An Academic Interlude

we’ve all felt that feel

No official post this week. It was a time of academic assessment, so I just haven’t had the time and feel burned out. Apologies to everyone I was so late responding to comments, and no, I have not yet had time to peruse recent output on other people’s sites. I will get to it, hopefully tomorrow. Received a very nice ‘Official NRx Best of the Week Award’ from Social Matter. Much appreciated. I should really start counting these honors, but that might appear unseemly.

Anyway, just during this little interlude, I wanted to draw attention to some things.

The first is a truly excellent video from Exurge Domine, who as I understand is a Romanian who commented on one of the videos I had done with Adam Wallace a while back. He produced a great exegesis of the connections between the cross and the Ancient Greek ‘tropaion’, a symbol of victory left on the battlefield.  Definitely a must-see if my previous ramblings about ‘Christus Victor’ are of interest! I’ll link to this one because it is a relatively new channel, and the viewcount should be brought up for something as good as this.

The other thing I certainly want to plug, which I haven’t done yet, is my discussion with the prolific Vlogger, Millennial Woes, about the new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, which we conducted shortly after my article on this matter. About an hour and a half of high quality back and forth about the implications (if I do say so myself). Feedback was very positive, so I hope you enjoy.

Remember to give these videos a thumbs up, ‘lets the creators know you want more. There was some extra stuff with Adam Wallace, but I think he is renovating his second channel, and shifting to only using his primary one, so I will hang fire on that for now.  Quick reminder about comments to this blog. I will publish almost anything, but not pointless abject vulgarity against other commenters. Use your ‘indoor voice’, and you can put forward any opinion you like.

Thanks for your patience everyone.


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