Battling the ‘Aesthetics’ of Modernity

Another article generously published by Social Matter, here I discuss a form of argumentation that was brought to my attention by Brett Stevens. We can argue for Tradition based upon many things, among them an objective morality and a practical functionality. But just as valid would be an argument from objective beauty. By affirming aesthetics as a manifestation of real rather than perceived beauty, a devastating critique of the left’s ugliness can be lodged. Hold up a mirror and expose the unsightly nature of the enemy.

Warning that the banner image will be distressing to most, but I think Hadley had good reason for choosing it, which is explained in the article itself. Make the leftists show their cards, don’t allow them to hide,


6 thoughts on “Battling the ‘Aesthetics’ of Modernity

  1. Objective aesthetic beauty possesses no “substance” outside the ordering frame of Perfectiom, ie., objective Supremacy. In fact, one simply cannot talk of beauty without first accepting Perfect Beauty. Even further, one can think of no “thing” or “action” without first acknowledging this perfect thing or that perfect action at least subconsciously. Without this ordered frame, one is but suboptimal AI with no feedback mechanism capable of generating further optimization. In short, to insist on objective aesthetic beauty is to assert possession of a God-ordained free will and to reject or argue over the existence of objective aesthetic beauty is to signal a human-like suboptimal AI in operation both incapable of further ascension (optimizing) and potentially pathological.(degenerating).


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