Big Sister & Weaponized Nerds

The long-running feud between feminist publishing empires, plus the new wave of social justice warriors, and those fanbases who would be termed ‘nerds’ by most people has been simmering since the heights of Gamergate in 2014. While nerds won the rhetorical and intellectual contest, logistically, the victory belonged to feminists. Game companies are still inserting social justice garbage into video games, Anita Sarkeesian far from homeless is now executive of Twitter’s censorship arm, and the latest assault on all things sacrosanct in the world of hot-pockets and Naruto references… well…

It was unveiled in  2015 that a remake of the beloved classic ‘Ghostbusters’ was being made, except this remake would have a few minor tweaks. The male humor chemistry from the original movie, the constant back-and-forth between Bill Murray and his costars, that was going to be scrapped. In its place, girl power! Four independent women, unmarried, one some kind of physicist; this was the new cast. Fans who complained that this was indeed like casting Jackie Chan to play Napoleon were promptly told to get lost.

The most prominent of these middle fingers to the cult following of the original movie was the scorn heaped upon Youtube star James Rolfe (otherwise known as the Angry Video Game Nerd). Rolfe in the video shown below didn’t even mention problems with the sex of the new protagonists, only that the trailer looked boring and he had no interest in seeing something that didn’t feature any of the original cast.

An editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald by the undoubtedly masculine Karl Quinn declared in response to Rolfe:

“The backlash against the all-female Ghostbusters is the last desperate cry of a patriarchy losing its grip.”

It then went on to declare that ‘troglodytes’ would have to be ‘dragged out of their caves’. A few articles were more sharp. Here’s an extract from Reluctant Habits:

“But the crazed notion that gender isn’t just the first way to identify a remake, but the only way to do so, speaks to a disturbing cultural epidemic that must be swiftly remedied by more movies and television starring women in smart and active roles, unsullied by the sexualized gaze of a pornographic oaf like James Rolfe.”

That’s right, a ‘pornographic oaf’. Many were laughing at the absurdity of controversy generated over someone having an opinion, but this wasn’t the end of it. Oh, no. Not by a long shot.

This week Breitbart editor and notorious gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos was officially banned from Twitter (at this time having over 300,000 followers) for writing a critical review of the movie and in doing so supposedly encouraging hate crimes or something against the cast, one of whom threw a tantrum and left the platform in outrage. Yes, you read that correctly, Twitter banned someone for having an unfavorable opinion of an agenda movie. I’m not a Milo fan. I find little redeemable about him and I don’t give a damn about his contrarian attention-whoring stunts, but that isn’t the point, the point is that this event represents a new step in terms of acceptable private censorship, markedly different from the most recent escalation which was a government sponsored terror campaign on guys meeting for drinks.

words on Twitter
the new terror threat

Like Gamergate, in terms of the truth, the nerds have won. The Ghostbusters remake had a pretty abysmal opening weekend and reviews from anyone worth listening to have been awful. But does that really matter? No. Through this movie the Liberal intelligentsia have made a statement of authority, “you are not allowed to have negative opinions of anything we produce”. Before, we weren’t allowed to criticize what Liberals did, their libertine debauchery for example, but now even their works cannot be criticized. Consider, we were allowed to criticize asinine airy fairy female empowerment bullshit like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ as garbage before, but that is now changing. We are going to be ‘dragged out of our caves’ and thrown off online speech platforms for such heresy.

I had my own Twitter account deleted not too long ago, but it was over stuff they had deleted prior accounts for. Milo’s erasure is the next iteration of ‘Big Sister’ and nothing is safe from her gaze. Since the 1980s, nerd culture has thrived in the shadows of a broken society. Men who don’t have obvious purpose in their lives within consumerist modernity have barricaded themselves into overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly white fandoms for everything from science fiction to Mario 64, and for a long time the kakistocracy was content to leave them to their own devices. Not anymore.

Remember during the height of the ‘bullying awareness’ craze Liberals demanded that schools crack down on those picking on their peers for ‘being different’? Well, in an ironic twist, Liberals now sling at nerds the same high school taunts and insults that were once so zealously condemned to ensure every child knew they were a special snow flake. Now of course, nerds are again basement dwelling losers who need to conform because hey, it’s the current year.They must see and enjoy the bastardization of what they enjoy, full of plus-sized and obnoxiously loud black women apparently. As if nerds weren’t already kept from beautiful women usually by social skills issues, but now they can’t even enjoy such visuals on their screens.

the most cold-blooded misogynist around
Bear in mind, the actresses in Ghostbusters might be pitching a fit, but they don’t matter. It’s Hollywood and the other entertainment giants that matter because they are the private entities that are funding these adventures, setting up advisory groups chock-full of social justice warriors to ensure all movies, games, and television series’ are as diverse as they should be. Make Moneypenny black? Sure! Let’s make James Bond black next! Oh, and while we’re at it, Hermione is going to be black too. Back in the 90s, when developers wanted to mix things up, they created Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, they didn’t make Indiana Josephine. The point of this revisionism has sinister overtones, it is about erasing even the most minuscule remnant traces of the past, of a bygone era in which women were not viewed as either interchangeable or superior to men, in which whites were entitled to their own heroes.
Do nerds view things this way? Of course not. Most of them are annoyed about the unprovoked invasion of their spaces and the mutilation of what they cherish, and it doesn’t really go beyond that. However the discontent is becoming very heated, and I have never had any doubt that it could be exploited for political purposes. There may be incredibly hardworking and intelligent people in these circles who want to find out what exactly makes social justice warriors tick, and the Reactosphere has been brewing the answer for an extended period.

Anyone who has objectively valuable qualities, whatever they may be, is worth the effort of political radicalization. We should be leaning on this, we should be stoking the flames as people get smeared and banned and have their careers destroyed for disobeying the almighty Big Sister, just one satellite power in a nightscape of bad actors. How difficult can it really be to inject some sex-realism, some race-realism, some government-realism into smart people who are typically not ideological and are under a sustained assault?

My message to these cultural refugees who are being pursued for ‘borg assimilation’, to use a nerd phrase: put down the Final Fantasy fanfiction and pick up some Maistre. You’re not going to save the things you love, they will be trampled like so many pairs of rose-tinted glasses under the feet of feminist ogres. Everything that is of value to you will be whitewashed, and clinically turned into a grotesque left wing parody. With that in mind, don’t you want some recourse, some ‘justice’ of your own? There is only one avenue to such a remuneration, and that is the inverted pyramid in flames, the kakistocracy burned to the ground. Ask yourself honestly, what do you have to lose?


A few cool things to check out. I appeared on the Rebel Yell podcast with Ryan McMahon and co-hosts. This is a pretty long recording, covering a lot of familiar topics as well as some very interesting new ones.

Also a shorter talk with Adam Wallace on culture and democracy:

As well as an appearance on Reactionary Ian’s Christian Reactionary hangout, a lot of discussion on the truck attack in Nice. (I did fall asleep around half way through this, as it was 2 AM!).


5 thoughts on “Big Sister & Weaponized Nerds

  1. The main problem is directing the useful sorts of individuals into the Reactosphere. Gamergate pushed me out of my general apathy, but I probably wouldn't have gotten this far if I hadn't undergone a religious “conversion” around the same time. Additionally, I was already socially right-wing, at least compared to most. Many will be (and have been) content with Classical Liberal and “Pop-Right” outlets or even stop at WN instead of going all the way down the rabbit hole since they're predisposed to Modernism. I suppose this serves as a way to weed out undesirables, and we're certainly not lacking “members,” but there are those whose potential remains unfulfilled which is disappointing.


  2. Mr. Citadel…

    Because you refuse to take the perspective of the wS then you fail to “see” this manufactured friction between radical “feminist” (read: de facto dyke) and Nerd, ie., radical male liberationist (read: de facto homo) as the normalization of a false animosity between our young males and young females.

    The true chaos lie WITHIN those infusing a sexual degeneracy into the general social relations berween our sons and daughters. And such is the defining instinct of dyke and Nerd due a raging emotion and a cold, hard logic, respectively.


  3. SJW's can't create their own entertainment so they have to perverse originals. Make Ghostbusters female. Make Bond characters black and/or female. Make Spider-Man or Captain America a homosexual. PoC. Females. Homosexuals. Three main pillars of identity politics of the left. Rising stars are transgenders and Muslims. Hispanics are supporting characters only when it comes to immigration and low manual labor.


  4. It should also be remembered that leftists don't mind taking financial losses on their organs of propaganda, and that money always somehow appears to keep them going. Note, for example, the losses at the Guardian, which mount year after year, but the damn thing is still around somehow. In the past, movie studios allowed blockbusters to subsidize more artful films; famously, Clint Eastwood would make Dirty Harry movies that would make a pile of money for the studio, and in return would be given a modest budget to make a film like Bird. However, I'd guess that from now on, the profits from the latest Star Wars or Avengers blockbusters will go to subsidize SJW message movies, and the genuine art films that used to get that excess money will simply never get made.

    In short, if you didn't think it was possible for Hollywood to get any more creatively bankrupt, you're in for a surprise.


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