Have You Failed the Entry Exam?

Be warned, this is long article, but I think its message taken in totality will be very important.

There is certainly no drive for purity within the growing intellectual contingent of the radical right. I have my disagreements with various well-known figures, sometimes on what I consider to be very important issues, other times on things that are negligible.

However, last year within the quarters of NeoReaction, there was a silent coup initiated for the sole purpose of ensuring the survival of the movement’s ideas in the face of entryism and hijackers. I’m not going to go into what occurred during this incident, it is history now. What I am concerned about is the broader ‘Alt-Right’ and its lack of vetting when it comes to who is representative to casual observers of real far right thinking. This is uncontrollable at a central level, there is no approval board, no ‘party apparatus’ or anything similar. We are a dissident political intellectual school.

With this in mind, there are things we can do to ensure that we put our best foot forward and present the best image for those who might be useful to our cause, but are not yet convinced that we are ideologically sound. Often times you have a small window of opportunity to conduct a so-called ‘red-pilling’ and if you miss your chance, stumble, embarrass yourself, the intelligent person disappears back into the sea of the masses, probably never to be seen again.

I want to focus in on one episode in particular, a ‘hangout’ conducted by justly prolific Alt-Right vlogger, Millennial Woes. During these hangouts, people from a diverse set of backgrounds can communicate with each other and debate certain ideas and arguments, uncensored and open. During one such hangout in particular, a man named Kyle Hunt appeared. Mr. Hunt, from what I have gathered runs a relatively successful white nationalist outlet called Renegade Broadcasting. Note that I had never heard of him before, so this was my first opportunity to hear what he had to say. For context, the discussion concerned the Islamic ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe and its increasingly damaging social effects. He had some interesting ideas to put forward, and I want to engage with them and point out where they are very badly flawed (watch below, and follow along)

“I think it’s a little bit ridiculous to kind of just have this discussion going on for apparently a long time (I only caught part of it) where it’s just kind of wishful fantasies. You know, ‘in our ideal world when we take power, women won’t be able to drive, and they’ll be kept to the kitchen‘, or whatever the case may be, when we’ve got people who, most of them won’t even show their faces.”

This question of online anonymity, people will remember, was brought up by ex-NeoReactionary Michael Anissimov in an eloquent article here, but I feel a very adequate refutation was delivered by the Oriental NeoReactionary here. Whenever someone asks anybody else involved in fringe political activity which is in some countries, criminal, to reveal their identity, they should not be entertained, just on the reflex that it looks like a setup. I don’t think I need to go into the realities about this, as Millennial Woes who so graciously hosted Mr. Hunt has experienced a very similar thing himself. Let’s continue:

“What I’m getting at is that, we’ve got anonymous, faceless men who are demanding that women have no rights, are chattel property, submit completely, basically live under Islamic law, but just for the gentiles”

Now, I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell nobody prior had suggested anything even close to this, and it would appear to be a straw man. Although one person had raised the driving issue, Hunt is at the very least exaggerating the importance of this. Reactionaries demand a relationship between the sexes which correctly reflects the reality of sex differences. Nobody has called for women as ‘chattel property’, nor has anyone said that in a Reactionary state they would have no civil rights. To compare Occidental Christian patriarchy to Islamic law either betrays a stunning ignorance about one, the other, or both. They are very different things. To suggest that the lives of Russian women in 1522 were identical to those lived by Saudi women today is just… well, I’m not sure what to say. It strikes me as the kind of thing an uneducated feminist would assert.

“What I’m saying is that, this is just kind of ridiculous. Why not kind of get down to brass tax, talk about realistic strategy, how to get to your established goals. I don’t think those are legitimate goals whatsoever.”

This seems to be a rather sweeping statement by Mr. Hunt. It doesn’t imply only a specific disagreement on the issue of patriarchy (a huge issue in itself), but the broader ideology of the radical right as we stand today. And if he does not think our goals are legitimate… what is he doing in a hangout that is ostensibly for Reactionaries?

“But just sitting here and talking about it, yeah, it might draw some more people in, but you’re definitely going to alienate the people that we need to continue our line into the future, which is women. I think a lot of this anti-woman sentiment comes about because of the legitimate patriarchy, the Christian patriarchy which hates women, it also hates masculine men. That’s why I’ve got my born-again Pagan shirt on.”

To confirm, he does have that shirt on. Now, where do we even begin with how wrong-headed this is. Hunt makes the assumption that to continue our various Occidental genetic lineages into the future, it is necessary to appeal to and draw in women to our intellectual and political crusade. How do these things connect? My assessment of history is that women are largely politically irrelevant when it comes to actual change, even in the Modern world. They can intensify changes brought about by men, but rarely do we ever see women as the movers and shakers of politics. Men set the groundwork and declare how something is going to be, women operate within that framework. Because of this, the Reactosphere does not need women to be heavily involved with it, and this isn’t some exclusionary conspiracy on our part. Not only this, but the history of white nationalist movements in Europe (to take a random example) bears the historical reality out. Where were the women in the Third Reich, something I’m sure Hunt has fond ideas about?  Where were they in Mussolini’s inner circle? Where were they in Franco’s? Women are of course vital to any civilization, but they are nugatory to its politics, which is why their recruitment is of little concern to us,

Apparently Christianity hates women, but also somehow hates ‘masculine’ men. These would seem so be somewhat contradictory. A religion either moves to one pole or the other, ‘Lunar’ or ‘Solar’ as Evola puts it in Revolt Agianst the Modern World. I happen to think that Christianity is a relatively moderate solar religion, as are the majority of religions in documented history. It does endorse patriarchy, but this does not equate with a ‘hatred’ of women, and it is in fact very laudatory of the good qualities women possess. I have a feeling what we’re seeing here is Hunt’s belief in equality of the sexes (something which is blatantly falsifiable), and he is simply complaining that Christianity does not endorse his delusion.

can he ever catch a break?

At this point, another voice who uses an avatar of Charlemagne interjects, and Hunt responds incredulously to the avatar.

“Oh, Charlemagne! The guy who’s worshiping Charlemagne here, who cut down some of the best and brightest of Europe. Oh, let’s worship Charlemagne, a massacrer of European people. That’s a great person to idolize. That’s why I’m talking about how Christians in this movement, who are taking this kind of, oh, strong patriarchy stance, are foolhardy, idiotic, and absolutely cowardly at the end of the day, because they haven’t done anything for our race for at least a number of centuries.”

Mr. Hunt gets a little shrill at the end, indicating a deep personal connection to this issue. Odd as it is, it seems to be fueled more by emotion than fact. Charlemagne was of course the famous Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Franks, who united most of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Battle-wise, he is notable for his incursions into the Muslim-dominated Iberian peninsula. In addition, as no doubt a learned scholar of Pagan history as I’m sure Mr. Hunt is would know, he launched attacks against the Saxons in what we know today as Germany. They were militarily crushed and Charlemagne then attempted to Christianize them. When they refused, somewhere around 4500 were executed in an event known as the Massacre of Verden. Now, the morality or political practicality of such an action aside, to say these people were the “best and brightest” of Europe can only be described as revisionist history. These peoples popularized the term ‘barbarian’, and that wasn’t coming from Christians, it was coming from Pagan Romans! They lived in an uncivilized backwater condition, which has even led outlets like /pol/ to refer to them derisively as “snowniggers”. Men undeserving of their fate? Perhaps. Best and brightest of Europe? Not even close. Bright Pagans there were, but these weren’t them. And this isn’t even touching upon the fact that Pagans have their fair share of blood from ‘our race’ on their hands, and there isn’t a problem with that. Wars happen. Rulers jockey for power. We get it. 

It’s also worth noting, and I think Pagans would probably agree with me here, that their record on ‘doing things for our race’ is currently pretty barren, and has been for centuries. Does that make Mr. Hunt a coward? I’m not sure, and it wouldn’t be my place to judge, as he is the arbiter of cowardice. 

“A lot of Christians who are in this movement are chasing away women, actively, that’s part of their active role, is to chase away women, to ensure that they have nothing to do with this.”

Millennial Woes interjects here and says that he doesn’t see the link with Christianity. I just don’t see the link with reality. I’d like Mr. Hunt to have provided some specific examples, and he will actually provide some soon, but suspiciously no Christian voices on the radical right such as those of Professor Thomas F. Bertonneau, Dalrock, Vox Day, AntiDem, Bonald, Nick B. Steves, etc. appear on his list.

“Look at the Scriptures themselves, oh, pro-family, Christians are pro-family. Look at the Scriptures about how Jesus is going to come and divide all families.”

Attributing this only to ignorance, I’ll point out that Hunt ignores the context of Jesus’ ministry and teachings in an environment of religiously austere Jews. Considering this, it makes perfect sense that if someone chose to follow His teachings, their family would curse them and might even try to kill them, or else turn them over to the Sanhedrin for punishment. To dress this up as a ‘death to family!’ Jesus is head-scratchingly bizarre, but then again, its implied we should expect as much from a “Jew book”. It’s almost as if he watched a Stefan Molyneux video and thought the Second Coming was imminent.

“behold, now I am become death
the destroyer of families”
– St. Stefan

“The biggest pro-white site on the internet, alegedly pro-white, the Daily Stormer, has said that the white race’s biggest enemies are not in fact Jews, who are in fact orchestrating white genocide, no, it’s white women. And this sentiment has filtered out to the Alt-right because the Alt-right has been infiltrated by MGTOW, by PUA, pick-up artists, many of them not even white, like Roosh.”

So, the Christian patriarchal abuse of women is being promoted by… the Daily Stormer, a popular National Socialist outlet with no explicitly Christian ties to speak of as far as I can discern… and possibly Roosh, who while on a spiritual journey, is not a self-declared Christian? This doesn’t seem to connect at all with what was asserted earlier. Someone then mentions Roosh’s presence at a National Policy Institute conference, and another name is brought forward by Mr. Hunt for objection:

“or Jack Donavon, a butt pirate. Come on, these are the pro-white people that are gonna teach us about manhood?”

I don’t know much about Jack Donovan. He is a self-declared ‘homosexual’ writer on issues of masculinity, made popular by his book The Way of Men. He also wavers on the edges of Paganism. This is the strange thing; under the raw Paganism that Mr. Hunt espouses, there is absolutely nothing morally objectionable about Jack Donovan’s lifestyle. He is complaining about it using an implicit morality that was only brought into Europe by… Christianity. I think you can see that Hunt hasn’t thought out his arguments well at all by this point, and while there could be legitimate criticisms of Jack Donovan’s presence in our circles (his history as a LeVeyan satanist among them), Hunt isn’t the one to make those criticisms. You might be able to guess what is coming next when he pontificates on where the Alt-Right came from:

“Did it come out of NRx, NeoReaction, because I’ve seen both Alt-Right and NeoReaction have similar people, and a lot of them are honestly Jews and degenerates.”

I’ll just link to Mark Yuray to dismiss this.

“Okay, but you’ve got people like RamZPaul who wants to be the spokesman for the Alt-Right, and he’s signaling so hard against ‘Nazis’ and against 14/88.”

If Hunt attacks any more people, he may find that he’s the only pure one left. It seems that he is annoyed that a new rightist force is growing in strength and popularity, and eclipsing the older style of white advocacy of which he is very much a part. We’ll get to that more in a moment.

according to Kyle Hunt, he’s doing it “for the shekels!”

I won’t quote any more. The last small segment involves Hunt describing how those who diagnose the fatal contagion within Occidental people are traitors, and everything is actually the fault of the Jews. Everything is being masterminded by the Jews, no white people have a hand in the state of our cultures and nations. The JQ is a be all and end all.

That’s the end of my analysis in the specific. Look, I don’t want to sound like I’m picking on individuals in their weak moments. Mr. Hunt is entitled to his beliefs, and I have no doubt he carries them strongly. However, his entire worldview is incompatible with ours, its not even rightist. This is the misconception that seems so endemic, that if you are conscious about your race and the realities of racial difference in particular, you suddenly belong on the political right and are worth talking to in an ideo-internal capacity. Hunt and others like him are interacting with the Alt-Right because it is drawing attention away from their own outdated kind of politics, things like ‘white man marches’, something that Hunt organized with very limited success. It’s the same kind of white advocacy that has existed since the end of WWII and achieved nothing.

All of a sudden, a new front begins to emerge and takes on the mission of preventing our people’s extinction, a front that has refined razor sharp prescriptions over belligerent outbursts. It is understandable that die-hard supporters of the aged methods would be hostile to the emerging consensus on the radical right, but they should know that there is no room for blindness on sex issues any more, nor on a host of other topics about which classical white nationalists are usually clueless. This explains the hostility to figures like RamZPaul, to NPI, and the Right Stuff from people you’d expect to be big fans. The Alt-Right has outgrown Hunt’s overly simplistic views in my opinion. The Reactosphere represents its pinnacle, having outgrown those views by orders of magnitude.

The following from Hunt’s website sounds more than a little sinister:

this will be eerily familiar to some

As a Slav, I also want to note that Hunt’s alleged urge to forget about the Russian boy raped by two sodomite ‘fathers’ in Australia because one of them was white, and it would be “divisive”, sickens me to the core (Giacomo Vallone confirms this). But that’s by the by.

Exclusion of people who are attacking our principles while feigning to be more purely ‘jew-vaccinated’ versions of us would seem to be wise, the above comment taken into account. I do not deny the older-style NatSocs and such their choice of tactics and discourse. Honestly, good luck to them. But we need to define ourselves as being distinct from this, and erect a perimeter wall to ensure that they don’t drag us through the dirt. Hunt repeatedly says throughout the video that such-and-such a person is hurting “our movement”, “the movement”, even when he knows he’s talking to a movement that just isn’t his movement. Endless obsession with Jews, elaborate conspiracy theories, marches that result in nothing but cruel media ridicule, flat earth speculation?!: this is yesterday’s news. Any communication with such people should in future be handled in the same way that communication with an ardent Marxist would be handled, AKA: acknowledging they are outsiders. Apparently aware of this, Millennial Woes took the correct course of action and removed the video from his channel, and requested others remove copies, a request not obliged.

Let this be the final word on the ’14/88 crowd’. Their endgame is the Occident, minus ethnic minorities. Our endgame is the Occident, minus the entire pernicious edifice of Modernity. Those are two very different things.

(New blog being linked to by me, everyone should take a read of this post by EsotericTrad which touches on similar themes)


59 thoughts on “Have You Failed the Entry Exam?

  1. Thordaddy, I consider spam to be repeated recitations of the same idea, once it has already been addressed. In almost all of your posts, the same point is made, usually with an unnecessary amount of scare quotes. You could save yourself time by writing your entire outlook on your blog and just linking to it.

    Do I have a desire for perfection? Yes, in the form of God. I desire to be cleansed and purified of sin by God at the Final Judgment, and live with Him forever.

    The masses are irrelevant, but the default elite do have a desire for perfection, found in their own God, the end of history. Their perfection is worldly and imaginary, yet they genuinely believe in it, and will march towards it until they are dead. Is 'deracination' part of this journey to their version of perfection? Yes, but only part of it. It is not all about race.


  2. To be fair to white nationalists, they are hardly entryists into the alt right, which has had various white nationalist factions from its inception. Now perhaps these politics are more obvious and explicit, and they are definitely getting more aggressive, but this is nothing new under the black sun.

    What is happening now is that as the alt right becomes the shiny new toy, more of the older and more popular white nationalist subculture is jumping on the bandwagon and the populist libertarians are flowing into the Hitlerist Libertarianism of TRS. The sophisticated and refined European identitarianism of Richard Spencer is increasingly giving way to violently nihilistic neo-nazism of the meth nightmare trailer park, the burned out ghetto, and the prison rape gang.

    As most of the incoming white nationalists will presumably join their own factions rather than the Neoreaction, for the Neoreactionary the question is mainly one of your own fellow traveling within the larger alt right as it becomes more and more blatantly neo-nazi, and they aggressively and seek to drive out everyone else.

    When the neo-nazis accused the Neoreaction of being a Jewish conspiracy, that was actually an open declaration of war, a boldface statement that you should all be put into the ovens. It is also an example of the kind of fascinating and productive political dialogue you can expect to have with them: You are a Jew! You are a mud! Christianity is an evil Jew plot! Everything is a false flag! The holohoax…bla bla bla…



  3. Mr. Citadel…

    The scare quotes are to indicate a liberated language and the understanding that no word can be taken at face value. In the racist/anti-racist milieu, “racism” is LOVE AND HATE… Supremacy is Ascending AND degenerating… Abortion IS “the right to reproduce.” Homosexuals are “men.” Dykes are “women.” Alt-riters are “race-realist” anti-white “racists.”

    Yes… YOU DESIRE objective Supremacy as Perfect Creator God of the Bible… You EMBRACE The Perfect Man as empirical fact. You renounce “universal equality.” AND ALL THIS derived from a BLANK SLATE? Nothing racial about it? HOW IS IT NOT ALL RACIAL? I don't “see” wide swaths of Jews, “blacks,” homodykes, jihadists or miggers embracing objective Supremacy and rejecting “universal equality” in the way of some of them “white folk.”

    If your desire isn't racial… Isn't actually a desire of your fathers… Then how is
    It traditional in any way, shape or form? How is your desire for perfection in God not just a particularity of yours? Certainly NOTHING to rally around, no? Can you rally around another man's mere preference even as it appears to equal your own most passionate principle?


  4. We must distinguish between things here.

    Ethnonationalism in its Reactionary form (something FreeNortherner has called 'Thedism') and the case for human biodiversity, has always been part of the Alt-Right, in fact it forms one of the three wheels of 'Sprandrell's Trike' which describes the constitution of NeoReaction!

    What has never been a part is the kind of Aryan Nation, National Socialist crowd. Mainly because they just didn't care about us. They have their scene, and it involves marches, activism, metal music, and prison. Our scene is largely the medium of the internet, so we haven't had much interaction.

    Suddenly, these elements are beginning to use the internet for their cause. Now, they are seeing the /pol/ trigger mechanisms of 'fashy memes' and saying to themselves “hey, fellow travelers! Heil Hitler!” only to find out that its really a form of combative signaling rather than any real love of Nazi Germany. This is annoying them, and so is the growing popularity and success of the Alt-Right in penetrating mainstream discourse, something they have failed at miserably.

    To be clear, I believe in homogeneous societies, and recognize kin selection as good and virtuous. My disagreement with NatSocs is based on 4 things.

    1) Their horrible methods, lack of image-consciousness, and typically low intelligence
    2) Their glorification of Hitler, who inexorably damaged the rightist cause by providing the left with a boogeyman, as well as a failure to see that National Socialism was itself a Modern construct.
    3) Their endless defense and excuse-making of those of our race who have betrayed us, and a denial that 'white' people have a degeneracy problem, shifting focus entirely to the Jews, who while a huge nuisance, are not the be all and end all.
    4) The very idea that there can exist a pan-white society, especially one without the unifying force of Christendom, is ignorant in the extreme of differences between white cultures.

    And I don't think people will be drawn to Neo-Nazism. Younger racially-conscious people, if given the choice between a RamZPaul video, or a podcast on the flat earth and Heinrich Himmler, they will opt for the former.

    And there are NatSocs who are respecting the boundaries. Its the sociopaths who are openly trying to infiltrate, some of them former NRx people themselves with an axe to grind.


  5. I never said the issue wasn't racial, but that it was not entirely racial.

    Again, I have to ask why you are not blogging this. You clearly have a high degree of interest in the subject, yet you spend your time pushing this dialectic here, and apparently have done so in a succession of other places. If you think I am wrong, and really I am accepting Liberal presuppositions, for the same reason each time which I cannot comprehend, then forward your view on a blog.


  6. Mr. Citadel….

    Aren't “we” beyond the either/or in the race question? It's not ALL about race. We know this. Although, if STILL IS entirely racial. In other words, ANY DEGREE of deracination is pathological. This isn't opinion. This is biological fact. Deracination is self-annihilating… EVEN to the Christian.

    SO TO THE EXTENT that you are Christian, you ARE EVEN MORE SO white Christian. Furthermore, and detailing a finer concrete self is a Slavic white Orthodox. Yet, this is in relation to a white German-Anglo Supremacist. “We” understand that “white racialism” is not a unifying principle. And many amongst the “white race” INCLUDING alt-riters, national socialists, leftists and pagans AGREE that Christianity is not.a unifying principle either. And reaction? It's personal… Only “colllective” IN A CEREBRAL way AND IN PRINCIPLE against PHYSICALLY FIGHTING for what it believes… Hence, a high IQ “white” male liberationist “movement” of the “mind.”

    What is Mark Citadel trying to be as an answer to the zeitgeist? In what way would someone be your ally? What does a Slavic white Orthodox with Russian sympathies appear to say to a white German-Anglo Supremacist with American Protestant sympathies? Where are “we” actually unified if not around The Perfect Man? Where can any of the men of the white race be unified if not around objective Supremacy? A real question, Mr. Citadel, to a glaringly self-evident problem. A problem of white man's self-annihilation. You answer with Christianity and the alt-riters, NSs, leftists and pagans ALL REJECT this answer… Only the white Supremacist will agree… MINUS your deracinating emphasis. Yet, you demand a level of egalitarianism… A self-referential fig leaf to the enemy… That says you are invited no matter what your view on things racial. But it's not your invitation to grant. And certainly not your mandate to invite racial self-annihilators to be models of Christianity.


  7. “But we need to define ourselves as being distinct from this, and erect a perimeter wall to ensure that they don't drag us through the dirt.”

    Sounds like we need a shibboleth, which name is just too appropriate.

    Can we think of one that's not objectionable to us but would probably be to them?

    I suggest traditional Christianity of either the Catholic or Orthodox school. That seems to turn them off pretty quick.


  8. Almost impossible to apply this as some kind of litmus test. And I also think there are non-Christian Reactionaries who offer absolutely indispensable input. The best test is attitude. Shun people involved in

    A) Excessive drama
    B) Emotional ad hominem as their chosen method of discourse
    C) Lack of respect

    As far as I see it, this would exclude the people I want to exclude.


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