The Crackdown has Begun

there are greater restrictions on this man’s movement
than there were on Jihadi John

I am postponing another article in order to post this one.

For over a year now, the broad Alt-Right, and the Reactosphere in particular have been anticipating that we are approaching the crackdown point (see here). This is the point at which all pretenses of freedom for ‘undesirables’ is dropped and covert or overt totalitarian measures are employed to silence dissent and crush the growing opposition to the Cathedral, not by use of argument or a refusal to acknowledge, but instead by force. It is my belief that this is now in full swing.

As planned, the growth of the radical right in the past five years in particular has led to a highly sophisticated internet operation to break down the walls of political correctness and challenge the Modernist narrative about world events and important issues. With this increased presence, we saw last year a war declared on comment sections. Breitbart ran this story in October, and more recently, just beginning this month the Guardian announced it was closing down all comment sections for articles about race, immigration, and Islam! That’s right, while mass rapes are occuring all over Europe, as well as vile murders by Arab parasites, the media not only cover it up, but will silence anyone who speaks out on their medium! Has there ever been such a despicable low point in the history of the yellow press?

It gets worse. In Germany which sits at the epicenter of Europe’s invasion, the government of the woman hitherto referred to as Angela She-Bitch Merkel has decreed that new regulations will turn the internet within Germany into a controlled speech zone more oppressive than anything the Chinese Communist Party ever dreamed up. If you are in Germany, any content against immigration uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or Google platforms will be removed. German journalists are admitting they are mandated by the state not to talk about immigration. In the disgraced nation of Sweden, journalists need absolutely no prompting to cover things up. On top of that, they will gladly spin narratives against native Swedes quite literally out of thin air.

you don’t really think we ever believed in those, do you?

How can anyone deny that free speech on the internet is now the #1 target for the established powers. They are afraid of us, so deathly afraid that they cannot tolerate to allow the spread of hate facts any longer.

But things took an even more disturbing turn this week. Roosh V., notorious manospheran and head of the NeoMasculinity movement, operator of the immensely popular Return of Kings website had arranged an international day of meetups across the globe for men who take a realistic attitude to biodiversity between males and females, explained in detail here by Davis Aurini. Small get-togethers were to occur in the United States, the UK, Australia, Poland, and beyond on February 6th in order for like-minded men to network and enjoy a casual discussion. Friend of this blog, Simon Wolfe was going to be in attendance. 

So what happened? Well, Australia seemed ready to deploy its entire navy to stop Roosh entering the country. A petition in the United States garnered signatures to somehow have an American citizen barred from entry, and death threats poured in from Scottish ANTIFA and feminist activists. Members of parliament also requested the British foreign office ban Roosh from entering the country. Unlike the previously attempted ban on Donald Trump, it didn’t feature demands that he not be allowed within “1000 miles of British shores”, because they presumably realized this would imply Theresa May had the power to prevent Roosh from entering Portugal and Sweden as well. Mobs were being put together (with government assistance) to terrorize the meetups in Germany. Anonymous encouraged vigilante attacks on Roosh’s relatives by doxxing their address. And this was just a taster of what happened. Every force, whether it was governmental or the actions of extra-governmental thugs, was marshaled to stop innocuous meetings of probably about ten men in each location, such was the threat.

Unable to guarantee the safety of any of the attendees, Roosh canceled the event.

This wasn’t about freedom of speech. This was about freedom of assembly, and not a big assembly either. Roosh V. had not planned some kind of rally or a march through the feminist department of UC Santa Cruz. These were tiny, insignificant congregations of average guys red-pilled on the issue of sex relations and the importance of patriarchy. I have never seen a truly global collection of left wing loyalists dedicate themselves so tirelessly to destroy something of this nature. So in light of this, the Alt-Right apparently cannot convene at all. If it applies to something like this, then it most definitely applies for all ‘heretical’ groups that the Modernists wish to shut down.

The crackdown is here, folks. A little faster than I had anticipated, but it has most certainly arrived, and we need to begin working on a strategy to counter it because the wave of hatred from outside is only going to get more intense with each passing month. Perhaps we need to be more clandestine, perhaps we need to be more bold, or perhaps we need to bring a ceaseless wave of righteous fury and calamity upon the heads of this luciferian cabal. Whatever the case may be, what Davis Aurini stated in his article is not wrong, the importance of networking is the next natural progression of the dissident right. 

So a brood of hideous black widows and political puppet masters have us firmly in their crosshairs, I say let them take aim. The more visceral and uncompromising their hatred becomes, the more they expose themselves for the poisonous beasts that they are. When your entire surrounding is an obscure smoke of darkness weaved by career liars and cowardly foes, the truth appears as an offensive light to them. With determination and force, this light must be driven forward to banish the darkness and illuminate reality. Every time they shut us down, we must return stronger than before, constantly demanding the attention of their machinations. We must never cease to batter at their windows and doors, strong in the conviction that no matter how tightly they barricade themselves inside, such obstacles are far from permanent.

The spirit of sacrifice is necessary! We, all of us, have the most formidable dynamite, the most advanced weapon of war, more powerful than tanks and machine guns: it is our own ashes! Every power in the world is destined to collapse, whilst it remains with the ashes of brave fighters, fallen for Justice and for God.”

– Ion Moța

(Update: Highly recommended viewing, Roosh V. prosecuting the media in a recent press conference)


35 thoughts on “The Crackdown has Begun

  1. I always wondered, how did the communists succeed in Imperial Russia? The Russian government had plenty of internal spies and infiltrated all groups. While possessing less technology, there was also less to monitor (just the telephone).


  2. One of the issues that has to be confronted in the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia is the massive unpopularity of the Tsarist regime. Virtually no sector of Russian society–aristocracy, bourgeoisie, proletariat, peasantry–cared about the continuation of the Tsarist regime. When Nicholas and his family were finally killed, Russian society pretty much shrugged its shoulders (or worse). I cite as an authority for this observation the following book, which isn't exactly sympathetic to the Bolsheviks:

    It is–or ought to be–a cautionary tale for all throne and altar reactionaries.


  3. Mr. Citadel…

    Roosh is a radical sexual autonomist… Anti-white Supremacist… Being prohibited by his ideological brothers-in-arms from maximizing his autonomy.

    WHY THIS SHOULD THEN compel your average white male reactionary into action… WHY?

    This is a COLLAPSE OF redical liberation AND YOU ARE ATTEMPTING to thwart it? Why?


  4. Jesus Christ loon you know that we can read Roosh's website ourselves right? So we know what he is. I simply assume that you and the people like you are entryist trolls. I hope you realize that.


  5. “Entryist trolls?” Lol… YOU ARE WAY FAR TO MY LEFT and not the other way around.

    Roosh is a radical liberal SO WHEN HE GETS OPPRESSED, he gets submitted AS A radical liberal.

    WHY am alt-rite reactionary comes to his defense?

    Because one is a fellow traveler, no?


  6. Correct, but this is usual behavior. Russia is a geopolitical enemy of the United States and its vassals, so someone like Dugin being sanctioned is unsurprising. Ridiculous, but unsurprising.

    Roosh is only an ideological threat, with no pull in any foreign government, certainly not one with nuclear weapons. His targetting in a way means that the treatment usually reserved for men like Dugin can now be applied to anybody, anywhere, at any time. We essentially have ascended to the plain of geopolitical enemies!


  7. Mr. Citadel…

    Jihadists, even covert ones amongst alt-riters, are radical sexual autonomists… Desirous of 72 virgins for “eternal” smashings.


    And please read the article again and strictly focus on the use of the words “woman/women” and female.

    A real woman as a real man stands above the degeneracy by definition. So in fact, this article attempts to define “woman” AS degenerate WHICH THEN operates as the manner in which “man” EQUALS degenerate.

    The social engineers — which include crypto-Muslims like Roosh — are deconstructing the West fully capable of utilizing our liberated language to totally invert our loftiest conceptions… The pattern is clear. Turn those higher things into the lowest things and watch white man's world devolve and disappear… First law of liberation…. Supremacy equals degeneracy.

    Our side seeks to make white females into women for the very purpose of ALL OUR ascension. Defining “woman” down to the level of total degenerate is the work of a radical jihadist who has been miscegnating across the Western world for quite some time now. Miscegnating AS A PROFITABLE endeavor, Mark. And against the interests of white Christianity. That's radical sexual autonomy.


  8. It should be made clear that “we” are actually only speaking of WHITE woman CONTRA the “traditional” Muslim “woman” whose highest ideation is prolific breeder of a self-annihilating mass murderer in the name of Allah…

    So here we have another layer… Not just defining white woman down to “degenerate,” but defining Muslim female up to good “woman” for her prolific breeding of future jihadists.

    And alt-riters lap it up like starving puppy dogs.


  9. Oh, please. Roosh is far from a crypto-muslim, much less a radical Jihadist. He is speaking about women under partiarchy vs. women under sexual anarchy. You need to understand what these terms mean before throwing them at people.


  10. Much is being made of this, and rightly so, for it reveals the mind of the enemy. But for us this should be less a cause for alarm, than it is a profound hint for a better strategy. As children of the (liberal democratic) West, we are conditioned to think, and thus act, in terms of mass appeal. To us this is the natural way to get power, and yet, as amply illustrated by the last 400 years of history, it is NOT the way the right gets power. You cannot build order out of chaos. And chaos is all you can ever get from mass appeal.

    What Roosh *should* have been doing is A) we shouldn't know his real name (if that keeps him off Dr. Oz, then boo-hoo-big-whoop); and B) planning in secret for a secret meeting of carefully selected, vetted colleagues. How big, how PUBLIC does the damn thing need to be? Do you really want a 1000 attendees? If so, you have to ask yourself, “Why?” To feel big? To feel IMPORTANT? Just look at what a quarter to half a million attendees have managed to accomplish each year for 40+ years at March for Life!! (Hint: absolutely nothing in the policy sphere.)

    Alt-Right: Take a hint. Go Samizdat or be crushed. It really is that simple.


  11. No, Mark Citadel, he is talking of WHITE females under radical sexual autonomy in the West versus Muslim females under radical sexual autonomy that you then erroneously imply represents an Islamic “patriarchy.”

    IF one is incentivized to “piousness” by 72 virgins for “eternal” smashing THEN one is desirous of radical sexual autonomy, period. AND, if the indisputable conversion act in Islam is a self-annihilating mass murder of “unbelievers” then one is a REAL degenerate. How, as a former counter-jihadist, you cannot not “see” that their “patriarchy” is NOTHING like our envisioned Patriarchy and Roosh absolutely provides no bridge between the two, is totally lost on me.

    Again, what are you standing up for when you stand up for Roosh other than radical (sexual) autonomy and anti-white Supremacy? Seriously, what?


  12. Mr. Citadel,

    Is true Patriarchy equal to false “patriarchy?” Or, is patriarchy just one of those “things” not absolutely true and never really false, but rather, real only in the realm of relativism?


  13. But the point is that “we” don't need Roosh to reveal the mind of the “enemy!” “We” ALREADY KNEW the mind of the enemy AND Roosh has simply put the virtual mirror up and quite lucratively so… And what do you know, this pisses off “greater” liberationists. This move against Roosh is nothing more that BIG liberal smashing little liberal and foolish clowns on the “right” coming to his defense (in defense of little liberal much like counter-jihad rescues moderate Muslims and cuckservatives hide niggers and are smitten with legal immigrants). What really explains this desire to save little liberal but a MUTUAL desire for radical (sexual) autonomy and hatred of white Supremacy?


  14. If you think Muslim women even in Shi'ite countries live under 'radical sexual autonomy', you don't know how these places operate. There are differenty kinds of patriarchy. Islamic patriarchy looks different to Christian patriarchy looks different to Hindu patriarchy, but ALL are patriarchies. This is the universality of Tradition across cultures.


  15. I agree with your overall point, Nick, but I think Roosh is sincere when he says these were just happy hours to meet likeminded men. The fact that even that, a 'happy hour', is subject to a red terror is rather chilling. Expected, but chilling.


  16. No Mark Citadel…

    IF you are a “good” female Muslim THEN you knowingly and prolifically breed future jihadists… Er, future sons so desirous of an eternal radical sexual autonomy that they will seek to obtain this “heaven” through an act of self-annihilating mass murder in the name of Allah AGAINST “unbelievers” in which Christians JUST MUST BE the most “unbeliever” of them all.

    In short, a “GOOD” female Muslim BREEDS self-annihilating mass murderers of Christians by “the order” of Islamic “men.” And you call this “patriarchy” and defend “it” in the name of “tradition.” That's radical, bro!


  17. Thordaddy, you are making zero sense, and continuing the same old talking points (self-annihilating, lots of parentheses, etc.). Consider this a verbal warning, and put more thought into future commentary, I beseech you.


  18. Mr. Citadel…

    Pick out one sentence or a series of sentences that “don't make sense” to you so that I can post real English to help you understand? What do you actually disagree with? What is a “good” Muslim female DO under Islamic “patriarchy?” You still have not articulated WHY any healthy-minded white man should care that Roosh's autonomy is being inhibited by his ideological brothers-in-arm? Why should “we” care?


  19. You are asserting that because Muslim women have Muslim children, and the Islamic description of heaven contains titillating delights, then they are radically sexually autonomous. This is stupid. Patriarchy concerns the subjugation of the feminine principle to the masculine principle in family and civic life, manifest in various ways throughout time and place. And I have articulated why this incident is important, you just haven't read the article.


  20. Lol… No, I am saying that if one knowingly breeds self-annihilating mass murderers desirous of 72 virgins for eternal smashing and this makes one a “good” and “pious” female Muslim under “the order” of Islamic “patriarchy” then the whole racket is driven by radical sexual autonomy… And when you add the miscegnating rape madness in Europe plus the revealing of pedophiliac faggot rape in Afghansitan then you have a “patriarchy” drenched in sexual anarchy.

    So tell what EXACTLY you disagree with? To say it's “stupid” means nothing.

    And secondly, I absolutely did read the article and told you specifically to focus on Roosh's use of “woman” and “female”. You do understand that “woman” and “female” are not equal and cannot be used interchangeably as though one were speaking of the same thing? So again, read the article so as to get to Roosh's UNDERSTOOD use of “woman” and “female” or else you stayed mired in an egalitarian fog.


  21. So because there is perversion in Islamic countries like Afghanistan, those countries are hotbeds of radical sexual autonomy… Sure.

    Your problem Thordaddy is you are an absolutist, a purist if you will. If something doesn't precisely fit your view, it is antonymous. This is simply not the case. Islamic patriarchy is, for Occidental men at least, deficient and flawed, but this does not make it any less of a patriarchy. And please stop with the quote marks around everything.


  22. Roosh has not been “oppressed” he has merely been subjected to the absolutely legitimate power of any sovereign to deny any foreigner entry for any reason. Just as the Syrian civil war refugees have no legitimate “right” to entry into Europe, Roosh has no “right” of any kind to his tourism-trolling. Since his liberty or whatever has not been violated, you are left to argue that you like Roosh.

    Do you want some syrup with your dogshit breakfast? (Why do you think the SJW is handing you the plate?)

    The hypocrisy of the left over Roosh and the refugees is a two way street. You can't defend Roosh without completely muddying your own narrative about the refugee crisis, not to mention making a total mockery of whatever “white nationalism” is supposed to mean. Game culture is a highly post-modern degeneracy that reeks of man-titty-monster incel butthurt. There is nothing Reactionary about it at all.

    Private companies that offer services for free have no choice but to moderate and ban some content, and they have every right to do so. ISIS is forcing twitter and Facebook to develop methods to control political content rather than just porno and the Nigerian Prince Mafia. Once that power is developed and deployed it will be lying at hand for other uses.

    What do you think they will do with it? More importantly: what are you going to do?

    Now is the time for all you red-pilled 4chan haxors to do the Jedi and program a distributed social media darknet platform (with quantum encryption or whatever) that is so slick it just replaces Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise it is just a question of when and by whom it will be used.



  23. I think such platforms will arise, in response to government moves to control the internet. People are pretty protective of online spaces, because for many it is the only place where they can express themselves fully (for better or for worse). Of course countries have the 'right' to refuse entry to anyone, but when you look at who most of these countries have let pass their borders, its more than a little ridiculous that Roosh has caused a complete meltdown. As I alluded in the header, the UK harbors more terrorists than many Middle Eastern countries.

    I have pointed this out in the past, Roosh has moved on from game culture (this would be guys like Julian Blanc, who is also banned from at least the UK). These meetings were more just social hours for guys who read articles at Return of Kings, not pick-up artistry seminars, and they definitely were not organized rape collectives which is what the hysterical media said they were. I don't agree with Roosh on a lot of things, but I appreciate the political shift he has gone through over the past year, introducing a lot of men to the work of myself and others. This has little to do with race, and more to do with sex. Issues in the 'Manosphere' are somewhat isolated from issues in the HBD sphere. I handle them separately.


  24. I don't know why, but Roosh has always rubbed me the wrong way. I can agree intelectually with the criticism the likes of Greg Johnson at levies against Roosh and the likes of him, but for me it's been something deeper. I can't explain it but when reading him or seeing him in a video I get that reaction you get when in the company of an angry dog – suddenly you get, internally, ready for violence.


  25. I want to add something: the fact that you put a quote of (St.) Ion Mota here seems… sacrilegeous, almost blasphemous. Tsk tsk tsk! I really can't understand why an Orthodox Reactionary would like the “PUA” scene. I can understand the reverse: why men from a degenerate, but manly, subculture would be attracted to Reaction. But why so many on the dissident right defend the likes of Roosh… It's a question mark for me.


  26. Roosh certainly started as PUA, but over the last couple of years moved towards what he called 'NeoMasculinity', which is something in principle I agree with, a move to the right on the specific issue of where men stand in regards to women, being pro actively for a Patriarchal system, rather than one which sees men and women as interchangable.

    Nobody is under any delusions as to what Roosh is, and his conduct. I'm not saying he is an angel, only that the true reasons the power structure is attacking him are the same reasons they will use against anyone who has a position outside the Overton Window.

    Remember, I'm not here defending a specific aspect of Roosh's past or his work, only what he is coming under attack for (having men meet up to discuss the state of masculinity). Futhermore, via his website Roosh has published writers who can be described most certainly as Reactionaries; myself, Aurelius Moner, Beefy Levinson, and Michael Sebastian just to name a few. This is appreciated.

    The quote from the valiant Mota was not in specific reference to Roosh, only to the broader attempt to silence those who do not tow the Liberal line.


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