ADL Deletes my Twitter Account

Yesterday, the Twitter account I’ve been working on for several months now had its own personal shoah. When the ADL opened up the floor for questions, I sent them some very reasonable tweets about how they were responsible for killing the Romanovs. Not taking kindly to this, they pulled strings to have me shut down. I did not receive a warning, but instead, found much to my distaste that my account had been suspended. I have appealed the decision, but was not exactly conciliatory (bad move on my part), so I doubt my old account will be reinstated. ***UPDATE*** It will not be restored to me. 

I now hold the distinction of having been literally shut down. 

From nearly 400 followers down to 1 (thanks, Briggs). Needless to say, I’m not throwing in the towel, even if the medium is pozzed. My new Twitter is up, under the inconspicuous name of ‘Markov Citadelius‘, and I will be giving Twitter updates as usual. Needless to say, this is very depressing as I put a lot of effort into that account. Should you want to cheer me up, follow me below.

Posting here will resume as normal for next week. I did have a mini post scheduled, but Im postponing it while I process what has happened. Long time coming, I am definitely going to start backing up my blog posts/essays/so forth to a secondary location.


11 thoughts on “ADL Deletes my Twitter Account

  1. Just don't burn out on Twitter. We've lost a few useful Alt-Rightians that way, and your mix of Orthodoxy, Traditionalism, and reaction is a thin enough line here in the Anglosphere that you aren't easily replaced.


  2. It's a damn shame. I guess it shows that you struck a nerve with them, I always thought that one day I would be put on the SPLC's list and that I would deem it as a badge of honor that they would mark me out like that. Kinda like how criminals attempt to crack the top 10 of the fbi's most wanted list for the infamy.


  3. I'm not sure if you went over the line but, what responses would have been available to them? I meant that as in saving face but could be taken another way…


  4. I would be wary of your blog too. Google owns blogspot and “citadel foundations” returns basically nothing if you search for it on Google (shows up on duckduckgo).


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