A Few Points of Interest

Just a few quick updates:

There are now two further videos as part of Adam Wallace’s ‘Paganism, Christianity, and the European Soul’ series I had linked to before, these being ‘What is Christianity?’ and ‘The Decline of Religion’, both of which I was a participant in along with the usual crowd. Topics are pretty much self-explanatory and the videos are roughly an hour and a half in length. Once again, I thank him for organizing these, and there is one more on the way. You can find the first and second in this five part series on Adam’s channel.

In other news, I am still happy with my decision to enter the Twittersphere, thank you to my followers. Something that really caught my eye last week however, was the new professional-looking ‘talking points memo‘ from Aleksandr Dugin, who makes Bill O’Reilly look like a chump. Dugin’s Guideline is definitely now on my subscription list. A good source of knowledge on geopolitical events from a Russian perspective. Here he is throwing his support behind Donald Trump against the neoconservatives, “sodomite Rubio” and “hypocrite pseudo-Christian Cruz”. Pretty accurate descriptions if you ask me. 

One last thing, people should definitely check out this article from Michael Sebastian published at Return of Kings. Really good ideological primer for men, of course in a very easy-to-digest format. Congrats to him on putting this together. I look forward to reading more.

One thought on “A Few Points of Interest

  1. The Old European order seemed to be quite fragile. That the criticism of the Brahmin class lead to a cascading effect. Its like an order that is filled to the brim by flammables that only requires a spark like the reformation to collapse the whole order. Although excepting other factors that would combine with the reformation at the time the order wouldn't have collapsed. And protestantism would not necessarily be progressive: https://praiseoffolly.wordpress.com/does-progressivism-grow-out-of-protestantism/


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