Enter the Nu-Male

I wanted to spend some time this week looking into the phenomena of the ‘nu-male’. Okay, I really didn’t, but somebody has to explain these things, even if it does require raking through the muck. What do we actually mean by nu-male? As is often the case, this isn’t really a well-defined concept, but the fact that the existence of such a thing has been acknowledged does in fact point to its existence within some parameters. What exactly are people seeing that is particularly noteworthy about men on the contemporary left? I should say in advance, this is by no means a descriptor of all leftist males. Turn on a television show which deals with politics, and most of the leftists featured are not nu-males. This is a particular subset which has emerged in the wake of third-wave feminism, internet culture, and the breakdown of male archetype role models. Young leftist men in particular are freer than ever before to invent themselves a persona that they think will gain them notoriety given what the culture they are immersed in places value upon, and thus the multi-faceted nu-male is born.

They may have no direct political power (most of them lack the tenacity and testosterone necessary for success in politics), but in the safe-space cordoned college campus they have free reign. The same unholy Youtube/Twitter/Instagram trinity of vapid self-aggrandizement that gave us the sensation of Laci Green and Anita Sarkeesian gives the nu-male a soapbox to air his views to the adoration of a largely female following, although as will be made clear, there is nothing romantic or sexual about this adoration whatsoever. Important to note, the nu-male explosion is bound together with the prominence of feminism as a mainstream force, because there really is no reason to become a nu-male unless you are searching for the affection of feminists. In this sense, we don’t mean ‘feminist’ as in the raging bull dyke who attends pro-choice rallies, but instead any woman who is strongly supportive of a sexually egalitarian society, and such women are not always the ‘hideous sweathogs’ they are caricatured as.

I’ve come across a few different types of nu-male, so it is worth parsing it out and describing each one. Like descending six rings of Dante’s Inferno, this is how things become progressively worse for men who wish to smash the Patriarchy. You don’t need to watch the entirety of the following videos. About a minute will do of each, some of which are set to start at a certain point.


Jordan Owen gets schooled!//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.jsThe white knight is the nu-male we love to hate. He’s the fighter, willing to really get into it with you because you have offended his dear sweet maiden. Kevin Logan is probably the best, most quintessential example of a white knight I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. Just to add some context for the video portion, he’s whining about how a Youtuber called Jordan Owen said that schools offering majors in women’s studies should lose their accreditation. Kevin to the rescue! He’s ready to stick it to “right wing scum”, and by that he means anyone who crosses him, regardless of ideology. His object of assault isn’t even right wing, but who dares point out that women’s studies is a useless mickey mouse degree?

The thing about the white knight is, he is still a recognizable male. His anger comes across as real. Yes, it is of course juvenile (especially at the end where he declares that he has “fucking destroyed” his opponent), but the white knight deserves some credit. He would actually go to ground for the objects of his worship, in this case sacrosanct feminist values. In a way, the white knight sets the tone for the long climbdown into the pit of nu-maledom. It’s easy to imagine Kevin Logan as a regular guy, rather than an insane shut-in who spends his day with a herd of cats, making videos about who he’s going to beat up IRL! The white knight is very proud of himself, full of a disordered machismo, perhaps nurtured by society’s constant reinforcement of the ‘new normal’.

It’s hard to say exactly where white knights emerge from. For these specimens, being a garden variety leftist simply isn’t enough. The impotent rage rises to a level where the only outlet can be these kinds of tirades, laced with delusions of grandeur, ‘end of history’ fervor, and total ideological zealotry. It’s obvious they seek approval from women, but scarcely do they actually get it. In fact, white knights have comparatively few fans to speak of compared to further nu-male iterations. They largely remain ignored. hence the cats.


Coming Out and Sperm Spikes//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js

Popularity is climbing by this stage. The nu-male sometimes known as the ‘trendy’ (coined by conspiracy radio personality Alex Jones) intentionally appears weak, like a dog rolling over to receive a belly rub from the feminist cabal. They’ve realized that white knights are ignored because they are too manly and so offend feminist sensibilities, so these types make every attempt to be effete, soft-spoken, child-like almost. A very noticeable physical difference here is the hand movements. They become bizarre, a wild flurry of gestures that symbolize a cutesy hysteria and bubbly excitement. Encountering this type will usually result in frustration, largely due to an inability to stay on point, and vocal patterns that appear to have been ripped from the soundtrack to VibRibbon

Once trendiness is decided upon, the nu-male develops his own personal story, rather than revolving it around ‘right wing scum’ or ‘victimized women’. It pays dividends to instead talk about how you have girly habits, or your opinion on global warming, or something else that normal people aren’t interested in, but feminists gorge upon like a pig on sorbet. Because of this, they might find a ‘strong independent woman’ to make them into a house boy, like Hank Green did. Don’t mind when Tyrone calls by after 11 P.M., the trendy will be busy uploading his collection of scoobies to Tumblr or ironing his tartan socks. 


I’m a feminist//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js

Groomed by the experience of both some attention from the vanguards of political correctness, as well as skirmishes with internet meanies, the nu-male reaches his heights when he stops being playful and starts being ostentatious. Smugness? We’ve got it in spades. These guys are better than you, and they know it. Adjusting the bow tie and straightening the cardigan, it’s time to tell you exactly why you have been brainwashed by religion, and how it really is the current year™. Also be prepared to hear the word ‘problematic’ a lot.

All of the passive aggressive posturing is based on pretentiousness, not strength. The nu apex has many female friends, but sex proves difficult. After all, once he doesn’t even value his balls, the feminist’s work is done. Why take in a broken man when you can go and break still functioning ones? The nu apex is domesticated. From the feminist point of view, he is the ideal man, but that doesn’t translate as sex partner. In light of this, there is a certain amount of insecurity here. Gone are the wild gesticulations, and instead a lot of apprehensiveness. You’ll notice if you flash forward to 2:18 that Jack Howard voices concern over the exclusion of men from the feminist movement, but quickly reprimands himself, adding that if a woman can tell him that he’s wrong, he’s happy to play dead. Slave or drone would be a good descriptor for this type. Talking points locked and loaded, they are ready to win over large numbers using SNL comedy and selfies with their ‘girl-friends’ (emphasis on the hyphen).


They’re begging to be castrated by a strident feminist, but alas, nobody will accept their balls as trophies. This is where those in the nu apex category head next. At this stage, they’re no longer just talking about sexual fluidity, but practicing it. Unable to attract the attention of the women they idolize, the conclusion they draw is that they were instead designed for men, or furries, or something worse. Ask them what they’re doing and they will likely respond “finding myself”. These kinds of people ooze inadequacy complexes, and are the chief purveyors of guilt. It’s not good enough that they feel guilty, they have to make you feel guilty too. They themselves aren’t so important anymore, the ‘issues’ are, epitomized here by columnist, Owen Jones.

There is a sobriety to them, a holdover from when they had more groupies and had an image to keep up, but these are perhaps the most intolerable of all nu-males, because they cannot get over their failure to achieve what they wanted in life. Not thinking for a second that this is due to the feminist propaganda they have swallowed, they blame it on their entire society. We’ve always done something evil: we’re killing refugees, we’re shooting unarmed black toddlers, we’re using incorrect pronouns, etc. The thing is, it’s guilt to the max, but also boredom to the max. We can hear the exact same thing from feminists themselves, so why would we want to hear it from sexually confused smarm-factories? The novelty has been sapped, and the audience sets off for other pastures. 


You can only fail for so long before you snap, and God help you if you get to this point. Crying for attention in a world where men laugh at you and women don’t know who you are, the nu-male tries to reach the pinnacles of anger he so valiantly displayed as a white knight, but what comes out is a startlingly effeminate squeal. Right wingers no longer make them angry, they no longer even allow them to be smug, they just fill every fiber of their being with a foreboding terror. Guilt is in the rear view mirror, and it has been replaced with concern-trolling to the Nth degree.

Because feminism has robbed them of all the masculinity they might have had, the slightest thing can send them running for the panic room. If white knights didn’t get out much because they were too busy rescuing video game critics in distress from their bedroom computer, the estrogen frenzies don’t get out because Donald Trump will eat them. If Chris Chan had a political wing, it would look something like Alex Jahans. In all fairness, given the explosive growth of the dissident right, perhaps the smug nu apex would be well advised to listen to their prophecies of impending doom. 
returnofkings.com a site of jackasses and hate

The dream is dead. At this point, the drive breaks, and you cease to even try. CasketKing isn’t funny, his situation is tragic. He’s complaining about the political incorrectness of ReturnofKings, but there’s no anger, no effort, it’s a deadpan smoldering of the Hindenberg after it has already crashed. Nothing matters anymore because the interest level of those they sought approval from has dropped to absolute zero. They could of course stop trying to virtue signal, but they are so deep into the rabbit hole that they can scarcely remember how to do anything else. It’s a trap room with no way out, a casket if you will. Next thing you know, you can’t even mount a chair to record the video anymore, so you lie on the floor like a beached whale, the dog chewing a Pepsi bottle in the background as you try to think of something meaningful to say. When people talk about ‘alphas’ and ‘betas’, not a lot of people realize that a very small segment of the male population in any given society are truly alphas. Most are betas to some degree, and that isn’t a bad thing. A society with 100% alphas would be a chaotic, savage mess. However, the ultimate failure, the ‘omega male’ is something that takes effort to reach, and no effort to remain in. They are no longer even counted in the sexual economy, and now that the feminists they once defended have rejected their advances with no equivocation, all that is left to do is curl up and die. Well, they could improve themselves, do something meaningful,  but that might require letting go of the dogma, so no dice.

In conclusion then, if the nu-male trend is set to continue, and more and more men brainwashed by the increasingly necessary yet at the same time increasingly useless academic establishment opt to become social justice warriors, then there are both upsides and downsides. The downside of course is not only the damage that this is actually doing to real people (just look at CasketKing),but the general weakening of Occidental culture to a point where hostile foes can take advantage. Consider Sweden; chock full of nu-males, and as a result, Malmö has effectively been annexed by ISIS. The New York Times loves the destruction of manhood, but will they be so keen when they’re next up for the Charlie Hebdo treatment?

On the upside however, we should remember that this is the enemy. In the past, the Right has had to combat real men. Joseph Stalin, for all you could say about him, was as far from a nu-male as you could possibly get. The whole business of ‘riding the tiger’ is to keep oneself away from its devouring jaws, but increasingly it seems that the teeth are falling out. I’m not short-selling the formidable nature of the Cathedral, but in terms of the shock troops that have been dispatched to defend insane ideas like gender equality, the show of force has been pathetic. Putting down SJWs is like shooting fish in a barrel, it would almost be cruel if they weren’t so insufferable. 

(By the way, check out a somewhat related look at ‘spornosexuals‘ by EsotericTrad)


29 thoughts on “Enter the Nu-Male

  1. I think a comparison between white knights and cat ladies is apt. Essentially, the white knight is the male version of the cat lady, in terms of having normally beneficial instincts re-directed in deleterious directions by a profoundly ill society. Just as the cat lady directs her empathic motherly instincts towards cats and dusky third-worlders instead of towards her own children, the white knight directs his bellicose fatherly instincts to the defense of Tyrone's harem of harlots instead of to the defense of his wife and tribe.


  2. Jews have declared War on Europeans: Please refer to quote below, written by the Jewish hate monger Tim Wise…

    “White people: this is the moment of truth.

    Will we choose multiracial democracy or white nationalism?

    Know this: if you support Donald Trump or would even consider voting for him for president, you have chosen the latter. You are my enemy. I will not seek to co-exist with you. I will not make nice. I will not pretend we believe in the same things but merely have different opinions about how to get there. You are the enemy, plain and simple. And you must be stopped. You must lose and not just by a little. By a lot. A crushing defeat that leaves no doubt in your mind that the country you prefer is gone and is never coming back…De-friend me now.

    You do not believe in decency or justice or democracy. And you are beyond reason… ————– Tim Wise

    This Jew, Tim Wise must scare the white liberals cuckolds to death.


  3. A frightful menagerie of decadence! What an ugly marring of masculine virtue. Hideous . . . even troubling. When I watched the clips (all that I could tolerate) of the various fellows, I judged whether I could ever befriend such a person. Interestingly, my estimation of character did not coincide with the men's descent into leftist darkness. The most objectionable person to me was the penultimate man-harridan, Alex Jahans. At first, I thought that he was just going to be a bit histrionic, but then — good grief — what a mess, or, as my bbgf likes to say, “a hot mess.” Very disturbing — he clearly suffers some sort of psychological disorder. Yet, the defeated #1 guy on your list, while pitiful and repulsive, still strikes me as a somewhat likeable human, with the emphasis on human. I can handle world weary nihilists, but the frantic ones' manner “appeals only to the homicidal side of my nature.” Jack Howard (#4) seemed OK — wrong, of course — but at least he managed humor. Again, he demonstrated some level of humanity. I would find the first fellow listed impossible to be around because his masculine assurance and tenacity coupled with such enthusiasm for idiotic views renders him an obnoxious never-ending recording of the Party platform. How can anyone take such useful idiots seriously? The self-doubt of the more decadent ones may at least leave open the door of their souls to truth. The brute knows not; he simply inherits (or randomly chooses) a team and remains loyal to it, impervious to reason. Nice to have on your team — insufferable in the opposition. Hank (#5) may be fun to have around. #3 struck me as talking excrement. How grotesque that an English blond Ron Weasley Doppelgänger could be turned into a leftist, teary-eyed toad. There is a lot to lament for Albion.


  4. Do you think that the Tribe would ever claim a devious useful troll like Wise (what an unseemly name for him)? He doesn't deserve that inheritance. He is a man without a country, without a tribe — even for those who habitually wear that mantle.


  5. OT.I would like to clarify something. I am a Reformed Protestant Christian with Orthodox sympathies especially their view on the Passion Crucifixion and Resurrection which I completely agree with.

    So I think you are mistaken in putting me in the Orthodox Christian Category. Which I don't blame you for.

    Its the dearth of genuine Masculine Hymns in mainstream protestant culture that I use Orthodox chants instead preferably those that are most biblical.

    Just for your information.


  6. The distressing thing about the nu-male is that it can't be laughed off as just another millennial aberration, but is the logical culmination of a centuries-long effort to “civilize” and “reform”, to wit, feminize, male manners. Historically, this enterprise is co-extensive with the emergence of modernity, and was already clearly evident by the Tudor era in the effort on the part of Protestant moralists to subvert the masculine culture of honour. From around that time onward, religion increasingly became a feminine sphere; I suppose the logical conclusion of this process is for feminized religion to give way, under secularization, to an outright public cult of woman-worship,to which men must publicly confess.


  7. In Orthodox Christianity – and especially during the Great Lent – we are forbidden to judge other individuals, let alone mock them. We are required to see Christ in them instead. We are required by our Lord to “bless those who curse you”. Whether we live in troubled times or not, these are the requirements to be an faithful Orthodox Christian, independent of our political views. There's no sense in which this post is acceptable from an Orthodox Christian point of view.


  8. Poorly thought out.

    First of all, these people have not “cursed me”. I don't know them, have never met them, and all I know of them is based upon information they have made completely public in the airing of their viewpoints. Furthermore, if they did curse me, they would be blessed. You are inferring personal animosity where there is no evidence of such a thing.

    Secondly, you are using the Liberal definition of 'judge' to suit your condemnation. Liberals have consistently used the admonition not to judge as an excuse for ALL MANNER of atrocities and abominations, and using your liberal definition of what it means to 'judge', you would no doubt condemn many prominent saints, John Chrysostom among them.

    What I present here is a taxonomy, and I would note you have not actually disagreed with anything written above. Fair as I have tried to be, I have actually presented these men to make their cases in their own words, and have analyzed their pattern of behavior, noting the personality differences between males with a common purpose (advancing feminism: not something they would themselves deny!). It isn't as if I have written a slanderous essay with no context or source material.

    Hyperbole is meant in good jest, but there is truth in what I am pointing out here. And I have nowhere condemned anyone to hell or even to a life of sin. As alluded, any of these men could escape their current condition IF they wanted to. Believe me, nobody would be more thrilled at such an outcome than myself. Pointing out the wrong in others can on many an occasion help them to right themselves.

    Oh, and furthermore, you have just judged me to be engaging in unacceptable discourse, and what right have you to make such a judgment when the Lord Himself has commanded against such things? See how this Liberal expansion of 'judgment' can quickly turn against you?

    Christianity does not mandate that we stay silent on the conduct of others. It does mandate caution lest we become big-headed and consider ourselves without fault, as the Pharisees did. Nowhere here do I boast of piety. I am sure you are aware of St. Ambrose who stood in judgment of Emperor Theodosius I after the Massacre of Thessalonica, to the point of barring him access to the Church in Milan. An example of sound judgment.

    Without some judgment, many good works would go undone and disorder and chaos would reign. Reading the admonishments of judges in such a totalistic way is reminiscent of the Protestant tendency of ill-founded literalism and absolutism, without giving credence to the context of Scripture.

    As it so happens, a really good article on judging by some Catholics was recently put out, and I recommend you read it:



  9. This diabolical ass clown Tim “Wise” cannot conjure up a “separation” for this dysfunctional relationship? This diabolical ass-clown represents the “intellectual” left and never fathomed separating like grown adults can do? What an ignorant fool. Separation, Tim “Wise.” This is the solution to an irrevocably dysfunctional relationship, you self-annihilating nit wit.


  10. I have to admire your perseverance in finding the information for this post, I don't think I could have stomached searching and watching these nu-males castrate themselves like that.
    From my own experience, I have only encountered the white knight and the trendy, and they were very similar to how you described them. But off the internet I have yet to see real life examples of this. Of course nearly all the people I know nod and agree with feminism but often joke about it or don't take it that seriously. I guess it is because they consider feminism to be the norm and would never seriously challenge it, similar in the way people joke about politicians but never challenge democracy.


  11. At its deepest psychological level, Tim “jeWise” UNDERSTANDS that he is setting up “white” liberals for a mass annihilation. His irrational demand for a one-state solution is the INSANELY, mad ravings of a “white” self-annihilator. Him or “us…” HE MANDATES this zero-sum result FOR THE FACT that he cannot conceptualize a two-state solution! Ignorant, intellectually-stunted human “parasite.”


  12. I suggest you take your post to an experienced spiritual father and seek his discernment – whether you agree with these young men, you are not permitted to hold them up for mockery or ridicule. You can certainly take issue with their ideas or raise in all seriousness the positions you consider troubling for dispute.

    And I must take exception to one thing in particular: neither of us is St John nor St Ambrose – both holy men and both vested with the authority of the episcopacy – that should be something we recognize with particular clarity in this season, especially in light of having just concluded the reading of the Great Canon.


  13. I just received this quote by Fr. Justin Popovich in an email: “When [Bishop Nikolai] turns his soul, moved by prayer, toward creation, he seethes with sadness…. For all creation is sick, wounded, and melancholy.” … “This world is a sick man, whom sin has made sick, for sin is a sickness, and to scorn sinners is to scorn the sick. With prayer our healer walks around the grievously sick patient, with prayer … he heals and makes whole.”

    I, myself, have difficulty integrating the “heavenly” perspective with the reasonable, “earthly” perspective on political and ethical issues. I find many (most?) Christians' approach to this issue perplexing and, to be honest, revolting. Indeed, it drove me to apostasy for many years. How could a religion be true that counsels such madness, such idiocy, in the affairs of men? Turn the other cheek — and enable the wicked to spread their horrors, their destruction, their lies, their injustice? It is a recipe for the death of civilization. And so comments like those of Anonymous made me an agnostic. In time, I returned to the Church, but the topic still makes me uneasy.

    A realty check, though — when Christianity was at its peak in Europe, the Christians at the time did not think or act as Anonymous counsels. Many Christians in our own degenerate and godless time look upon such historical facts and brand our ancestors as savage hypocrites — look how cruel, uncaring, and judgmental they were! I meditate upon such, and it makes me think that the Gospel is not a suicide pact, after all. Perhaps, what I took to be Jesus' crazy advice is just the perverse interpretation of modern, sackless Christians, as I suggested in “Christianity’s Odd Place in the World.” There is a way to love creation, including fallen creation — especially individual fallen men and women — without blinding oneself to political and ethical truths . . . without abandoning prudence and justice in matters of state and of personal relations. It is hard and precarious, but that is the golden path. I know that I don't follow it; I'm a self-righteous, heartless miscreant. I do care, however, about human flourishing and civilization, and I reject the precepts of Christian Buddhists who dismiss the present world in favor of the eternal. The world may be fallen, but it is an image of the eternal, and it is in the context of the world that we relate to the eternal. I don't see how you can hate the world (in its entirety) without hating its source. Rather, we should hate its disfigurement and seek its redemption. A necessary condition for doing so is being able to recognize disfigurement for what it is, which is what Mark has done in this article. These men display (for public comment, by the way — they put themselves on YouTube) a ghastly sickness, and we should not pretend that their disease is health.


  14. @Anonymous – So you have failed to address my lengthy response for the most part, not taking into account that I present these men in their own words, without varnish. I made clear my area of dispute here, that of the dearth of masculinity. The examples were unequivocally raised to provide evidential depth to the point I was making about the state of manhood in the Modern World. It should also be noted that much of what I have said would not be objected to by the subjects of this analysis, who would simply not view things like sodomy as 'problematic'.

    As to the saints, the point went completely over your head. I was not implying you or I were as wise as those great saints, but instead pointing out their own words and deeds which directly contradict the uselessly wide definition of judgment that you yourself employed. It is because they were wise and sainted that I appealed to them as example. If you wish me to provide quotes from St. John Chrysostom that would by no means fit within the discourse that you have deemed acceptable, I shall.

    I published your comments because I do not generally censor opinions here, but it is frustrating when a response is written and you ignore most of it.

    @Joseph – Thank you. There are a couple of key issues here I wish to point out.

    1) Anonymous first implied that I had some personal vendetta against these individuals which is abject falsehood. They have never crossed me or met me, and like I said, I would forgive any personal crime against me without hesitation, for this is indeed what the Lord Jesus Christ instructed.

    2) Anonymous' expansion of this great council of forgiveness to entail a muzzle put upon Christians which silences their dissent from the prevailing condition (note that it was THAT which was truly being lambasted here), is a very dangerous idea indeed. It is of the same type of attitude which demands the Church not intervene with the affairs of the state.

    3) We ought not engage in blanket excuse for the actions of our ancestors. I fully acknowledge my Christian ancestors to have done un-Christ-like things, however you are right in saying that this contemporary wide-angle lens view of what it means to 'judge' is a tool employed and designed by Liberals to SILENCE Christians, and our ancestors (flawed as they, and all men are) were wise not to entertain.


  15. The arguments only go nowhere when you fail to refute them. Linking me to essays which provide no relevant refutation other than to bring the urge of civil discourse especially during this sacred time, does not alter anything. You will note that nowhere in this article do I curse anyone, in fact the only curse it contains was uttered by Kevin Logan. I made observations about behavior. The fact that you see these observations as ridicule only speaks to your own perception of the characteristics here outlined, which I have to say is a positive sign. Clearly you agree with me in what I have said, just not with the way in which I have said it, and therefore your objection is based on tone rather than content.

    If you will at least concede that point, then I can justify my tone by re-iterating the lack of any personal animosity here, as well as the nature of the enemies of Tradition, the nu-male being only a minor facet thereof.

    You quoted a respected Father, now allow me to. Father Viktor has been a hieromonk ministering to the soldiers of Novorossiya, a calling of great personal sacrifice indeed. Interviewed by Soul of the East, he had the following to say about the Liberal Western cabal and its aims:

    “The establishment of planetary Satanic rule. What’s occurring here is the very beginning of a global war. Not for resources or territory, that’s secondary. This is a war for the destruction of true Christianity, Orthodoxy. The worldview of the wealthiest men who own almost all the material goods in the world is Satanism. Having summoned the elements of the First and Second World Wars and a Third Information War, and having laid hundreds of millions of the slain at the altar of their father, Satan, they have initiated the Fourth World War. They are intentionally hastening the reign of Antichrist – an order offensive to God, in which man is not the image and likeness of the Creator of worlds visible and invisible, but a biomass programmed through information and directed through virtual bank digits, subject at any moment to annihilation.”

    I think you lack an understanding of the context of my work, which is at heart devoutly anti-liberal (this view is NOT merely 'political', it is religious), and in agreement with the Fr. Viktor that we face a Luciferan enemy which must be confronted. If I wanted to personally assault people on the basis characteristics they had which I found objectionable, I could spend months upon months sifting through plentiful material. Herein lies your misunderstanding:

    I had a vital point to make about the destruction of manhood in the West.

    I required evidence to make this point convincing, as well as provide explanatory power.

    I provided that proof, without edit, without varnish.

    I am not giving you short shrift here. I am taking the time to respond to what you say, but you are not returning that courtesy. You have said essentially that the tone of my piece casts condemned 'judgment' onto people. My response to you is that your definition of 'judgment' is absurdly broad and is used daily to silence Christians in the West.


  16. Anonymous,

    Give it a few years. Allow the chrism to fully dry. You will no longer have the inclination to walk into other men’s houses and offer unsolicited, anonymous “spiritual” counsel.


  17. Damn… I had no idea things were that bad. I did not know these men went through stages like this… but I never cared to pay that much attention… don't go to their websites and I can't stand to here them talk… But I am glad it's you and not me… but, why waste your time with this – it was funny and I need a good laugh… but it was also a bit sad… to learn of these men… I want to reach out and smack them like Don Vito – “You can act like a man!”…


  18. Did you read my Social Matter article on battling the aesthetics of Modernity? I actually think it pays dividends to expose the left as much as possible. That's why I presented these 'men' in their own words. I was counting on reactions like yours, and I hope that everyone who reads this has that same reaction.


  19. Regarding the first video, Kevin Logan may be right about the signaling value of a 'worthless degree'. A degree in History may not have have many direct real-world applications, but it signals presumably an above-average ability to read advanced-level texts, concentration, and writing, which are skills many employers would find useful. Although gender studies is at the bottom of the pile


  20. Jordan Owen actually put up a step by step refutation video which was surprisingly good (at least looking from his own perspective). I see your point that it definitely scores social justice tokens, but Kevin actually thought that a degree in women's studies means that companies will look favorable upon you because you wont rape women…


  21. One more thought about the “judgmentalism” in this post — an obvious but I suppose needed addendum. The situation would be different if Mark were showcasing people whose actions and/or ideas were condemned by society. Why cast stones when everyone and his brother have already rolled boulders onto the accused? In this example, though, Mark displays and criticizes men who have a perverse and viperous attitude about human affairs — whom the world at large cheerleads in their delusion. Mark is not taunting poor sinners in need of a hug but rather cleansing the public square of ideological scat, which our betters would have us accept as gold dust and rose petals.


  22. Commenting on a combox under the rules set up by the blog owner is the way things are supposed to work. It is not even roughly analogous to entering a man's house.

    There is a not very subtle difference between pointing out some basic facts related to Orthodox teaching and providing counsel (that I explicitly suggested would be sought far different from myself). I can say freely that I am in no positon to counsel anyone.

    I can also safely say my family has been Orthodox for at least one of the two thousand years of the Faith and I venture to guess I am old enough to be the father of anyone likely to read this blog – it may not matter, but I do want to correct your mischaracterization.


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