Okay, Let’s Address Philosemitism

It looks like I need to cover this topic, just to iron out some misconceptions about how the Reactionary ought to view the Jews, and why the heck this is even worth talking about in the first place. It is particularly important that readers absorb this article in full, rather than piecemeal.

There is a notion on the radical right, in some sectors, that Christianity is irredeemable because of its association with Judaism and the Jewish people. Because of this, the slur of ‘Christcuck’ has entered usage and is hurled at Christians with a kind of wanton abandon. Let me go off-script for a moment and say that ‘Christcucks’ are real, and I understand precisely where the archetype of such a person has come from, and precisely why it is hated.

This is Evangelical pastor John Hagee, famous for his end-times predictions and appearances with many American ‘Conservative’ media personalities, among them Glenn Beck. He is also a philosemite, which means someone who deifies Jews and worships at the altar of Israel. Here is a statement from Hagee which featured in an interview he conducted with the Houston Chronicle:

“Everyone else, whether Buddhist or Baha’i, needs to believe in Jesus…but not Jews.”

For those unaware of the finer points of doctrinal abominations, this is something known as ‘dual-covenant theology’, which says that the Old Covenant (Mosaic Covenant) is still in effect for the Jews, and provides a means of special salvation for them that does not require Jesus Christ. Now, what I am about to say is not merely from the point of view the Orthodox Church via extra ecclesium nulla, but the point of view of Catholics via the same mechanism, and most Protestants via solus Christus.

Dual-covenant theology is heresy

It is due to this heresy, as well as geopolitical entanglements, that American philosemitism is rampant and increasingly intolerable for those who are awake to what is happening to Occidental people and culture. These heretics should be condemned in the strongest terms, but never are. We’re all too afraid of being labeled anti-semitic. So essentially, unless you obey the words of Rabbi Ivadia Yosef, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel” then you are of course anti-semitic.

I serve God. I do not serve those who scorn His name, spurn His sacrifice, and on the whole needle and harry my people at every turn. The Jews, like every other nation, are under the same obligation to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and turn away from their sin. They are not some ‘special chosen people’ any longer. Again, any ‘Christian’ that spouts this Scripturally unsound drivel is engaging in heresy and ought to be condemned. Turn to Paul, on the Jews:

“And they also, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again” 

-Romans 11:23

What do these idiots suppose Paul means by ‘grafted in’? It’s easy enough to say true Christians must attack obviously degenerate sects like Unitarians, but let it also be said that we must attack philosemitic Christians who promote heretical ideas regarding the Jews. They are false teachers.

So now that we can put their pernicious myths to bed, and state emphatically that today’s Jews (if they are indeed the genetic descendants of the Ancient Hebrews, which some have called into question) hold absolutely no special place in a theologically Christian outlook, we can start with a blank slate, and formulate an Occidental Christian opinion of the Jews based on their fruits.

We can start off by saying not all Jews are bad. That is a given. There are perfectly peaceable Jews out there with no evil designs whatsoever, the same as there are Sikhs and Buddhists of fundamentally good character. To say the Jews are inherently and irredeemably wicked people at all times and in all instances is lunacy.The Reactionary has to roll his eyes when cranks declare that all of the problems that persist in Modernity are down to a massive web-like Zionist conspiracy. Not only does this show an ignorance of the metaphysical background of Modernity, but a degenerate liberal desire to simplify issues to ones of institutions. “If only we could shatter the freemasons! If only we could burn down the synagogues!” they cry.

apparently I’m behind literally everything

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the dividing line between good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being, and who is willing to destroy his own heart?”

– Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Who is willing to destroy his own heart indeed, and this is the question that persists for those who blame everything on Jews, is that this absolves the evils that our own white elites are committing. Is Angela Merkel Jewish? No doubt I will have someone tell me she is, and that they traced her bloodline back 500 years to some Goldbergs in Koblenz. Occidental man needs to recognize that come justice for the grievances of our people, it is largely whites who are to blame, and that has to be dealt with, because as Codreanu (someone whose counter-Judaic credentials aren’t in question) famously said, “If I had but one bullet, and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

Accepting this, that the errors of the new Dark Age are not primarily down to sinister hook-nosed foreigners, we can acknowledge the part that Jews have played in attacking and corrupting Occidental culture. It is not a coincidence that there are plenty of Weinsteins in Hollywood, which produces some of the most abominable and mind-warping garbage in history. You also have Jews like Jonathan Portes advocating for the mass import of ‘refugees’ into the UK. You have a Jew running the SPLC, attacking Donald Trump and his supporters as waaaycis. You have Jews who are actually calling for genocide against white Americans!

Taking a more historical stance, it is not a coincidence that Jews like Karl Radek, Kurt Eisner, Tibor Szamuely, Rosa Luxemburg, Yakov Sverdlov, Béla Kun, György Lukács, Ana Pauker, Moisei Uritsky, and countless others were instrumental in the rise and propagation of Bolshevism, its import into Russia and germination in other Eastern European countries. It is from this bitter seed that the fires of revolution claimed the lives of countless Slavs and others in the last century, leaving in its wake the blood of Christian martyrs, the rubble of great churches, and the bodies of my own ancestors shot down in cold blood by murderous Communists.

who ever said the devil was beautiful?

So, yes, there is a JQ. A legitimate JQ. My solution to this question has not really changed at all during my years as a Reactionary. I believe that individuals, no matter their ethnicity or creed, who have committed crimes against our people and Tradition itself should be given an ecclesiastic trial and if found guilty, the penalties thereafter. For the rest, they should be peaceably deported to the state of Israel, just as all ethnicities foreign to the Occident should be deported to their ancestral homelands. Following that, we have absolutely no commitment to ‘ensuring Israel’s existence’. Why should we? In a war between Iran and Israel, what cause have I to cast my lot with the Jews over the Shi’ites? As far as I am aware, the former has been far more hostile to my people over the centuries. Therefore there will be no Christian blood shed for the Jewish state. What a ludicrous notion. They can defend themselves. That said, I appreciate that the Jews have been better custodians of religious sites than Muslims typically have, allowing more often for pilgrimage to locations such as the Church of the Anastasis, as well as not leveling such wonders.

Since the early usurious practices of the Jews in Europe during the time of the Crusades, this small minority has amassed vast wealth through unscrupulous dealings and naturally high levels of intelligence. From the earliest times, this was known:

“Shall I tell you of their plundering, their covetousness, their abandonment of the poor, their thefts, their cheating in trade?”

– St. John Chrysostom

This wealth has been used over centuries, ramping up to an absurd level at the beginning of the last century, to degrade and destroy Occidental culture. Oftentimes it has been used to slander Christianity and the Messiah in ways that should be disgusting to any of the devout. This is often overlooked for convenience by the ‘rightists’ who despise Christianity, that far from being a control mechanism of hostile outside forces, it is our religion itself which has endured the most brutal assault from Jewish interests, and which has been a constant thorn in their sides. They seem not to care that virtually all historical resistance to unwarranted attacks on the Occident by Jews has been on the part of Christians. That’s right, all contemporary forms of ‘anti-semitism’ can be traced back to Christian originators of such objections.

Especially ironic that modern philosemitism is the domain of Protestants, as the founder of Protestantism was extremely scornful of Jews, yet I doubt the modern Evangelical knows this or indeed cares to know it:

“Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their moneylending) from a heathen, is a divine service… And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants – yea, their cattle! I maintain that in three fables of Aesop there is more wisdom to be found than in all the books of the Talmudists and rabbis and more than ever could come into the hearts of the Jews.”

– Martin Luther

And indeed the Talmud is a source of great consternation for Christians, as it contains worse blasphemies than the Quran concerning the Holy Son. Why should those who harbor such hostilities towards us be living amongst us? Why can they not live in peace in Israel? Any wish to engage in blanket condemnations and sentencing is anathema to me, and to do so would be to commit unjust judicial vigilantism against our own better nature and indeed the teachings of Christ. Thus, I will make the following statement on these matters.

The Jews are requiring of the salvific power of the cross, and carry no special status thereto. Dual-covenant theology is heresy and philosemitism out of step with Scripture as well as the history of Christian thought. Due to their historical acts, and the realities of human biodiversity, it is intolerable that we live side by side, and like all peoples of foreign ethnic extraction, they have their place in the world that is apart from us. With a mind for justice, conducted with precision and a fair heart, we pursue all those who have transgressed not against us as individuals for which they must be forgiven, but for those who have transgressed our people as a whole and must reap their own rewards. Beyond this, we wish only for peace. We wish only for our security and wellbeing. We wish no calamity upon others, but we assert our sovereignty as free peoples under the rule of God, who hath chosen Occidental man as one of the privileged first few to pour into his collective soul the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. On the question of the Jews, we are realists rather than mentalists. We call things as they are, not as feverish minds nor blind eyes wish they were.

I give only the same advice that Binyamin Netanyahu gave
it is in the interest of your safety that we encourage you to leave
if that is hateful, then Netanyahu is a hater

19 thoughts on “Okay, Let’s Address Philosemitism

  1. The crowd that likes to yell “christcuck” seem oblivious to how little actual experience the more pro-Israel evangelicals have with Jews. It's the same phenomenon as those whites who *heh* white knight for blacks at every opportunity, but who have almost no personal experience of them. Southern evangelicals in particular, if they were to be aware as to how much Jewish influence there was in the Civil Rights movement of the mid 20C, would have a much dimmer view of them. As it stands, Jews may as well be Elves for all the first hand experience the average Bible Belt evangelical has of them, as most of their knowledge of them comes from the Bible and favorable coverage in the mass media.

    Deconstructing the “muh Israel” sentiment (which is related to the lumpen-conservative's knee jerk support for any act of USGOV imperialism) is an important component to discrediting Conservative Inc., and shouldn't get bogged down in childish fedoraisms.


  2. This is a great post in everything but one point: the Holy Land as the homeland of the Jews. Better they go anywhere but there. Who are we to undo the judgment that cast them out? An interval of 65 years can’t make that absurdity acceptable.

    Thanks for allowing unauthenticated comments. I wasn’t able to easily comment before in a way unconnected to my name.


  3. Sorry about that, I hadn't actually made that setting, it was the default and I only just realized.

    The Jews have had a state in Israel for a while now and have warred to keep it. I have no interest in dispossessing them of it. It's not Occidental land. If the Arabs want to fight them for it, fine, but Occidental blood really shouldn't be spilled over this place (as significant as it is). The Crusades were primarily about saving Constantinople, the taking of the Holy Land was a subsequent incentive to do just that.

    They already own Jerusalem, so once they are all there, they can be someone else's problem should they choose to be.


  4. Well, it comes from both atheists and Neo-Pagans so I just wanted to point out that as a criticism of Christianity, it is bunk. But it does show we need to distance ourselves from these kind of heretics who slander the religion with this dual-covenant nonsense.


  5. Great post; no disagreement from me.
    Off topic: You used this phrase– “Christianity is irredeemable because of its associations to Judaism”–I see this kind of thing quite often on the web; I'm 67, and I, along with just about all of my generation in the U.S., was taught that the proper phrase would use “association with Judaism”; I wonder where you were raised and how old you are? Otherwise, a great site; thanks for your efforts.
    Steve E., Richmond Va. USA


  6. Only last week I heard Mass away from my usual parish. An antiphon was chanted which we’ve borrowed from the Greeks, written by St. John of Damascus who died in Jerusalem. The deacon was a Knight Commander of the Holy Sepulchre, still sworn to the defense of the Holy Land. These ties do not simply pass away with time. And there are today millions of Christians there. If Constantinople was worth spilling our blood for, then so are they. Christians ought to control the holy places, but anything would be preferable to the Jews. In any land where there are Christians the Jews ought to be expelled or subjected. As so many popes have judged, “it is iniquitous for it to appear that the sons of free-women serve the sons of bond-women.” Suggesting, but not requiring: “Cast out the bond-woman and her son.”


  7. This is a fair disagreement. I just think there are so many internal problems to the Occident, that foreign ventures don't interest me. To send military aid to the Christians in Syria is very much justified, but I don't feel any particular need to go to war with Israel. And expelling Jews becomes problematic when there is nowhere for them to be expelled to. If a good thing can be said about Israel, it is that it provides somewhere for this diaspora to go. It's complex, but the thrust of the article was more about how we should take a realistic attitude to Jews, in response to both philosemites and the fever swamp of the 14/88ers.


  8. Thank you for this one Mark – very well written and I agree with it 100%.

    Allow me to make a confession here – I am an anti Semite… what makes me an anti Semite is that I just don't give a f*ck about the Jews… it may not be very Christian of me to say but – you reap what you sow… some rabbi should have taught them… they wanted their own home, they got it, now deal with your own problems, and whatever may or may not have happened in the past has nothing to do with me here and now… get over it.


  9. Very good post. Iv encountered many adherents to this heresy. Predominantly during my years at University. I attended school in the Southern portion of the US so many of my colleagues were evangelical Christians. They are difficult people to dialogue with.


  10. If Christendom lacks the will to contend for its own peoples in the Middle East (which it clearly does, Britain more or less gave it away), then we should at least accept unlimited Christian immigration from those places. Of course, to do that, we would have to explicitly and legally discriminate on the basis of religion, which Christendom also lacks the will to accomplish. It's messed up all around and getting worse. The more secular (i.e., Christianized) authoritarian states that existed prior to so-called Arab Spring, certainly had a better track record on the treatment of Christians than the lately more populist ones. The status quo pre-9/11 should have been respected. Instead it is one universalist bumble after another there.

    I agree with Barbarus, that Christendom (the West) has a duty to someday own the Middle East, and really it wouldn't be hard to do were there but the will to accomplish it. But I agree with Citadel that the West is simply in no condition to do it.


  11. I would far prefer a military will to defend our co-religionists in the Middle East than an amnesty policy for them, if this is at all possible, the first reason being the realities of different ethnic groups living together (I have not seen enough proof that Arabs, regardless of religion, are compatible to live among Occidentals), but also because these people have a spiritual tie to the land, especially those in places like Bethlehem and what was Antioch. They should not have to leave these places. I would support military efforts to partition Lebanon and a small portion of Syria out for Arab Christians, a state we would support militarily and financially in the same way that the US now supports Israel, but wouldn't in the future. Unlike the Jews, Christians tend to have neighborly relations with high IQ Arab groups. For instance, in Assad's Syria, Christians held esteemed positions in medical and legal fields, they were a kind of upper class, partners of the Alawi Shi'ites. Supporting Assad et al is essentially supporting a style of monarchy which suits our interests overseas. I would rather the Shi'ites run Syria than the Saudis.


  12. As a Jew, I'm thankful that at least some in our (Reactionary) community are willing to judge is as individuals. Our Rabbis teach that we aren't supposed to speak ill of other Jews to non Jews, but I assure you that within the Torah community there is strong condemnation of our misbehaving cousins. I would also argue that within the Jewish community there is a parallel struggle to the one in Christendom; certain Jewish sects have been thoroughly corrupted by enlightenment ideals and pose a threat to everyone else. The biggest difference I see between us is that Christians seem to ignore the existential external threats of Islam and demographics instead focusing on internal issues, while Torah Jews are the opposite (we have our own heretics that will need to be dealt with, but Islam is our more immediate threat). I will never understand why Christians spent the last 500 years killing each other while Muslims occupied and conquered Christian lands.


  13. I pretty much agree with this. I have issues with the notion of deportation (I think it would be better to simply bar them from positions of influence), but we certainly need to disallow further Jewish immigration, and need to fight Israel-worship.


  14. That's a fair stance, but I think barring would fail. For one, they would work to undo it (they did this in Romania in the very early 1900s to get formal citizenship for example) and would likely at some point be successful. You also have the money/influence dichotomy. Soros has no official position of influence anywhere, but his money gets around.


  15. I should clarify, I didn't just mean that they should be barred from political office, but from influential financial positions as well. Ideally by instituting a guild system, abolishing capitalism, etc. And of course only adherents of the official religion could be masters in the guilds. Also, if we didn't have a democratic system then their ability to use money to influence politics would be effectively nullified. Also, an exceptionless ban on usury would remove one of the sources of their wealth (one which the medievals wrongfully allowed them).

    My problem with deportation is that it seems to be unjust to expel people from places where they've lived for generations, to a country they've no particular connection to.


  16. I admire your well-informed support for a guild economic system, and the condemnation of usury. These are my positions as well.

    As to the Jew's connection with Israel, it would seem to me there is a very definite connection for them to this place. Hence, why mass migration to Israel by diaspora Jews has been going on since the state's founding. Your measures could be instituted, but would make life for Jews in Occidental nations very uncomfortable and difficult, thus might breed the resentment of a hostile minority.

    Now, for example I do not support the repatriation of African Americans to Africa (there is no precedent of this kind of migration being successful) and thus it makes sense to give them their own state in North America, but Jews to Israel is commonplace and becoming moreso in fact. If your policies were instituted, I suspect the result would be the same, and that through the concept of 'exit', the vast majority of Jews would leave anyway.


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