This is the Slaughterhouse the Left Built

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Yet again, my own publishing schedule is interrupted by external forces. First my inelegant ejection from Twitter, and now the mass shooting in Orlando Florida that has left 50 people dead and several more injured. This particular shooting occurred at the ‘Pulse‘, a gay sex club, and was carried out by Omar Mateen, age 29, an American citizen with Afghan heritage. Mateen was a Muslim, and called the police prior to the attack. He had declared allegiance to Islamic State.

For a long time, many have been predicting that there would be a flashpoint between two left wing interest groups seemingly at odds. The precious ‘homosexual community’ and the perpetual colonial victims, Muslims. After all, one represents the heights of social decadence while the other is adherent to a very austere religious code known for its militant prudishness. Contrasted against normal white Christian populations, these were two useful blocs to bring into a ‘rainbow coalition’ and overthrow the old order, but said order is now long gone and these isolated enclaves of the left bloc are growing in either raw numbers, influence, or both. It is quite natural that the farewell to arms would weaken with time, and here we have the result of the culturally enriched environment we currently live in.

Now that you have some background, I wanted to address two things specifically with this post. Firstly, the despicable nature of the left once again unmasked by a national incident, and secondly, how the left is spinning what happened for their own ends.

————————————————————————— So, here is the headline of the stomach-churning cesspool of leftist ‘journalism’, the New York Daily, and they have gone straight to the bread and butter narrative about how mass shootings are somehow the fault of the NRA. Zero mention of Islam. This boiler-plate issue has enraptured Liberals for the better part of a century, and the insistence on it hampers any effort to prevent further mass killings. I’m not showcasing it to say “wow! isn’t this new!” No, the fact that it is old is what makes it so noose-worthy. Very creative.

// I saw this one and thought it was a troll account. I mean, (((Goldenberg))). Could it be any more obvious? This foreshadows the narrative tactic that I’m going to get onto in just a second. (((Goldenberg))) is completely ambivalent to the incident itself, in spite of the fact that he is an extremely effeminate cucky-looking Canadian who might as well be Justin Trudeau’s fluffer, but in his desperation to score some points, he makes a snide allusion to white American Christians, known of course for owning AR-15s and not wanting to bake cakes for sham weddings. Those intolerant goys.

// Then we had this lowlife, another black supremacist dirtbag pimping the ridiculous definition of ‘white’ used on the US census which somehow includes Afghans. You see, it was a white terrorist attack! Not Islamic at all! This was about white supremacy!

// And things took a turn for the ridiculous when the popular #GaysBreakTheInternet hashtag was overwhelmed with teenage girls posting pictures of themselves with a puppy nose overlay, declaring they were LGBT as a fashion statement. Browsing through this stuff is surreal, like walking through Jim Jones’ camp an hour before kool-aid time. I really can’t tell who is insane and who is just so scared of the other insane people that they are going with the herd.

Dug up this gem too, from ‘conservative’ John Nolte, who (used to) write for Breitbart for some reason. Virtue signaling somewhere close to the bottom of the barrel here. Democrats are the REAL homophobes! I suppose the GOP’s ‘freedom’ agenda does allow them to nicely glide from social conservatism to a more libertine Ron Paul, but it isn’t going to go unnoticed. When I read this, I balked, because no Republican would have dreamed of saying anything like this just six years ago. The Overton window has never been pressed as hard against conservative backs as it is now, shunting them forward in clumsy steps. This tweet was one such step.

This is the pièce de résistance. Do I really need to deconstruct this bull dyke waste of air? Even as fifty of the ‘community’ lie in their own likely unhygienic blood, she doesn’t dare mention the religions ideology of the perpetrator in a negative way. This reveals something very important, that while Muslims are willing to attack sodomites with assault rifles and handguns, they won’t even receive a “boo!” in response! Kohn will go after Christians because that’s her day job anyway, The comment is sick, but that isn’t unusual. Those who are actually committing the slaughter get a free pass and this is strong evidence the ‘gay community’ is completely ephemeral. It’s less a community (i.e – a network designed to support members and provide solidarity) and more of a ponzi scheme/sex ring/excuse for a ten minute hate.

What I got from observing the response to this incident in Orlando was a feeling of uncleanliness. The entire Liberal cabal is so shameless, so cynical, that at this point anything less than contempt is inexcusable. You know what? I don’t care about ‘the community’, whatever the hell that means. You know why? Because Liberals don’t care about it either, and not only that, but they don’t want me to care about it. They want me to pay for all the evil I’ve done as someone who doesn’t fit into any of their warped molds only suited to the dregs of society, all the wickedness in my oppressor genes that I must repent for.

That’s right Liberals, I’m not interested in saving you from the beast you’ve unleashed. It can devour you for all I care. Rightists need to draw a sharp dividing line between those who are with us, and those who are against us. If Sally Kohn wants to get skullf*cked in a taharrush gangbang for the cause of tolerance, she can do so. I’m not going to force myself to care when people who vote and lobby for more diversity, more immigration, more political correctness, get just that. It’s terrible for the rest of us who are forced to live in their demented world and of course must therefore try to rectify the situation, but no part of that, zero, nill, zilch, nada, has to do with empathy for Liberals. To the choppers with them.

and we all lived happily ever after

With that out of the way, let’s turn to how the Liberals are going to play this hand.

I myself had been leaning towards the idea that the left would instinctively favor sexual deviants over Muslims. The former seem intrinsic to their ideology, the outworking of its nihilistic moral relativism in matters of personal conduct. The latter was more a marriage of convenience. I’ll admit that I might have been wrong on this point, for I didn’t take into account a couple of factors. The first is the weird fetish Liberals have for humiliation and submission at the hands of strong swarthy foreigners. Muslims are more intimidating than any of their other favored demographics. Then of course, you have the purely tactical lay of the land, which is that Muslims will be a more important, and more resolute voting bloc for leftist candidates going forward so long as they don’t upset the apple cart.The entire left wing media establishment, including those who espouse different gender identities/orientations/otherkin status and what have you, have without exception excused Islam of all wrongdoing. Muslims remain a very strong force that the left has to accommodate, and as their demands grow higher, this accommodation is only likely to continue, even if it means more dancefloors full of bodies.

In the short term though, they can afford to give the special snowflakes in the bereaved community some kickbacks for damages. The ‘martyred rainbow 50’ as they are likely going to be sainted by the media, provide an excellent battering ram to ensure full transgender access to little girls in the bathroom across the United States and perhaps elsewhere. Some have already called for this on twitter. This is how they play the hand given by Orlando, only its not just about the strategy, but also deployment, which brings me to my next point

The last thing worth mentioning is the on-air tantrum of Guardian columnist, chav apologist, general scumbag cuckold Owen Jones. Jones appeared on Sky News with host Mark Longhurst and some mildly ‘conservative’ woman Julia Hartley-Brewer. For some reason, not everyone got the script, and the latter two pushed a gun control narrative while Jones was incensed that not enough attention was being paid to his LGBT voice, and how this was the worst homophobic attack since the Holocaust. It was anudda shoah! Jones then fumed for a few minutes after declaring nobody but those in the community had a right to speak about homophobia (which is funny considering Jones is always opining on anti-migrant racism and islamophobia), but finally snapped, ripped off his microphone and stormed off set. A good example of left-narrative failure-to-launch in action. It doesn’t happen often so its one for the books. ‘Couldn’t have happened to a nastier guy.

Oh, and it’s funny as hell to watch:

(Lots of stuff to link to here. RamZPaul’s response video, a Millennial Woes discussion of Owen Jones’ tantrum, Michael Sebastian has some thoughts on the Liberal narrative, Vox Day has some questions about what went down, Aleksandr Dugin & pals over at Katehon keep things short and sweet. Please, if you have something addressing this event from a Reactionary perspective, tell me and I’ll give a link.)


12 thoughts on “This is the Slaughterhouse the Left Built

  1. Of course, the standard response is a huge paroxysm of indignation and hatred against the obviously insane progressives who even the insufferably dumb and myopic conservatives realize are loony. Which is where the balancing act between the two extremes of radical (the favorite word of both left-liberals and right-liberals) progressivism and islam makes the self-perceived “levelheaded” conservatives (who are the military might and temporal power of the entire west) search for a “moderate/balanced” solution which has them favoring and defending a diluted form of the leftist poison they once rejected only a few years ago! So now we have these fake mediocre “right wing heroes” like Milo who people think is the manifestation of the right, who wants to defend “western values” (AKA sodomy, secularism, and feminism) against the “anti west” muslims. So the acceptance of the homosexuality that they once detested has flown out the window in favor of protecting their rights against what they see as “primitively barbaric islamic orcs!” It's Brave New World hedonic paradise seen as the beacon and defining feature of the west in contrast to the evils of tribal middle-eastern warlords!
    The triggering of the leftist hivemind after every atrocity where they shift the blame to right-liberal (lockean) pseudo-christians and singles-out their sacred ar-15, where they speak of defending their gun rights and free speech, yet are completely indifferent to the MORAL and RELIGIOUS aspect that is the main factor in the west's decline! All power of the leftists comes from the conservatives without the right-liberals the left cannot survive, and the right-liberals who are blind to the existence good and evil, the metaphysical realm, where to them everything comes down to bad government and laissez faire individualism.
    The Enlightenment still continues to this day, with modernity's own form of “wars of religion” between conflicting ideologies of secularism. People get the government that they deserve.


  2. Maybe 'Islamophobia' triumphed over 'homophobia' because many progressives feel (not think) the former is a kind of racism, and racism trumps all victimhoods. Besides, most people do not practice sexual deviancy and only support it because of the angst it gives (orthodox) Christians.

    Teeny, tiny correction: Nolte left Breitbart a few months back after that Trump-Shapiro-reporter-touching flap.


  3. Thanks for the correction, Briggs

    Your point about racism is entirely valid, but it feeds the general climate of whites wanting to prostrate themselves to the exotic, the foreign, what Auster called 'the love of the other'. They hate themselves.


  4. The way I see it, the liberal State, by willfully neglecting its self-evident duty to punish what has already been prohibited by God and the nature of things, has succeeded only in trading an orderly and regular public administration of justice for disordered and irregular private justice. Either way, the law of Nature has its say. Something as intrinsically hateful as the cult of sodomy is destined to be answered by the sword- and if the State can't do this, or refuses to, then somebody else will, as a pathological response to a pathological situation. (Think of it as outsourcing a key function of State by default and dereliction). 100% of whatever innocent blood was shed is on the hands of Liberalism.


  5. The Committee of Gay Pride (What?) asked both the governor of Istanbul and Vice Prime Minister for permission. Funnily enough, both of them literally ignored and changed the subject when they were asked. “-Ask the governor.” said the vice prime minister. And vice versa.

    It would be like the last “pride”. They will chimp out without government permission and the police will hose it down them again.

    Even better, this year Islamist groups organized for beating the faggots and prevent the “pride”. They distributed leaflets at all big cities of Turkey. “We are obliged to prevent of perversion which is tolerated and permitted by the government of Secularistan.” they wrote.


  6. They hate Western culture because Western culture is the cesspit they created. In other people, they see what they lack: tradition, religion, family, a meaningful life. Something beyond sex, drugs, technology and self-absorption. They could have that in Christian tradition but they hate Christianity so much that this is impossible.

    They had the nicest house in town, but they destroyed it. Now they long for other people's homes.


  7. Only semi-related to the original post, but I was reading up on Islamic eschatology earlier today and found a wonderfully reactionary bit about borders and immigration.

    It turns out that during the Islamic end times, the border fence between Gog and Magog and the rest of the world is broken and the whole world is flooded with immigrants from Gog and Magog who drink all the water, eat all the food, and rape and kill everyone they can grab. The Prophet on earth at the time gathers up the survivors and heads to the mountains. There, he prays to God for help, and God strikes dead all the Gog and Magog immigrants, who outnumber all the believers who have ever lived by a ratio 999 to one.

    Camp of the Saints has nothing on this. Oh yes, the name of the Prophet? Jesus (who had earlier in the story been dropped into the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus to kill off the antichrist). From my capital-T Traditionalist perspective, I only wished the Islamic eschatology had some Cyclical Time in it (as Christianity has in a remnant form with bodily resurrection and inheritance of a new heaven and earth); this particular End Time was about as linear and final as it could be.


  8. Phenomenal summary of another episode of Clusterfuck Nation, Mark. I wish I could binge-watch them all and see how it ends. This thing is short-circuiting the 24-hour propaganda cycle, but my tinfoil reptile radar is dinging cause the whole thing seems so… perfect. It's almost scripted, like a schizo poet is just ramming any post-ironic cliche together: a DHS contractor never investigated for fear of being called “raysiss,” a big flaming Puerto Rican nightclub rampage, a closeted gay muslim (no, not the president) whose father is a Taliban supporter running a webcast from his section 9 housing complex – it's impossible to make this shit up. The USA is just Bath Salts: the country.

    My great concern with the entire altright and these “conservatives” (both now silly terms) is that they see this as an opportunity to woo the gays and perform more eye blistering virtue signaling. No doubt that repulsive homo who calls himself “Milo Yiannoupolos” will get all in this like a drug resistant strain of degeneracy and spread it around on his next bugchasing tour of Amerika. Then you have an equally predictable incoming response from Trumpers, who are unable to admit that the show has already started in the Kardashian States of America and, as the entire city of Orlando proves, there isn't much worth salvaging in, say, most of the landmass. But I'm not even sure there is a sane response to this cascade of optical sarcoma other than to invest in a full-body biochem hazmat suit.

    I'm sure Mateen will somehow end up as the victim in this. There is just no doubt in my mind that white Christian males are responsible for this “tragedy” and they must be named, promptly brought to the court of queen jigglypuff, and made to confess whatever exactly they did with their magical Bibles and AR fifteens, those mysterious and deadly wands of queer/muzzy iniquity. Hopefully, Jiggly will save us, and the rainbow nation of LGBTIslam will achieve the utopia of evil any day now.

    May God have mercy, – and hopefully far more wrath.


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