How to Kill the Left’s Killswitch Lexicon

I like how they cast a guy as the lesbian
the Left does have an admirable sense of irony at least

It’s certainly been a little while since my last article at Return of Kings, but here is my latest effort, discussing the need to break the power of political correctness that protects the left like a wall of balloon daggers, basically through an all out language blitzkrieg, targeting the special little snowflakes. The importance of Donald Trump, in my view, is his effect on the Overton Window, his effect on the public discourse, but Trump is a temporary phenomena. It is up to we on the dissident right to continue on this course and push the envelope with the ruthless attitude of a bull with its horns out front. Without further ado, the article. Enjoy:


4 thoughts on “How to Kill the Left’s Killswitch Lexicon

  1. It won't make much of a difference as long as children's vocabulary is determined by their cat lady elementary school teachers, who have a monopoly on access to the population's worldview at a crucial early age.

    (As an aside, I am pleasantly surprised that I can finally comment here, previously there was some sort of glitch with my usual wordpress logon. I've been a long time lurker of this blog).


  2. Mr. Citadel…

    All “we” must do, first and foremost, is reign in the language where it has been grossly liberated. All “we” must do is refuse to allow our rival interlocutors to collapse, ie., equivocate, on definitive and discriminatory terms. Ergo, a female IS NOT a girl IS NOT a woman IS NOT a lesbian IS NOT a lady IS NOT a dyke TO THE POINT of total “equality” such that the terms can be used with obnoxious and reality-defying interchangeability.


    The entire distorted, perverted and inverted frame THAT ALLOWS a liberated language to go unchecked and unmatched is what I call the First Law of Liberation…

    (objective) Supremacy = degeneracy…

    Such that…

    The degenerate life = god.

    This is the Modern's “operating paradigm” and nearly everyone is infected from showing no outward symptoms to full-on pathological “egalitarianism*” dripping from their every pore.

    *Supremacy = degeneracy is, in the game of Universal Equality, the most transgressive equation of them all.


  3. Thordaddy, I was applauding your comment until the but… why did you have to ruin it? What you said until then was right on point. Just drop the 'supremacy = degeneracy' stuff which makes no sense.


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