Ascending the Tower & My Confession

It is my pleasure to link to the latest installment (episode XIII) of NeoReaction’s premier podcast ‘Ascending the Tower’, in which I dialogued with Nick B. Steves, Anthony DeMarco, and E. Antony Gray on the topics of esoteric collapse, historical precedent for Modern phenomena, and a few more choice issues. 

Part I –

Part II – 

I hope you enjoy the discussion, and I look forward to doing similar things in the future. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with these guys, and I want to thank them for hosting me, Social Matter for distributing the podcast, and the Hestia Society for making everything possible. It’s things like this that are driving the Reactosphere onward and upward.

Alas, at the crest of great news there is always a cloud of despair.

After a crack Twitter investigation by Michael Anissimov, it has become clear that I have been lying to you all for quite some time. You see… Well, I’ll let Michael explain:

I’m afraid its true, and all you need do to confirm it is listen to the podcast linked above. You will be able to tell immediately from my jive vocal patterns that there is not one drop of white blood in me. How long could such a shameful secret stay buried after all? Yes, now it’s out in the open, I am in truth, black.

Leroy JaMarcus Citadel (age 30)
say it ain’t so!

My ethnic makeup is a rich blend of Igbo, Yoruba, Oromo, Taureg, and North African Berber, with the closest thing to white being a distant aunt who might have been Chuvash. This may come as a shock to some of my readers. I know it isn’t every day that someone of my background spends painstaking hours writing the kind of stuff I write, reading the kind of stuff I read, etc. but the evidence is overwhelming. The intention of my work from the very start has not in fact been to forward the Reactionary position, but to infuse the movement with kebabs and Jews! Yes, the Turko-Islamic angle can clearly be seen in my obstinate yearning for a revived Christendom, and of course you can see an unseemly love of Jews in the way I promote an interwar grouping deemed by Jewish historian M.R. Marrus to be “the most violently anti-semitic of all organizations”.

The article concerning the Millennial Woes hangout however was the real case-cracker! You’ll remember that I boldly advocated for Jews and kebabs in no uncertain terms. The points I raised were on such a shill-tastic level that Anissimov hasn’t even deemed it necessary to rebut anything I said, but instead he’s leaving it to the little people to “correct my details”. How will I bix nood my way out of this one?

Just in case there is still any doubt about my ethnic heritage, I want to share something personal:

Above is the painting which hangs on my grandfather’s wall, painted on commission as it was for my great great grandfather, indeed you will find no reproductions of it in any gallery, as far as I am aware. Now, don’t let your lying eyes deceive you. I know it looks a little like a Russian winter estate, but what is actually depicted here is a stunning example of mid-1800s Moroccan architecture! Yes, that’s right, my roots lie here, in a quaint little square of  sandblasted geography known as Dinangourou.

So there you have it folks. Undoubtedly a cruel twist of fate that my arguments would be rendered invalid by such a silly thing as me being definitely black. I guess I can take solace in a couple of things though, beyond the fact that I have never attacked Anissimov at all and had even praised much of his work early on for its intellectual merit. The silver lining is that as of yet, I have not received any death threats like Ryan Landry, or heaven forbid a Sonic 3 challenge, hence the wisdom of not being on Twitter.


18 thoughts on “Ascending the Tower & My Confession

  1. Just listened the other day to part 1. Really enjoyed it Mark. It was nice to put a voice with the name. I wasn't aware you resided in England. Look forward to the second podcast, have yet to listen.

    This is funny. I'm not sure what Anissimov's deal is. I also have much appreciation for his early work and his writings on Monarchy really aided me in my conversion to Rx.

    I understand your reasons for not being on twitter. It is many times very disheartening to see some of the people who are on the alt-right. There is a lot of degeneracy, neopaganism, and just pure hate. Many times you can tell the stark difference between the fashy ones, Christians and neb-pagans by their approaches and tweets.

    Anyway, don't let the haters get to you. Keep up the good work. Your blog and other Christian leaning Rx blogs are the only thing that keeps me from despairing completely on much of modernity. If it wasn't for the Christian principles that you and others brandish I wouldn't have much hope for any positive future.

    God bless.


  2. Mr. Citadel…

    A better retort to Anissimov would have been, “You're not even a white Supremacist, so what's your actual point?”

    And so although “we” would like to believe that “white” means something definitive to all, “we” are exactly here because it does not.


  3. Mr. Citadel…

    Clearly, Anissimov is insinuating that you are “crypto-Jew” and this is in fact the INEVITABLE FATE of ANYONE that seeks to go to the “top” of the white racial milieu. It is because you are a “white” Orthodox Slav very influential in the racial dialogue that you are AUTOMATICALLY “suspect.” Buttjew are reading this in the wrong manner BECAUSE you won't “see” the accuser Anissimov as an anti-white Supremacist OPEN SOURCE AUTHORING a “Jewish supremacy” narrative. So the accusation IS NOT AN ACTUAL ACCUSATION, but an AFFIRMATION that “crypto-Jews” are at the “top” of the white racial discourse. And you are “it!”


  4. Furthermore, your rather absurd retort was in some small respect an evasion of the above accusation/affirmation… It is not CLEAR AT ALL per your own discussions that you are definitively white by your own account… That you actually hold a definitive notion of white… And you have clearly argued against the substance of “white” in white Supremacy.

    This is not a challenge to you… Only a critique that requires a more definitive resolution on your part.


  5. Thordaddy, why don't you just accept I'm black. I've given you all the ammunition you need here to dismiss me, so why not just say “wow, Mark was black all along! time to move on.” I listed the reasons why I was definitely not white and have been a covert agent all along, so don't trouble yourself anymore.


  6. Furthermore, if those who find your redefinition of the term 'white supremacy' to be etymologically unsound and part of some worryingly compulsive tendency are all 'crypto-Jews' then this essentially condemns almost everyone I have ever seen you interact with online to the status of crypto-Jew. If not calling myself a white supremacist makes me a crypto-Jew then I'll be sure to mint my shekels this coming weekend. *rubs hands greedily*


  7. I'm as confused as I was when I first started reading this journal…

    Come on dude… from one Leroy to another (Leroy is my middle name), what's going on here?

    I recently said at Honor and Daring that I don't care what color a man is, it's what he's bring to the tribe that will get him into the gates – and you sir, have brought a lot with this site of yours and your other writing on the web… can we get back to the fight…. but… uh… yeah – I got a problem with the jews…


  8. Mr. Citadel…

    I believe you to be an exemplar of white Supremacy… Anissimov thinks you “crypto-Jew.” Your hostility to these facts SUGGESTS you believe me to be a subversive LIBERAL element… And in fact, I have been routinely “accused” of being “crypto-Jew” by insisting that white male Christians appropriate the label white Supremacist BECAUSE white Supremacists ARE IN FACT ENEMY to the Jewish anti-(white) Supremacist. Anissimov is not in fact a white Supremacist and so his “accusation” is in reality AFFIRMATION of “crypto-Jew” at the “top” of the racial discourse with your “silly” retort only adding credence to the “charge” instead of actually putting Anissimov on the spot as (fellow?) anti-white Supremacist!!!

    The recursive nightmare of the Narrative AS AUTHORED BY THE “anti-Semetic” “hard right” is “Jewish supremacy” EVERYWHERE! The answer to this Narrative-benefiting exaggeration IS NOT some other concession, but rather a definitive outline of the Jewish anti-Supremacist archetype that one ethnic Jew either rejects or embraces to all its consequences. The white Supremacist JUST IS the antithetical to the Jewish anti-Supremacist, the radical “black” anti-white Supremacist, the deracinated anti-Christian jihadist and the anti-white heterosexuality of the homodyke.


  9. I don't know how you got that impression and Anissimov is attacking YOU and your white Supremacy as an anti-white Supremacist and you SIMPLY REFUSE to see it this way. I only suggest you should so as to turn the table. You don't see it this way either. It is as though the white Supremacist was not in fact the only true enemy to all the radical liberationists. That's not you, Mark? True enemy to all the redical liberals? Enemy to the “anti-racists?”


  10. Great to hear you at the Tower. I often don't have the time to devote to listening to it in its entirety but made sure to catch that one. Really enjoyable. I had no idea you were one of us over here, I had always assumed you were Russian American. A pleasant surprise.


  11. Happy you enjoyed it, Simon. Yes, well I spent a significant portion of my life in the United States. You'll notice I use American spellings out of habit. You'll find no S in my realize.


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