Evola’s Case for the Tripartite Race

Another article generously published by Social Matter, this one is a little more important than others, as it concerns something of a core doctrine for me. Race is an issue that has defined the right since the early 1900s, in many instances due to a shortsightedness and corruption of our own root ideological positions by Modern science. Thus, when I read about Julius Evola’s theory of the tripartite race, the race that was in fact layered in aspects of not just the physical body, but the psyche and the spirit as well, I knew that this was the academic summation of my own ideas about the hot-button topic.

There is a mysterious aspect of race which transcends the strand of DNA you send off to the lab to figure out precisely where your ancestry lies. It goes deeper, to the level of a metaphysical reality, and if we can understand this then we can move past the infantile meanderings of a child with a dime store chemistry set and utopian dreams, to truly comprehend that the great racial characteristics are denied to us because of the inner component which we are all too ready to sacrifice on the altar of materialism and nihilism. The hero and the ascetic lie within.


On a related note, in my last Christian hangout I discussed reading Evola’s ‘Ride the Tiger’. Yes, there is a book review pending, but I’m not sure when it will be ready. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.


3 thoughts on “Evola’s Case for the Tripartite Race

  1. I think the main question here is whether or not non-material characteristics can be inherited. Does this posit the existence of a soul-defining DNA analogue?


  2. The main form of “Non-material” inheritance is everything you learn from the Humans that raise you. IE- Language, culture, family structure, gender roles, nationality, myth, religion, etc.

    This kind of inheritance doesn't require any “soul-defining DNA analogue” and is easily observable in your own life.



  3. I have to object. What you're describing, 4threvolutionarywar, is “Character” -i.e. language, culture, civilisation. There has to be something else, something of a more ineffable nature.

    If we agree with an anthropology of human being a body-mind-spirit whole, then human groups should be expected to present a biological reality, a cultural-intellectual reality and a spiritual reality (in the esoteric sense). However, you might disagree with that anthropology.


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