100,000 Views & Plans Going Forward

“By themselves individuals are ineffective, but he who controls a number of these fragmentary forces is master of all power, and directs all decisions and dispositions.”

                                                      – Konstantin Pobedonostsev

We hit the target of 100,000 views much sooner than I had anticipated. Just to put things in perspective, it took sixteen months to reach 50,000 views since I started this blog in July 2014, and yet it has taken only four months since then to accrue a further 50,000 views. I want to give my warmest thanks to those who have promoted my work to their friends, linked my site on their own blogs, aggregators, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, as well as those who have graciously published my essays at Social Matter and Return of Kings

Well, I did say I would consider getting a Twitter account once this milestone was reached, so even though I still consider the platform to be a medium somewhere between speed dating and a bowling alley message board, I am finally ‘on’ Twitter. I stress this is purely for promotional purposes, and I will refrain from using Twitter for the airing of personal laundry, getting involved with high school-tier drama, or berating contemporary objects of ridicule (no promises on that last one). It will also allow me to more easily link works that I find to be of exceptional merit. I would much appreciate anyone following me there.


//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Another piece of interest, I was interviewed by Adam Wallace from West Coast Reactionaries, who runs an impressive Youtube channel. Please, go and subscribe and give the video a thumbs up.

Further material to enjoy, I took part in a second Christian Reactionary hangout hosted by Reactionary Ian (I think there will be more of these to come). Also in attendance are Antidem, Giovanni Alighieri, Michael Sebastian, Teleolojic Folkways, and Nick B. Steves. As far as I can remember, we go into Evangelicism, talk radio, Pope Francis’ recent statements at the border, Trump, the never ending revolution of the Liberal dogma, and much much more! Once again, go subscribe and thumbs up.

This year, which is the uncharted territory of post-‘current year’ promises much to discuss and I expect more momentous events will occur this year than in the previous two combined. Soldier on, my friends, for God and glory.

More material to come soon.

To React is Divine

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