrosity, is now hereby defunct. Why do I say this? Because it only exists now as an illusion. Without law and order there is no state, and France has no law and order. Terror agents from the religion of the Arabs commit killings without restraint. They maim and murder, slicing heads and blowing civilians to smithereens, long before even an armed French police can respond. What’s more, the current government ACTIVELY ENABLES these terrorists, it harbors them, it shelters them, it clothes them, it feeds them. Butchers from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq as well as other theaters are invited into the nation by the president himself, working in tandem with Germany’s Angela Merkel. France cannot be said to even have a functioning occupational government anymore. It has a leading ‘gang’ of socialist cretins who for some reason still have the no-doubt fraying loyal patience of the army and the police, but make no mistake, with this level of bloodshed and disorder, panic and fear, France is certainly no more of a functioning ‘state’ than Yemen is.

a reminder of the Nice attack
ten French children were among the dead

What are the implications, especially considering it was a priest who was effectively martyred today, in a chilling reminder of what happens to Christians in the Middle East under Islamic rule, from the beaches of Libya to the deserts of old Antioch?

We must fight or be killed. It is that simple, at least in France. Christians have no obligation to constrain themselves under the law of a non-existent state which has fallen into a particularly agonizing anarchy, in which the treacherous former government has imported an army of men trained in precisely the extermination of Christians, and by extension, all native French people. 

In response to the decapitation of a man who was under his charge, the archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrum (who was in Krakow for World Youth Day) released the following detestable statement:

“I have learned with sadness of the killing this morning at the Church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray. The three victims: the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, 84, and the perpetrators of the assassination. Three other people were injured, one very seriously. I cry out to God with all men of good will. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry!”

With all due respect, and I assure you that you deserve none, we have cried all the tears that we have. Christians have wept for the dead for decade upon decade, the victims of a barbaric and murderous cult. Our tear ducts are as dry as the lands these killers flow forth from. These two men were not victims in any sense or translation of that word, they were animals, fit for slaughter and I commend the French officers who put bullets in them. You sir, should be removed from your position and probably thrown into a lake somewhere, but alas we know the current Roman Catholic Church will not do that.

The quick-witted Marion Le Pen, who frankly is far more impressive than her flaky mother, had an infinitely better response:

“They kill our children, murdering our policemen and slaughtering our priests. Wake up!”

While some people rub their hands with glee thinking of how this will surely bring the ‘far right’ Front National into power, they really do not understand the breakdown of the French society. There is no democratic solution to this problem, there is only the solution of survival. Occidental man is under direct and sustained attack. Roman Catholicism, nay the entirety of Christianity is under direct and sustained attack, and this has been tolerated and tolerated endlessly. That toleration must come to an immediate end now that nobody can rely on any protection afforded by the state, which at best might bring your killers to a swift end, but is unlikely to save you from their blades.

There is no course of action, or at least none that is obvious to me, that is unjustified at this time for the self-defense of the people in France. A parasite has been germinating there for generations now, beginning with the first wave of Algerian migrants and now finishing with the tsunami of ‘poor refugees’ from Obama’s wars. The media will obfuscate (BBC recently ran a headline after a German suicide bomb attack that read “Syrian migrant dies in German blast“), the politicians will tell you there is peace and order, and the blood will continue to fill the gutters of every city in the country.

at this point, they might as well be considered a media arm of ISIS

The fate of the French Republic is sealed. It is gone. As this parasitic worm begins to burrow its way out from the inside of the host, who must either kill the worm or bleed to death, it is now the job of the French nation, not the French Republic, to either accept death, flee their ancestral home for perceived safer pastures, or fight for their survival. 

What must be made absolutely clear is that there is not a priest alive, in any Church, not even the high and mighty Pope himself, who can deny a Christian his right to the defense of virtue against evil, for the moral paradox that ensues immediately strips said priest of his spiritual authority. To the Christians of France, and any others from outside who may be involved in the salvation of the French nation, you carry the will of God when you avenge the innocent, when your defense is mounted after every other conceivable avenue has been tried and found inoperable. God helps those who help themselves. Let us all pray that justice is swift for the ghoulish brown demons who infest the entire Occidental world, and their enablers, apologists, and willing concubines who may call themselves ‘French’ or may call themselves ‘believers’, but who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, active agents of the enemy.

Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people live, but nothing will be done without your consent. You must choose life over death, survival over inertia, justice over inaction. It is choosing time for you now, as it no doubt will be for other nations very soon.

In the 1990s, France participated in the bombing of Serbia, killing countless Christians and destroying beautiful churches, all in the name of the Clintons and America’s sick world order, all in the name of helping the Muslim Bosniaks and Albanian thieves to achieve their destructive ends. Then president Milošević, in the wake of his nation’s defeat at the hands of NATO, had this chilling warning for the West, and it echoes today, almost two decades later.

19 thoughts on “The French Republic is Finished

  1. The heroes of the resistance would know what to do, as would de Gaulle.

    Nothing to see here or here or here or here or here or here or here…


  2. “A much beloved” I see this everywhere. Was he really Mark? Where were his young defenders? Are Churches full of people to defend their priests?

    It's a rotten corpse that its own people won't defend or care about.


  3. Of course I never met him, but am going by local reports that he was well-known in the community, a retiree, a good man.

    The men who entered the Church had guns (later turned out to be fake). The outcome might have been different if France did not disarm its own citizens. Needless to say, I encourage French people to procure arms just based on safety alone. This can happen to anybody, anywhere. Read about the policeman and his wife murdered in their own home. And these animals make up 20% of the population most likely.


  4. “I have always wanted peace. We have never been the first to attack; we have always acted in self-defense. God forgive them.” These are the words of Catholic Martyr (one who incidentally did not die at the hands of the Muslims). In one sense the whole essence of his words is contained in “God forgive them” and this what the Muslims do not understand. Be careful when you write such statements as ” Let us all pray that justice is swift for the ghoulish brown demons who infest the entire Occidental world” for “with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again”. At Holy Mass on the day of his entrance to eternity, Fr. Hamel read this passage of the Holy Gospel, “And when his disciples James and John had seen this, they said: 'Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them?' And turning, He rebuked them, saying: 'You know not of what spirit you are. The Son of Man came not to destroy souls, but to save.'”


  5. It is with what measures THEY mete, that they will be measured. They have attacked, this is in the spirit of your initial quote, a situation of self-defense. As I said, every avenue of recourse has now been exhausted for a people who are under siege and threat of destruction at the hands of these barbarous fiends. Their state has failed, in fact their state has actively abetted their killers. Pacifism is a perversion of peace for it emboldens and brings destruction.

    There is no Christian nation in history, period, who would have not responded to this level of assault, this level of gratuitous random violence. Just look at how both Orthodox and Catholic countries responded to single cases of Jewish murders of children! This bodycount now reaches into the hundreds! Are you sincerely counseling suicide to the French people?


  6. I am among the first to denounce Pacifism and advocate self-defense in times of war, but in war there are rules of war. There is war, and it is not a war against Arabs, Syrians, or Tunisians. It is a war against Islam, and war in which the only complete and final victory is Conversion.The “barbarous fiends” who fight in this war are men, and not all of them fight. It's easy to say “They're all killers.” It's easy to hate them, but to fight without hate? To sincerely love your enemy, that is to will the salvation of his soul, and yet fight in defense out of love. What exactly are you advocating when you say self-defense? That all Muslims be rounded up and killed? If not that then what? Do you think every murder can be prevented simply by an action of the “people”?


  7. This is a distortion of what I have said. I advocate the removal of all Arabs, and other incompatible peoples from the Occident, by way of physical removal. They need to be returned to their own ancestral homelands and day by day that is being made clear to be what Occidental people want.

    I cannot be specific about what is implied by self defense, for obvious reasons, yet I leave the French people to take from it what they will. Their choice is very simple, survival or death. Death is what is meted out by the enemy, upon children and adult alike, without discrimination and without a shred of mercy. And strangely enough you will find many of these killers are not devout Muslims (take the Nice truck driver for example), but deadbeat drug addicted foreigners looking for any excuse to cause murder and mayhem. Islam is not the only issue here. Islam did not justify Cologne, nor Rotherham. There are other things at work.


  8. I am pleased that someone else remembers Milosevic's words (I have long used them as a tag-line on various online forums) — I hope they eventually prove prophetic, thus far knowing what the war in the former Yugoslavia was all about still seems far from anyone who didn't already know while it was being fought.

    I am less pleased that you insist on speaking against Arabs, rather than Muslims. My bishop, metropolitan and patriarch are all Arabs. I know good and holy priests who are Arabs. Arab Christians cause no problems when they decamp to the Occident, fleeing persecution by their fellow Arabs, while Turks, Berbers, Chechens, and various other non-Arabs who follow the false prophet Mohammed are just as resistant to acculturation to the mores of the Occident as their Arab coreligionists.


  9. Greetings, Pannonian Slav here.
    First of all, I should warn you that although Milošević could seem like a good guy standing up to the NWO, he is first of all a communist and a cooperate of the likes of Tito, while holding the title of president (a symbol of the very evil we are standing up to and an antonym to the title of king) and openly mixing different groups of people (Slavs and Vlachs), which makes him directly anti-identitarian. You should look up to great men like četniks and their leader Draža Mihajlović who gave their life for God, their king and reactionary ideals instead of praising communist criminals who have seen a good opportunity to use peoples sentimens for their own communist clan fights.

    Generally, your observations are correct, but I'm worried that you don't realize that the said priest was known for providing land for construction of a local mosque, from which it is clear that he was a follower of the second vaticanist heresy which is plaguing the Church today (would also explain his popularity). Because of that I can only conclude that what happened is the only possible and just, although unfortunate ending to the charade liberals have created in the Church and the said priest supported himself (correct me if I'm wrong).

    We could learn many things from islamists because, although they are horrible heretics, they are in their approach towards faith and society much closer to what we should take instead of this modernist approach our society takes.

    It might be just that typical Slavic fatalism from my side, but we can obviously see that this world is doomed. Standing behind it seems foolish. Shouldn't we rather see dying of this old man as good, salute it and cheer at birthing of a new, beautiful society from ashes of the past.


  10. You make a very well reasoned points.

    My praise of Milosevic is in his prophetic wisdom (he knew the West would reap what it was sowing), and in that he was generally a counter to USG influence, thus similar to how I might praise China's leaders if they do something good. I am well aware of his communist ties, and the poorly thought-out Yugoslav project.

    As for Jacques Hamel, yes, he was likely an old-line Vatican II follower, but this was a sleepy town, he was in retirement, and I don't think he really deserved to be beheaded in front of the congregation. There is great symbolism attached to the event, as ISIS knew when they planned it.

    The problem with your last statement is that we don't know what will arise from the ashes. I wish the French would wake up, I wish all the western peoples would wake up, but attack after attack they seem to want to die! There is no will, not even a hint of it. I don't want Arabs to colonize Western Europe, and that is what is happening. In a way, I can see where you are coming from: the more this happens the greater the chance of reaction to it, but I cannot help but feel sorrow for what is going on. This didn't have to happen.

    Chaos is coming to this world, and I'd hope my Slavic brethren are ready for when it hits. The invaders will not be satisfied with just the anglos and the franks and the nords. They want all of us.


  11. You know, I really do not see a way out of this for Europe now.

    I'm English, living in a large northern city here, and many of the districts that were once British – or Irish immigrant – are now wholly Moslem. This is same for the Lancashire mill towns, great swathes of the midlands, Yorkshire, and, obviously, London and its surrounding conurbations.

    The problem with the “race war now” mentality is that it's never going to happen. The young are so brainwashed that the reverse in entropic force required is, literally, impossible.

    At this point the only realistic option I see is for a kind of regrouping somewhere – eastern Europe, Austria, Italy maybe – where a critical mass of white Europeans could gather, elect suitable representatives, and launch a reconquest from there. Outside of this I really am at a loss to see how anything else could happen.

    ps. excellent blog by the way. I consider your little offering here to be the pinnacle in the alt-right/NRX niche. Keep up the good work…..


  12. Thanks a lot for stopping by Andrew! I'm sad to say your last grim prophecy may in fact come true. The kind of migration we might be about to see in the coming two decades could be unexpected entirely.


  13. Asians certainly are not monolithic, especially in the UK where Pakistanis are given the title 'Asian' in order to obscure their religious beliefs. Certain Asian groups have a high compatibility rating, and in certain countries, can be well integrated as a small minority, and I stress small. Ideally, a national society should be over 96% native.


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