A Quick Note on Apostasy

the finest Muslims are alcoholic Muslims

I needed to speak on this because it was brought to my attention only recently and has special relevance to my own political journey.

Years ago, when I was involved intimately in the Counter-Jihad movement, I would often watch clips from a now defunct network called Sun News, which was controversial in Canada due to two of its presenters who often gave a very much unvarnished look at Islam. The first of these was a Canadian called Brian Lilley, while the second was an older English man called Michael Coren. Now, not being a Canadian myself I was unaware of Coren’s wider reputation as one of the terminally Liberal country’s leading social conservatives. He was a Roman Catholic who positioned himself on the conservative wing of the church, penning books with very healthy sales figures such as ‘Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity‘, ‘The Future of Catholicism‘, and ‘Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity‘. Coren spoke out rather passionately on issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Just for a taster, this is Michael Coren on his show ‘The Arena’ in 2012:

This may seem tame, but for a Canadian audience, it is pretty edgy. I appreciated Coren. He struck me as an intellectual, someone honest, someone I could respect. Of course however, this was 2012 me. In the words of a fictional miner, “man, was I a fool.”

In 2014, Coren left the Roman Catholic Church to join Anglicanism. The reason? He had an ‘epiphany’ on sodomy and abortion, even going so far as to write a book about the former entitled ‘Epiphany: A Christian’s Change of Heart & Mind over Same-Sex Marriage‘. Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant commented on this with his usual panache here, and he does a good job of concisely picking apart Coren’s ‘conversion’, but I want to go further.

Forget for a moment, Eastern Orthodoxy vs. Roman Catholicism, and recognize that we both teach without equivocation on these subjects. This is not about denominational change. I’d say converting to Anglicanism was inadvisable from my perspective, but the motivations Coren lays out bely that we are dealing here with nothing less than absolute apostasy, with Anglicanism only serving as a convenient umbrella against accusations thereof.

In an essay by Ivan Ilyin published over at Soul of the East, we read the following:

“The demonic man gravitates to Satan: playing along, reveling, suffering, entering into pacts with him (according to popular tradition), he gradually becomes the devil’s convenient domicile; the satanic man lost himself and became the earthly instrument of a diabolical will. Those who have not seen such people, or seeing, has not recognized them, do not know primordial perfected evil and do not have an understanding of the truly diabolic element.”

Coren clearly occupies the latter category. Those he now acts as an advocate for would be of the former, but he himself has gone straight into the realm of satanism from which there is no return. It is the ‘second death’. Apostasy to Liberalism is far graver than apostasy to Islam, Hinduism, or any other competing religion. It is demonstrably worse than apostasy to a simple atheism. If atheism is to live without God, Liberalism is to live with no other mission than His overthrow.

Ilyin was of the opinion that the enemies of Christianity of the left wing variety were the worst kinds of brigands and degenerates that had ever been faced down, akin to the revolt in heaven described in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost‘. They could not claim any protection under Jesus’ command to love our enemies, because these were not our enemies, but the enemies of God. Christians need to acknowledge this reality and stop lying to themselves about those of Coren’s temperament. Upon what justification do we treat this satanic element any different from the fallen insurgents, with any more consideration to their interests or welfare? It is becoming difficult to conscion any vacillation on this point. Fr. Sarda correctly diagnosed the leftist impulse as a heresy, and Ilyin correctly diagnosed apostasy to this heresy as satanism. And what conversion would be complete without an initiation? Coren had his own baptism by fire in this cringe-worthy interview where he BEGS forgiveness for his transgressions against Liberalism. I threw up a little watching it, so feel free not to endure the whole thing.

In the study of religion, the word ‘syncretism’ is often used, for example to describe the convergence of Islam and Hinduism that resulted in the Sikh faith. ‘Liberal Christianity’ is itself a syncretism, but one of the most insincere and abominable ones. It is a cover, a disguise, a guard’s uniform that ardent enemies of the Holy Faith might slither about unnoticed and engage in all manner of fiendish antics. No amount of scorn which could be poured forth onto these serpents in our midst could ever be unjustifiable, for it would be charged with the same zeal that the Holy Archangel Michael cast Lucifer down with.

For further weight to my argument, observe this extract from an article by ((( Nick Cohen ))) that featured in the Spectator:

“Religions, to use Dawkinesque language, are pre-scientific memes, and their DNA carries the hatreds and blood-lusts of their time. Their authority has to be destroyed, so that they can no longer authorise murder.  The battles against textual authority can be won.  British Christianity is no longer oppressive, not because of any virtue in the creed, but because generations of liberals have destroyed its authority to authorise brutality.”

To destroy our authority is to destroy us, and so ((( Cohen ))) lets the mask slip and proudly asserts what we have been known to be true for generations, but what so many of my spineless co-religionists have ignored. Liberalism wishes to destroy us in order to deny God his due obedience, and so in turn we must destroy it. To borrow Dugin’s terminology, this must be a war that is in every sense merciless. This is not a human struggle, it is a divine one, and with every calamity that is heaped upon our heads by intruders it is possible to hear the thrashing of the Leviathan in the ocean, possible to see the darkening of our world as the stars are blotted out one by one and we are condemned to humiliation, servitude, and ultimately annihilation.

I addressed left wing ‘Christianity’ here, so this is only a refinement of previous opinions, to be summed up in the following statement which ought to be applied when optimum conditions become available and we once more possess the power that was stolen away by thieves in the night:

“If anyone declaring faith apostatizes from his Church for reasons of Liberalism, he is to be declared anathema, and becomes an enemy of God, forfeiting all norms of courtesy and protection as recognized in Christian practice and incumbent upon believers.”

“In calling to love our enemies, Christ had in mind personal enemies of man, not God’s enemies, and not blaspheming molesters, for them drowning with a millstone around their neck was recommended. Urging to forgive injuries, Christ was referring to personal insults to a person, not all possible crimes; no one has the right to forgive the offenses suffered by others or provide for the villains to offend the weak, corrupt children, desecrate churches and destroy the Fatherland. So therefore a Christian is called not only to forgive offenses, but to fight the enemies of God’s work on earth.”

– Ivan Ilyin

7 thoughts on “A Quick Note on Apostasy

  1. There is certainly something very odd about Coren. Having read some of his very solid defenses of Romanism, and having been influenced towards small-c catholicity at least in a small part by him, it seems bizarre that he would drop all logic and apostatise for entirely fallacious reasons which he himself had refuted earlier.


  2. On this subject, though obliquely, if you haven't, you should read Quanta Cura: http://www.papalencyclicals.net/Pius09/p9quanta.htm

    Then you should read Dignitatis humanae: http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_councils/ii_vatican_council/documents/vat-ii_decl_19651207_dignitatis-humanae_en.html

    Really I think this is all the proof we need that V2 isn't covered by the infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium, considering that Quanta Cura is the textbook case ex cathedra document.

    I know the legal quibbles aren't of interest to you, but the content probably is.


  3. Perhaps “counter-initiation” in the sense that Rene Guenon uses the term might be a better descriptor for liberal Christianity than syncretism.


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