Fear & Loathing in Dallas

Five police officers were murdered in cold blood yesterday in Dallas by a black supremacist group (the Black Power Political Organization). The setting for this planned strike was a Dallas protest by the infamous Black Lives Matter movement which was in response to the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Louisiana and Minnesota respectively this week, by police on duty. While the facts of those cases are not yet clear, as we’ve seen before, the deaths of any African Americans result in an ever-increasingly violent backlash from black communities.

As police responded to the rowdy protest, the assassins armed with sniper rifles shot and killed five, wounding seven others. We know only the identity of two of the slain, white DART officer, Brent Thompson, and hispanic Patrick Zamarripa, part of local police’s response team.

As of now, one suspect was shot dead, and two more are in custody.

This incident, more than any other, highlights the breakdown of race relations in the United States to a point where they are no longer even functioning. No person of Occidental heritage should feel safe being within five miles of one of these protests, or indeed black areas in general. I probably don’t need to remind you of the anti-white motivated murders of two ironically non-white police officers in New York in 2014, or that of Bosnian Zemir Begic during the Ferguson riots. How about the black teen who shot a baby in the face in 2013, or Delbert Belton, a WWII veteran beaten to death by black thugs that same year?

What are we witnessing here? This is what happens when you put cats and dogs in a cage together, this is what happens when racial groups with virtually nothing in common, neither in their immediate physiognomy, nor their levels of intelligence, proclivity for violence, inner psyche or spirit, are forced together under the jackboot of Liberalism which demands that they ‘coexist’.

These officers are dead because of the strangelehold of Liberal ideology which forces everyone to parrot 1984-tier newspeak on the issue of race, as well as the unflinching defense of African Americans forwarded by ‘conservatives’ who think their savage behaviors are down to left wing brainwashing. No, it is the ‘conservatives’ who have succumbed to such brainwashing, the blacks are just behaving quite naturally. Allow me to elaborate.

funnily enough, he ain’t the problem

Race pimping exists. Men have made entire careers out of stoking non-existent grievances, that is for sure. However, even without the Al Sharptons of the world, it is ludicrous to think we still would not see these demands for the head of George Zimmerman and the head of every other ‘racist cracker’ in America. Why? Because for longer than anyone cares to remember, blacks in the United States have had a siege mentality, an ‘us vs. them’ dichotomy, and there is nothing, no policy, no amendment in law, no lecture about ‘the true facts of the case’, that could ever change that reality.

Oh, if only we gave them more affirmative action to reduce racial income inequality!

Oh, if only we gave them less affirmative action so they learned to be personally responsible!

Who are these people kidding? Blacks have virtually nothing in common with whites, in fact I can scarcely think of two broad racial groupings that have less in common. With that in mind, when you build a society where one group is in the majority, the other in the minority, and not only that, but you force integration by law, a victim mentality without remedy will flare up and never stop burning. Sure, its attached cottage industries will fan the flames, but the fire is one thats cause is the very makeup of the United States, that ‘proposition nation’.

In my essay on racial kryptonite, I discussed why the Liberal system has disparate impact upon racial groups, and how blacks fare particularly poorly in such systems as compared with other races. Consider things from their perspective for a moment:

You are removed from your ancestral homeland by a racial group with whom you have no commonality. When freed from captivity, you are placed into a governmental and societal system that is not only inorganic to your hosts, but entirely alien to you. Under this system, your racial group falls into mass poverty and deprivation by the host society’s standards. Is it any wonder you think there is a big bad racist conspiracy that inspires cops to execute black children? Even if there were no such killings, you would think that they are done in secret, all the black kids who go missing would become victims of white boogeymen kidnappers hell bent on genocide. The only way to allay these kinds of paranoias is to have the cops be black, have the judges be black, have the juries be black, have the media be black, and have every government official be black. That is how you go from ‘racially motivated murder!’ to ‘police dealing with crime’, and the transition is immediate. Protests become shrugs. Black guy shot in America by police; mass looting and hysteria. Black guy shot in Djibouti by police for the same reason; shrugs. It is that simple.

maybe Djibouti’s cops don’t shoot people who try to take their guns
but I doubt it

The ‘conservative’ establishment will respond to these cop killings with calls for the media to stop inciting racial hatred. This is a farce. Racial hatred is inspired the moment that a poor black man meets a ‘privileged’ white man, and a stabbing/mugging is sure to follow. You will never stop this kind of violence through better education, or better integration, or wealth redistribution. It can only be solved by separation, and of course the Republican theorists in the USA cannot fathom such a thing, for wouldn’t it prove Maistre’s pontifications on the French constitution correct?

“The constitution of 1795, like its predecessors, has been drawn up for Man.  Now, there is no such thing in the world as Man.  In the course of my life, I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians, etc.; I am even aware, thanks to Montesquieu, that one can be a Persian.  But, as for Man, I declare that I have never met him in my life.  If he exists, I certainly have no knowledge of him. This constitution is capable of being applied to all human communities from China to Geneva.  But a constitution which is made for all nations is made for none: it is a pure abstraction, a school exercise whose purpose is to exercise the mind in accordance with a hypothetical ideal, and which ought to be addressed to Man, in the imaginary places which he inhabits.”

Admitting that their horribly flawed constitutional republic simply doesn’t work even in the crappiest sense when one adds black people to the equation, undermines not just Liberalism as it is today, but the very principles of Classical Liberalism which form the basis for the United States itself. It single-handedly shows equality to be a farce.

We don’t need these people to acknowledge anything though. The experiment is coming apart. Maybe this disintegration helps Donald Trump. I don’t care. Trump isn’t going to solve the problem, honesty on the part of white Americans is. The time has come to draw up plans for mutually beneficial separation, to prevent any more of these kinds of unnecessary tragedies. Most people on the established political left and right in America agree that the termination of Yugoslavia was a good idea, and that America’s role in dismantling this multi-ethnic state was virtuous. How they can not come to the same conclusion about the United States speaks to a remarkably blatant double-standard. They can’t defend it, and they won’t defend it, but the racial tension will continue to boil with more and more bloody results until my prescription becomes inescapable. Adiós America indeed.

(RamZPaul had an impassioned response to this killing that was very good.)


12 thoughts on “Fear & Loathing in Dallas

  1. I think things are going to have to continue deteriorating, with some kind of privation in food and EBT assistance for this to reach the discussion stage.

    Whites are fed up, with even the ostrich brigade seeing the writing on the wall. Ammo sales are through the roof.

    So I'm curious how you see this breakup. Do blacks get Alabama and we send them there? Do whites get the great plains and mountain states? How would this work?


  2. Mutually beneficial separation is simply not possible in any time frame less than a couple hundred years. Our societies are too geographically integrated. Any attempt at mutually beneficial separation will be met with strong resistance by those who would have to abandon their homes.

    Sadly, the best we can hope for is Rhodesia. And Rhodesia is a nice place to live, all things considered. Blacks -can- behave themselves when given a clear set of enforced criteria.

    Unfortunately, what we're going to -get- is Zimbabwe.


  3. Maistre could without a doubt induce hyperventilation to conservatives in ways Progressives cannot even fantasize about. The universal mankind united under Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity that seeks to have some ready-made constitution that perfectly fits all the races where they will coexist under a single-label Humankind is an erroneous farce.

    However, like you said to accept this truth would be to repudiate the entire worldview of America being the “shining city on the hill,” the greatest and most innovative nation in the existence of the human race. Many Liberals (classic) would rather wallow in despair and die than to swallow this red pill.

    But here we have the “neutral” secular states in Liberal Democracies force their parliamentary governments and constitutions upon people under force claiming that it is “human rights.” The USA did this to Japan in 1946, having them make a constitution that is as SJW progressive as the sexual harassment policies in today's human resources offices. https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Japan_1946

    The Liberals (Classic) are sandwiched by the forces of Tradition and Revolution, where the progressives are dissolving them from the inside like an incurable cancer on the one end, and the blinding light of the reactionary over the horizon whom they cannot bear to see at the other. The vitalizing force that gave the Liberals powers to overthrow the previous ancient regime is the same impotency that have allowed the progressives to worm their way in and gradually destroy their entire way of life.

    The conservatives should have heeded the warnings of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Tocqueville on the coexistence of whites and blacks, which they said was impossible, but like their progressive masters they are seduced by the zeitgeist like moth to a flame.

    Reap what you sow.

    “Every country has the government it deserves.” -Joseph De Maistre


  4. I have a few thoughts about this:

    1. All major newspapers are, at the moment I am writing (which is now) very silent about the Black Power group, because this goes contrary to their agenda.
    2. Hillary, the establishment, the media and academia will again blame guns for this incident, and will call for even more gun control.
    3. This shows us that the leftist coalition is unsustainable in the long term, and will fail. Black BLM activists and other black activists will hate all those whities because they are still naturally white. Those whites will either have to defect to our side or be killed.
    4. The Cathedral's agenda of using BLM to shame white people into submitting to blacks have received another hole, just like Orlando and Muslims. It is impossible to think that only whites can be racist.

    Anyway, I guess the long term outcome of this event is conducive to our cause, because it is yet another incident that exposes the lies of the Cathedral about races and “racism”.


  5. “Most people on the established political left and right in America agree that the termination of Yugoslavia was a good idea, and that America's role in dismantling this multi-ethnic state was virtuous. How they can not come to the same conclusion about the United States speaks to a remarkably blatant double-standard.”

    The comparison is flawed in that Yugoslavia was not a multi-ethnic state, but a Serbian ethnic state, unlawfully subjecting other ethnicities, and founded upon murder, and its existence could only lead to further bloodshed.

    One cannot claim to follow the Holy and Apostolic Faith, and not believe that all races are descendants of one father, Adam, and consequently in the words of Holy Augustine, “This celestial city, in its life here on earth, calls to itself citizens of every nation, and forms out of all the peoples one varied society; it is not harassed by differences in customs, laws and institutions, which serve to attainment or the maintenance of peace on earth; it neither rends nor destroys anything but rather guards all and adapts itself to all; however these things may vary among the nations, they are all directed to the same end of peace on earth as long as they do not hinder the exercise of religion, which teaches the worship of the true supreme God.” And the same holy Doctor thus addresses the Church: “Citizens, peoples and all men, thou, recalling their common origin, shalt not only unite among themselves, but shalt make them brothers.” All fallen in Adam's fall, all are capable of great evil, but by very nature capable also of great good, and through God's grace of greater good. It is in fact heretical and contrary to the orthodox Faith to suppose that are fundamental or spiritual differences in the nature of different races, which in reality have only unimportant physical differences and the same human nature. The true war is between the universal Civilization of Christendom and the barbarism and hostile civilizations that surround it, not race against race.


  6. My daughter went to the Fourth of July celebrations in a nearby city. She told me there were huge groups of black youths chasing each other down, fighting, hooting, yelling and so on. Out of control black behavior. The cops got plenty of exercise trying to chase the worst behaving ones down. She saw black girls getting beat up by blacks. No black on white violence this time. She left before sundown, well before the fireworks. After the fireworks four people were shot. Black youths shot by other black youths. Thankfully, the injuries were not serious.

    Just another yankee doodle night in the land of the diverse and the home of the chimp-out. 'Merica, fuck yeah.


  7. “The comparison is flawed in that Yugoslavia was not a multi-ethnic state, but a Serbian ethnic state, unlawfully subjecting other ethnicities, and founded upon murder, and its existence could only lead to further bloodshed”

    You do realize a similar description is deployed by blacks against the United States, right? That it is a white supremacist state, which kidnapped blacks, founded upon slavery, and it will continue to shed black blood? The comparison is perfectly fine.

    “It is in fact heretical and contrary to the orthodox Faith to suppose that are fundamental or spiritual differences in the nature of different races, which in reality have only unimportant physical differences and the same human nature.”

    Not even in the slightest. All races come from Adam, but all races have been created out of the Tower of Babel, and were created at the express will of God. These created differences, as we are given through the allegory of 'language' deliberately prevented the races from co-operating to build such an offensive structure again. The differences were by no means 'superficial', but were in fact deeply rooted, impossible to cleanse out, embedded in DNA, psychology, and spirit. Their purpose was precisely that they would never be overcome on earth. This does nothing to moral value, it only creates differentiation. It has zero effect on the capacity for evil and good, nor a people's potentiality to receive salvation. No man-made civilization is universal, and until the Second Coming, we have only man-made civilizations, which are indeed exclusive.

    You know what I say to be true, that while white cops police blacks, while white judges judge blacks, while white politicians write laws which blacks have to comply with, there will ALWAYS be the overwhelming belief among blacks in systemic racism, phantom or not. Why on earth would you force this paranoia onto blacks, and at the same time its grizzly effects (these five dead men) onto a society? There is absolutely no concrete argument against breaking up the United States. Applying the abstract words about Christian brotherhood made by Saints to indicate advocacy for the grotesque horror show that is the US 'melting pot' is disingenuous.

    Separation along boundaries, along borders, secures some semblance of peace. We can see in the last century, that the worst wars have been brought about by lands where ethnicities were unwillingly blended. The Germans in the Czech lands. The Serbs and Croats in Bosnia. The blacks in Sudan. And in these examples the racial disparity was far smaller than that of contemporary America. Diversity is Dieversity.


  8. You completely ignore the historical reality of Christendom, to which the concrete (not abstract)words of the Saints and Pontiffs apply. The historical reality that the multi-ethnic state of Austria-Hungary flourished where Serbian ethnic state of Yugoslavia failed (and yes, it was founded on murder, on the murder of Franz Ferdinand and his wife). That the Holy Roman Empire endured a thousand years, and no ethnic state has endured any similar length of time, and that the concept of fundamentally different races is a Modernist heresy. The very words of Saint Augustine reject your rather unique interpretation of the significance of the Tower of Babel, “There is a diversity of tongues, but the diversity of tongues does not imply schisms. Be not afraid of separation in the cloven tongues… If pride caused diversities of tongues, Christ’s humility has united these diversities in one. The Church is now bringing together what that tower had sundered. Of one tongue there were made many; marvel not: this was the doing of pride. Of many tongues there is made one; marvel not: this was the doing of charity. For although the sounds of tongues are various, in the heart one God is invoked, one peace preserved.” I am not defending a melting pot, nor do I defend the current state of affairs in America, rather I defend the eternal understanding of the Church and of Christendom, preserving the diversities of the various people while uniting them, not in a man-made civilization, but in a Divinely given Civilization. You speak of the ethnic wars, and these prove rather my point than yours, that while these regions still held to the ideal of Christendom, these regions were at peace. War came with the infestation of racial heresy. There are differences among persons and even peoples, some even psychological, and when these are good they are to be preserved, but a disordered view of the differences is evil and leads to evil, this the Church has always taught.


  9. Austria Hungary flourished in terms of the Austrians and Hungarians. It certainly did not flourish in terms of the Serbs who despised it. Obviously there was an ethnic factor at play here which was never addressed.

    I don't think Augustine is advocating for a globalist, borderless world where blacks and whites live together. That seems to map the communist worldview onto Augustine unnecessarily. Just my interpretation, but hey, one man's opinion.

    You are not actually laying out any practical disagreement here, because in doing so you would have to advocate some kind of specific state in which blacks and whites could live together, which is, on its face, lunacy, as proven by the historical record, the five dead officers, PC Blakelock, and thousands upon thousands of other cases.

    Race is real. Race matters. Races have a right to preserve their race. Sometimes this involves a separate nation (Japan), sometimes it does not (Udmurt), but the principle endures. Every race is brought together in salvation, in its capacity to achieve theosis, but there is NO Christian mandate for a state in which groups that cannot live together are forced together. To mandate such a thing is to mandate inevitable violence. The 'racial heresy' is not a heresy, it is called 'kin selection' and you will never get rid of it. No sermon will expunge it from the human psyche because as I said, it was given to every race at Babel. Blacks were never meant to live with whites in any capacity, and they aren't the only racial group for whom that isn't the case. By the way, they weren't meant to live with Asians either.


  10. Hapsburg,

    You have to appreciate that for Reactionaries, phyletism is a feature, not a bug, of Orthodox Christianity.

    >Blacks were never meant to live with whites in any capacity,

    Does that include as chattel slaves?

    >but there is NO Christian mandate for a state in which groups that cannot live together are forced together.

    See previous question.


  11. Phyletism is a heresy, and you should probably acquaint yourselves with the circumstances under which it arose. It says absolutely squat about what sovereigns may craft as policy for their nation state, so, moving on…

    I do not support chattel slavery, have never justified it once.

    Your entire objection is moot.


  12. A small correction: Germans in Czech lands were not unwillingly blended. Germans were invited as settlers and lived there for 800 years. It wasn't without problems but 800 years is quite a lot. It got worse after liberalism (the nationalist flavour) had arrived and the final solution (the so called “odsun”) appeared right after nazi defeat and was in fact another product of the wilsonian self-determination of nations. In my view it did not resolve anything, only postponed issues to the time when liberalism will not be able to feed our bellies to make us soft, fat and sleepy.

    That's why I do not trust nationalism. It's a source of the problem rather than a solution. I created the problem in the first place. I think the same applies for racism in American society. Racism created the problem, why should it bring a solution?

    That is not to say that the 'melting pot' is working and I don't have any solution in my pocket. But I do think that once we wake up the ghost of racial theories it will live its own life independently of our good intentions.


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