Addressing Again the ‘New’ Paganism

it is with regret I say the people in this image are Slavs…
Leftist Slavic morons in the woods

This will not be a long post, because honestly I don’t think my audience cares much about this topic. However I feel it absolutely necessary to touch on the issue of Neo-Paganism again. Once confined to being a small subset within the white nationalist community, this ideology has apparently found a small amount of purchase within the Manosphere, though it may be receding here somewhat. The pitch is that only our interpretations of those ideals that supposedly imbued our Pagan ancestors can bring out true masculinity, allowing man to become a barbarian tribesman like he was meant to be!


Manhood is not about running around in the woods bare-chested, tying sticks together like you’re the props guy on the Blair Witch Project, and drawing symbols on yourself with sharpie pens because it “looks edgy”. This is some of the most misguided stuff in the name of race realism and masculinity I have ever seen. I guess this might be one manifestation of masculinity, if you had no resources, no ingenuity, and your ethnic group was crippled with a dangerous lack of self-awareness, though for most men, even men of the far right where this niche is supposed to flourish, it is laughable when someone refers to themselves as Wolfmaster Canute for no good reason, and that in itself is actually a sign of health within our sphere. People who are serious about paganism don’t do this, they instead look to what is esoterically valuable in various traditions that imbued pre-Christian Europe, considering the symbolism of ancient virtues, and undoubtedly they do a lot of reading. Paganism ought not be a self-help therapy session, nor should one dishonor their ancestors by turning their religious beliefs into a costume ball to fuel a kind of racial jihad.

I can’t help but relate this to MGTOW, that ‘counter-Roosh’ offspring of the Manosphere which felt any contact with women at all was treachery to the sex (not all of them felt this way, but it was a dominant narrative), and that patriarchy was in fact a secret plot to make men submit to women. The root of both comes from the idea that civilization itself is unmanly, that if we want to really become who we are meant to be we should imitate the ancient tribes of Northern Europe who lived on the margins (in most cases, but not all). There are no solutions, Modern or Traditional in terms of actually creating real societies that function. Instead, dive into the fantasy of being a Viking and you will find yourself free from the ills of our world (with the occasional photo-op and distribution of your hardcore black metal music of course). To my mind, a lot of the so-called ‘paganism’ I am seeing today on the far right is full of the same spirit which animated the 70s punk movement, and that is far from healthy.

Manospherans who think like this need to wake the hell up. It’s a disgrace this festival of fail is actually being promoted by purportedly ‘right wing’ websites. The activist Neo-Pagans we’re now supposed to hold up as a paragon of good masculine living make MGTOW look like geniuses. Note that within some of these Neo-Pagan groups, everyone is equal and has an equal say, it is an egalitarian society. How quaint.

and people accuse the NRx crowd of LARPing
have they seen THIS?!

I have to wonder if Julius Evola, himself early on a self-identified ‘Catholic Pagan’, saw this coming when he wrote “Against the Neo-Pagans”, and essentially denounced people trying to puppeteer the bones of dead cults to satisfy their own fevered imaginations and escapist desires. Paganism has esoteric qualities that are extremely rich and beautiful, some of them even adorn Christianity, but when it is used as a mere disposable vehicle for racial politics or the desire to live off the grid and burn the occasional church, something has gone very wrong.

I’m not going to dwell on this. I’ve addressed the issue in passing here. Gornahoor has addressed it here. In both instances, we were giving a treatment of the somewhat aristocratic Paganism (Southern Paganism if you like) that built the Roman Empire. The Northern ‘Neo’-Pagan activism which eschews civilization in favor of tribal constructs and ethical systems is to me a cringe-worthy sect bizarrely associated with the radical right, and if there are groups that should be pushed out just to maintain some dignity then this is one of them. I implore cautious non-association with such elements wherever dialogue isn’t useful, in the same way that certain figures who were once in the Reactosphere were sidelined due to online antics in the last year. Even old-school Neo-Nazis from where the ideas of a ‘truly German’ Paganism originated shy from this stuff now, so it would be a great disappointment to see fads like ENP sucker in more rightists and dissident men who feel perhaps let down by an emasculated Christianity and a neckbearded atheism.

Our political purpose is civilization. Civilization protects what we love, including the survival of our people. The Hestia Society in fact finds it synonymous with morality. Running around in the forest with spears and knives? Well, it’s all very manly, but eventually the swarthy foreigners in black masks carrying Kalashnikovs come, and if you’re still around the campfires of human societal evolution when they do, your people are finished. This is probably a contributing factor as to why, back when the groups that these guys try to imitate actually existed, the time had to come when they wiped off the war paint, stopped defecating in the woods, and parked their asses in cathedrals.

I think on this point the contentious atheistic nationalist and Reactionary advocates as well as their Christian counterparts, and serious pagans can agree. This has nothing to do with what we stand for nor want for our future. Men who refuse to do real work, refuse to head families, refuse to bow to an organic hierarchy of superiors and inferiors, are of absolutely no use to us in the development of Traditional society. In fact, they are a nuisance. They don’t represent ‘real men’ anymore than a pack of coyotes represents ‘real men’, and yelling that you are a ‘proud heathen’ while you jam to Norwegian black metal is about as masculine as a fourteen-year-old goth kid freakout. There has definitely been a movement in some sectors of the radical right to sideline older-style Fascists as unfashionable, yet to do that and then embrace this John Galt meets Beowulf fiasco in its place is enough to have anyone saying, “bring back the fash!” Certain people have attacked the Manosphere for pick-up-artistry, and NRx for its high-brow theorizing, yet see no problem promoting neo-wicca, which pretty much says it all. And no, this isn’t ‘punching to my right’. Virtually none of these groups identify as right, so why we should have anything to do with them is beyond me. They should be allowed to do as they please and find their own way, but our objectives are different.

Uncivilized Tribes have a history, and its a history of being crushed under the armored boot-heel of civilization. Just ask the Africans. In the face of civilization they either submit or die. That’s never going to change, even if at times it’s fun to imagine it weren’t so. Paganism was at its best when it was awash with great builders, thinkers, and had a vision. Long live city walls, and long live stable food supplies!

“reveal your secrets to me, Wōden!
… oh wait… crystal skulls aren’t Nordic”

32 thoughts on “Addressing Again the ‘New’ Paganism

  1. ''Well, it's all very manly, but eventually the swarthy foreigners in black masks carrying Kalashnikovs come, and if you're still around the campfires of human societal evolution when they do, your people are finished.''

    pre-gunpowder civilization often was overrun by the superior military capabilities of nomadic barbarian horsemen of the steppes case-in-point the mongol hordes who easily overran the knights of Eastern Europe,China,Middle East and possibly Western Europe were it not for the coincidental death of Ogeidei. But it was only a matter of time before gunpowder eradicated this advantage.


  2. ''Running around in the forest with spears and knives? Well, it's all very manly, but eventually the swarthy foreigners in black masks carrying Kalashnikovs come''

    They do have a point of avoiding the corrupting effects of comfort provided by civilization on the soul especially the upper classes.

    Of which solution is to revert back to barbarism. Subsequently resulting in the deaths of many weaklings and people on the whole if civilization is undone. But advanced technology and knowledge eventually winning the day however.


  3. Another point is that we should be not be taming the wildernesses and nature too much. Given that lack of exposure to the wildness that nature presents in its beauty,hardship and danger results in a society that is fragile and less adaptable than a society that is allowed to more experience challenges that nature throws at us.

    In the same way that frontiers make men noble in spirit and strong in body I think civilization should not allow comforts,predictability and other aspects of shielding to accumulate to the point that the people become unable to cope with black swan events should they occur which the allowance of many small chaotic events will help mitigate.


  4. You make a good point. Comfort to a point causes decadence. One needs to create some struggle, real or imagined. The point is that mankind needed tribalism at a time when it was starting out and there were fewer people, abnormal weather conditions, etc. but civilization is the Reactionary position. De Maistre defended the Ancien Regime, not the marauding Gauls.

    However, that's not really the primary reason I wrote this. When Michael Anissimov proposed creating an Idaho commune of NeoReactionaries in a compound, he was laughed at by virtually everyone. But now being wildmen in the woods who occasionally set fire to churches and get arrested are the crème de la crème of racially conscious warriors. I'm calling bullshit.


  5. Don't be too hard on them. They are grasping at straws to find the masculinity that's been drummed out of Western civilization. And they won't find it in Christianity either. The few pockets of masculine Christianity that exist are harder to find than a hen's tooth. I liken it to nominal Christians taking part in Medieval Times dress up/role playing events. It's all well and good to dress up as a manly knight, but the Faith was key back then and is missing now.

    I wonder if those pagan men in the photos go home after their “worship” and bow down to snookums when she screams to wash off the war paint.


  6. I wouldn't be surprised if there are no wives, if you catch my drift. This part of the 'right' believes that a disdain for sodomy is a 'Jewish Desert import', hence why they don't usually get along with hardcore Neo-Nazis.


  7. The groups you mention are off doing their own thing – who cares if some guys have gone off to the woods to run around? They've picked their loyalty and that is the end of it.

    Those kind of groups are an absolute tiny minority I'm a bit surprised this even warrants a post complaining about them, which is really all you're doing here.

    It's only a worry if you think your vision is not able to compete with theirs…


  8. To add: far more of a concern surely should be the low level continual 'fascist' signalling by people. These neo-pagans run off to the woods, they can keep their equality or whatever away from the rest.

    But the signalling of being 'alt-right' is being dominated by WN obsessed people who want to be edgy and praise Hitler and socialism, or figures like Pinochet. A meme dominated movement of people who think the Nazis had good ideas or were actually rightists is of far more dangerous trap to fall into.

    Perhaps there is overlap here though, large swathes of the NSDAP were very hostile to Christianity, and it was only because of pressure from the Church they stopped their euthanasia programs.

    The 'kike on a stick' types are either atheists/agnostics or LARPing but really they're at their worst when subsumed into an ideology incredibly flawed and inherently leftist. That is the larger issue right now, and it's also why rightist movements have continually failed in Europe.


  9. They are a small minority and yet people still allude to them particularly in Manosphere circles as examples to follow. That's what I'm lodging protest against, and I've commented before on things like entryism and tactics so it's not out of character step with my body of work. With regard to the WN, yeah, I definitely do think there are 'gas all the kikes!' people who embarrass the right, but the humorous fash (people like RamZPaul) don't bother me in the slightest. They're not taking themselves too seriously when they are talking about things like a proactive white identity, so rather than signaling, it's more making fun of the leftist paranoia about Nazis under the bed. By contrast, the Neo-Pagans are quite literally howling at the moon.

    My concern is not about them per se, because they are so fringe of the fringe, my concern is with those who are cheering them on while not necessarily being involved with them. If people want to go and play wizards and warlocks with mud-wrestling, fine, what I'm objecting to is its association with the right.


  10. As I recall, even the stratified, hierarchical, civilized Greeks & Romans had periodic festivals when practically all social & sexual & behavioral norms were loosened for a time. Not just loosened, in fact, but inverted during these Dionysian/Saturnalian rituals. Possibly as a sort of release valve for the pent-up psychological pressures of being civilized.

    Couldnt these pagan LARPing outings play a similar role in a nice, firm authoritarian society? I don't see these Wolves of Vinland even trying to go savage full-time. They seem to do it more as a retreat fromand antidote to our feminized digital sick society that they then return to to live & work.

    As a vacation, an occasional camping/hunting/sparring/guy-talk weekend looks pretty fun to me compared to my sales job. Or even another trip to Vegas. Pretending to be a savage would just make it more intense.


  11. Thanks for the background, I noticed you've blogged at RoK so you certainly have more exposure to what goes on in the Manosphere than I do (I drifted away during the first NRx vs Manosphere dustup years back). I understand your concerns, it isn't really part of the right.

    I want to make this clear though: RE the gas the kikes: It's not about being an 'embarrassment' (I enjoy the humour as well) it's about supporting actual leftism. It is relatively easy to differentiate between the fashy jokes and those who more seriously push it and in places like TRS and the people they are bringing in a trend towards taking it more seriously seems to be developing. I hope I'm wrong.


  12. TRS is questionable, I would agree, but I cannot fault Social Matter for having their representatives on. It's not easy because often times most writers will be great, but just one or two write garbage. Do you condemn an entire site in this instance? I don't think you necessarily can, so for now continuing dialogue with TRS is acceptable. I don't have too much contact with them to be honest. Most of the fashy stuff is what I see on Twitter when I check what some of the NRx guys are linking to.


  13. Certainly there is some history of what you might call 'periodic orgyism' in Southern Paganism, but I don't think the Northern ancestors are comparable. There is a reason that the south had its great empire and the north had roaming bands. Consider: when Heinrich Himmler set out to search for evidence of the great Aryan Germanic civilization, he couldn't find it. Hitler himself eventually looked down on the project as digging up what he considered an embarrassing fact of German history vis-a-vis their Italian counterparts.

    The organic castes have different needs. Warriors need such environments, but they are provided for by a military meritocracy where there is constant competition. All of these groups, whether they are in the United States or Russia or elsewhere (there as some in Poland and Germany) see this as a lifestyle. They do not spend their every waking moment as savages, because their teeth would rot out of their skull and they'd eventually have to buy more black metal. However, this is not really just a retreat for men to find a release like perhaps going on a hiking trip. This is a subculture, like hipsterdom, and they are welcome to it. I'm sure they don't give a damn what I or anyone else thinks of their activities, but the question is, are they to be associated with the radical right. I say for the sake of the success the right has seen in the last few years, no. It's entryism via proposition.


  14. I see where you are coming from. I guess my $0.02 is that I would take a less hardline stance. People wind up coming to the right from all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons. For some of these guys, this might just be a beginning step towards something less LARPy & more substantial later. I see no reason to be unduly contemptuous of someone who is at least moving in my general direction.

    After all, for all their bodypaint, these guys seem to be at least against modernity & for masculinity & European peoples. That is sadly rare in the Western world today.

    So, whether or not I would include them in my tribe, I would at least place them, in the bigger picture, on my same side.

    But that's just, like, my opinion, man.


  15. Ex neo-Pagan north american here, identified with this stuff very strongly as an adolescent (mid-20s now), and I think the new paganism IS fundamentally flawed, but it should be dismissed more in the vein of careful consideration and sympathy than mockery. There is more in play than 'LARP-ing', and not everyone who engages with these subcultures thinks we should live in the woods.

    Consider that, at least in north america, most of the human landscape is a barren cultural wasteland of stripmalls and lower middle class suburban subdivisions. Most young people in these areas do not have money or come from money, and there is no immediate access to ANYTHING worth doing or seeing in the surrounding human geography. The 'hang out' spots provided by society for teenagers are malls, fast food outlets, movie theatres, parking lots; not a pretty picture. So, some of the more spiritually sensitive and independent minded of these people grow up alienated from themselves, from their roots, from any notion of authentic culture or spirituality (brought up non-religious, divorced parents, etc). The only access to beauty or even 'reality' open to these kids (kids because this is overwhelmingly a youth subculture) is in nature (the saving grace of these suburbs being that they are closer to forests, mountains, streams, etc than the urban core), thus some of the brightest kids coming up in these places will spend as much time listening to black metal and eating magic mushrooms in the forest as they can, as a means of undoing the cultural conditioning, a shamanic purge. What may look to YOU like silly or ridiculous behaviour is in fact a completely rational response to social and environmental conditions.

    Now, we can argue that grown men who cling to these modes of behaviour lack maturity (would agree with that), or at least the clarity to realize that the black metal aesthetic should be a passing phase, not a permanent lifestyle.

    And really, is there that much difference between the 'tattoos for Wotan' thing and the fruity robes that certain denominations of Christianity wear? The Orthodox Church, for example? Its the same bullshit.


  16. Tattoos of the Pagan variety are not the same as priestly robes. Robes do not hold sacred power, they are essentially just signifiers of status.

    Why do you think the Bible specifically commands against tattoos? Because common among Pagan cultures, in both the Levant and Europe, tattoos of runes and such were actually thought to channel spiritual energy from deities. It is the same reason the Bible forbids graven images, because they weren't just statues, they were thought to act as conduits for Pagan gods.

    Now, I assume you don't believe tattoos hold such power? And to be honest, I doubt these people do either, which again is the LARPing aspect. If you don't actually believe what the Pagans believed, why are you roleplaying it?

    You use youth to excuse this, and I grant that. But I'm going by what I've seen, and that is men aged 25+ doing this stuff. If you're thirteen and are having an existential crisis, knock yourself out I say.

    I replied to a commenter above, don't miss the point of the article, which is the right's association with these movements. Personally, I think they're stupid, and I can tell you that I would have said the same as a 17 year old atheist. But that doesn't matter. The issue is, should anyone be looking at Neo-Pagan escapists and responding with “Look at those right-wingers!” This essay isn't an address to Neo-Pagans, it's an address to elements of the radical right, both Manospheran and WN who want to bring this stuff into the fold.


  17. Not at all… And you are absolutely right to demand a disassociation of what you seek in relation to what the neo-pagan seeks. It truly is the difference between white Supremacy and radical autonomy. And the real 800 pound elephant in the room is the total fatherlessness of this 13-29 year old “white” male demographic with those at the latter ages representing the extreme. In other words, these are “white” males who reject The Father (atheist), alienated from a rejected/absent father and childless themselves, ie., not fathers themselves. So rhis IS Paganism… A fundamental egalitarianism of the “father” category to the point of a dissolution engulfing one in perpetual identity crisis. That's what this neo-pagan movement really represents. “White” males with severe identity crisis. Which of course HAS NOTHING to do with the Right.


  18. I will admit – and I have before – to painting my face with the ash from the fire and hunting for my food with a spear I make from wood I find. I admit to dancing around the flames and meditating shirtless under the trees and I admit I do perform rituals of gratitude that may resemble pagan acts more than Christianity… but these things I do to ease some hunger in my soul for savagery and barbarism – I can't explain it and it may seem ridiculous behavior for a man in his mid forties but there it is. I offer no excuses for acceptance or apologies, it is just something that I do when I go out into the woods alone. Recently I have been going camping with my small “gang” – we don't do this sort of thing as a group, mostly we learn and practice bush-craft skills and share stories and discuss philosophy and strategy for creating a better society. the woods has always been a place of sanctuary and I encourage all men to go into the forest to rejuvenate – but take food and water and a good book to read, rough it a bit and leave behind the chaos of civilization. A good home and family are good things to come home to but I do, honestly believe, that men need to get away and find some solitude, and a little paganism… I often wonder how much pagan ritual was incorporated into the Catholic church – it has many rituals in its mass… but I myself prefer a lonely quiet church when I do my talking with my creator – where am I going with all this… I am just a normal man in search of a simple uncomplicated life, but a life of tradition and values, of culture and heritage, a life of artistic and spiritual pursuits and philosophical contemplations and my own personal pagan ways help fill the gaps that I could not find when I left the church.


  19. Those who have read my work know that I am sympathetic to the Pagan strain within Christianity. I have stated that I believe Christianity is the completion of Paganism rather than its antithesis (a view in line with St. Augustine). In addition to what I've already said above however, it would be prudent to note that I would give great caution to those invoking Pagan ritual today, LARPing or otherwise, who don't understand its implications and intricacies. Even scholars of Paganism today do not have a complete view because so much information has been lost over the centuries (some of it rightly so).

    In the end, this is dabbling with the occult and as hokey as it sounds, this may involve unwanted contact with malevolent entities who still identify with these symbols and ceremony today. There is a reason why the Catholic churches have dealt with the occult so seriously in ages past, and in the present in many cases, because of the demonology that is bound up with it. In Orthodoxy, well-learned theologians, high priests and such often incorporated certain refined Pagan aspects within a mystic framework, but were emphatically hostile to its use by common men. The prominent example of this is the legacy of Rasputin, and the ensuing belief of the clergy that he had in fact been possessed by a demon during his unorthodox rituals (for which they tried to assassinate him).

    Men follow their own way, and seek out what they require for all manner of sustenances, regardless of what others think or say. Great caution however seems apt.


  20. Mr. Citadel…

    When you say that Christianity is the “completion” of paganism, are you not really saying that Christianity represents a matriarchal “collapsing” of all authority into one Father? That paganism, in its most truthful essence, is an egalitarianism of the “fathers?” Ergo, paganism is actually an ode to matriarchy? And with the subsequent cultural “exaltation” of female over male, these neo-pagan rituals are a self-foreboding foreshadowing of an inevitable matriarchal future?


  21. That's actually a really interesting way of putting it, Thordaddy. I had not before applied the masculine and feminine principle dichotomy to this relationship. However, according to Evola, there existed in Paganism both 'Lunar' (Feminine) and 'Solar' (Masculine) cults. The last of the Solar Pagan cults seems to have died during the rise of the Roman Empire (something which condemned it to ultimate collapse), and Christianity replaced it, forging a synthesis The European Paganism outside Rome at this point is believed to be only remnant belief, a degenerated Lunar form of what had come previously (which is why it could not erect civilization).

    The interesting this about Christ is people's inability to see His Solar nature, because of their materialism and an earthly perspective which saw a man who refused to fight back even though He had the power to do so, when in fact what they miss is that He overcame His enemies in the only realm that truly mattered from the perspective of a god. Even surrounded by the entire Sanhedrin, and the Legions of Rome, the fact is He was never at their mercy, they were at His.


  22. You can tell I'm over the target as well, because the pro-sodomy manchildren on Reddit have attacked the article claiming I set up a straw man when in fact I'm directly looking at what Neo-Pagan groups are espousing and doing.Heck, I wouldn't have written the article had I not read the exaltations of these groups. It's the same tired old shit,

    “Christianity is a Jewish cult! Even though we're atheists, we “honor” our ancient traditions! Sodomy is an acceptable 'white man' thing!”

    And then you have die-hards, the true believers, who admit to having feminine idols of worship (they call them 'Matrons'). Yeah, that's a great idea! Really Reactionary. I'm now very confident that I'm right on this, as controversial as it might be to entryists on Reddit.


  23. A large chunk of this neo-pagan demographic are Gen X and Gen Y/millenials who were FORCED to worship “single mother” during all their formative and preformative years. These “acts” are the concrete conceptual effect of that forced worship. This is what primitive “white” male did when he merely worshipped The Single Female, ie., the goddess. But then one must comment on the denial by those neo-pagans who would scoff at such psycho-analysis. Which then brings us back to your point concerning the shallowness of the neo-pagan worship… The disassociation of their ritual to AN ACTUAL EMPIRICAL EFFECT means these fellas are mostly engaged in radical autonomy… Just looking to do something crazy and abnormal with “just cause” without drawing any connection to a modernity-induced dysfunctional upbringing.


  24. It cannot be emphatically stated enough however that Christianity is failing these men, where it once succeeded in promoting their betterment. I am personally disgusted with the failure of 'churches' across the theological spectrum to engage especially young men. Nowhere I think has the ecclesiastic order's shortcoming been more devastating.


  25. Excellent points in your article and I've enjoyed reading the comments. I've read the articles the pictures are in so this post really caught my attention. One of the things I like that these neo-pagans promote is a strong identity and community that is lacking in a lot of modern institutions today, including Christian ones. When I first read about the Wolves of Vinland I thought it would be cool if the men from my parish had a Catholic version of their moot.


  26. ''One needs to create some struggle, real or imagined''

    Not necessarily create. Given nature red in tooth and claw self-generates such challenges as well as challenges that arise given the very presence of humans.

    We just do not need to go overboard with overcivilizing or taming the world. We need some wildness now and then to keep ourselves sharp.


  27. Just ask the Africans, indeed. Africans run wild in America's cities, and civilization bends over backward to give them everything they want and rebuild what they burn down.


  28. This was more in reference to the absolute domination of the entire African continent by European colonial powers because it could mobilize far greater force against the tribal societies of particularly Sub-Saharan Africa than they could muster in defense. The following sequence of African liberation and mob takeover of certain parts of the 'civilized' world is less an indictment of civilization and more an indictment of Liberalism, white guilt, and welfare. After all, who actually wants to live in Detroit?


  29. I don't know if you know, but I thought it was worth pointing out that the bare chested young man in the center of the second photo is Paul Waggoner, who is (sadly) the son of an Orthodox Christian priest in Virginia. The man next to him with his back to the camera is “unmarried” Jack Donovan of “Way of Men” fame.

    Here's an interview with Paul Waggoner from Counter-Currents:

    Thank you very much for this blog post. I'm an Orthodox Christian myself and a budding post-Conservative Reactionary, and I certainly find this fascination with neo-Paganism silly at best, but troubling when you think of the souls swallowed up in this sort of thing. (Especially an Orthodox priest kid!)

    Thank you, Mark, for your blog. It's absolutely phenomenal.


  30. Glad you enjoy it.

    I made some delineations between different types of Pagans in a more recent post called “Bridges and Dams Across the Religious Rubicon”. I think it is important for Christians to acknowledge that people are drawn to this stuff because of the failures of the Church (mainly in this case the Roman Catholic Church). They are in many instances men who are dissident and disconnected from the Modern World, but can find no resistance to it within Christian institutions, at least not active resistance. Thus, they try to make their own. It is incumbent upon us to do better, just as much as it is incumbent upon them to be plain about what they believe and why they believe it.


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