London Has Fallen

The first Western capital has fallen. There is significance here. This isn’t a small town somewhere in the French Islamic corridor, this is a capital city, and they have decided to give the admittedly rather titular title of mayor to Sadiq Khan.

Am I surprised? Yes. Khan himself is someone with a history of very questionable statements regarding the question of Islamic extremism. If I had made a prediction as to when and where this watershed event would occur, I would have said Stockholm with a squeaky clean Muslim family man, a dentist from Oman perhaps. We’ve skipped that, and gone straight to a guy who could be a commentator for Al Jazeera. No, he isn’t Anjem Choudary, but he’s enough of an Islamist for the change to be rather alarming.

Khan won the election with 56.8% to his ‘Conservative’ opponent Zac Goldsmith’s 43.2% so this wasn’t a close election. The significance of it is heightened by the fact that at the same time, Sadiq’s party, Labour, who have been embroiled in hilariously schadenfreude anti-semitism accusations, were experiencing their own personal holocaust in Scotland, achieving their worst result since 1910. The inept leadership of Jeremy ‘Sanders’ Corbyn has led the party to ruins, much to the glee of the ‘Conservative’ Party who effectively hold all of Labour’s old positions anyway, crowding them out. So why did Khan win? It had absolutely nothing to do with his party affiliation, it was his status as non-white.

As early as 2012, papers were reporting that London’s demographics had now flipped, and native whites were a minority. One could say “what about the Poles and Lithuanians?”, but I doubt that they vote in high numbers. They are in London to work in bars and bowling alleys to send money back home, they are not actively colonizing the place. The breakdown of the vote makes a lot of sense when you consider that 43.2% is probably an accurate reflection of the remaining whites in Britain’s capital.

Sadiq Khan on ‘moderate Muslims’

Remember when we were all discussing Michel Houellebecq’s runaway hit novel ‘Submission‘, the grim tale of how future France was Islamized by moderate Muslims running on unity tickets? Many were quick to dismiss such a notion, but now we do have some evidence that this is what happens when demographics change. Adjusted for government lies, Muslims make up probably around 10% of London’s population. You don’t need to have any immediate fear of capitals becoming majority Muslim, but you should be aware that Muslims are the most organized minority group (except for perhaps Jews, whose power in Europe at the electoral level is waning), and that Muslims can take advantage of general anti-white sentiment to cobble together ‘brown coalitions’. The need even for white Liberals is becoming less important. Will this happen somewhere else? Amsterdam? Stockholm? Paris? It won’t take us long to find out.

What the events in London tell us is that the effects of a half-century of ‘New Leftism’ marked of course by a move away from Stalinist purges towards endless promotion of tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism are beginning to have their way with the political system. They’ve wreaked havoc on European social cohesion, and soon after its social services, and so now they come for the functions of civic life from which they had been strangely muted. White Liberalism still has all the real political capital, make no mistake about that, but London sends a very clear message: “We don’t necessarily need white Liberals to hold our hand. We can make it on our own now.”

“Michael Brown’s death could cause Nevada to capsize”

The United States has seen the endless extortion of its Democratic Party by organized thugs like the NAACP and La Raza who have demanded of that organism such concessions that its once strong hold on working class whites, from coal miners in West Virginia to mechanics in Tennessee, has been completely destroyed. These concessions have included millions of dollars to ‘troubled communities’, most of which went straight into the pockets of shrewd brothers, and helping people into office whose IQ levels probably put them in the category of clinical retardation. My guess is that the Civil Rights movement of the 60s provided the scaffold for this system to emerge, but there was no such thing in Europe, and so while there have been high profile nonwhites in government, even Muslims sitting in the British House of Lords, the power shift here in the case of the London mayoral race is particularly jarring, just in terms of symbolism alone.

It might be too early to say this, but there is a real chance that London has seen the last of its white mayors. Now that it has been done once, the majority will do it again. This is how balkanization and fragmentation actually happens. It’s why the Counter-Jihad movement was looking at this threat all wrong, focusing on the specter of growing Islamic populations in European cities, rather than the growing non-white populations in European cities. Every Muslim in London could have stayed home and Khan would still have won the race because the dichotomy set up by leftists is one of white oppression, and so who will a black Seventh Day Adventist from Jamaica vote for? Why, Khan of course!

We have a long way to go, but the current system is on its downward arc now. Yes, Liberals are instituting an Orwellian state in most places, but this is out of desperation in response to how chaotic things are becoming, and the intensity of their own holiness vortex. White Liberals are going to go the way of the white Communists and the white National Socialists. But what will they have given a throne to, that which we will inevitably be tackling in the power games of the latter half of this century?

For now it seems, a Khanate.

fitting that the baton be passed by
a relic of the 70s


Some bonus material today. I participated in another of Reactionary Ian’s Christian hangouts, discussing the tumorous contradiction in terms, ‘Liberal Christianity’, though I unfortunately could only stay for so long, as it was incredibly late. Still, a conversation worth having, since Liberal Christianity is, to my mind, an overlooked enemy which should be front a center.

And then, a much-delayed edition of Adam Wallace’s ‘Plebian Podcast’ where I discussed cycles of civilization with a cabal of incredibly intelligent commentators. This one is definitely a must-view if you’re a fan of my previous discussions of ‘Kali Yuga’ and so forth, the Gorna’whores’ as some would no doubt call us due to our love of Cologero’s work. Very polished, and not too much waffling, everyone had great contributions. As always, head over to these videos and subscribe to the channels, give them a thumbs up. The guys put in a lot of work to organize these.

4 thoughts on “London Has Fallen

  1. That is a perfect example of modern democracy: the brainwashed whites and the majority of non whites can choose between a muslim friend of the jews or a “conservative” jew.


  2. Arguably it has nearly happened in Sweden. The Green Party, junior partner in the current government, turned out to be stuffed with Islamists with unacceptable views and close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now there seem to be purges, but who knows what that means.


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