Abkhazia Outlaws Abortion

In a monumental triumph of decency, the government of Abkhazia has approved legislation which criminalizes the murder of unborn children. With demographic pressures building on the small nation which broke away from Georgia in 2008 with the help of Russia’s military, the measures formally recognize the unborn child as human, and worthy of state protection. Abkhazia remains majority Orthodox Christian (though most mistakenly think it is an Islamic caucus republic.) It does contain a sizable Sunni minority who joined with Christians to help argue for the ban.   

A report from Interfax indicated that the totalistic approach of the Abkhaz government makes it only the third European country to introduce such measures, with the other two being Vatican City and the island of Malta. Ireland, Andorra, San Marino, and Monaco permit abortion if pregnancy threatens the life of the mother (a now medically obsolete exception). Poland allows abortion in cases of rape, severe deformity, or endangerment of life/health of the mother. All other countries across the Occident are more relaxed, some having absolutely no restrictions on the termination of the unborn.

Worldwide, abortions are legally permitted in 55 of 194 countries. Abortion is restricted to various extents in a about half of Asian countries. The banning legislation prevails in Latin America, and only Tunisia, South African and Cape Verde are liberal about abortions laws on the dark continent.

This marks a significant moment, as Abkhazia, while independent, operates functionally as an autonomous province of Russia, where abortion remains stubbornly high thanks to socioeconomic problems and a very powerful financial lobby in the DUMA. Hopefully this event is a window upon things to come, and the pro-life movement across the East will have some wind at its sails. The murder of our precious children is a blight on all Orthodox countries and indeed on all countries period where this butchery continues, especially those in which it is state coerced, or sponsored as a matter of ideological virtue as in various Western countries where the cancer of feminism reigns supreme.

I offer prayers to the Abkhaz people, that God may bless their troubled land for this courageous move.

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