Ruminations on Pan-Whitism


What does it mean to be white?

I maintain that the categories by which people are grouped so broadly is a deficient American concept, reflective of a somewhat true reality, but an isolated one. There is a character commonality between white Americans, at least some white Americans, regardless it seems of their ancestral roots, be they Slavic, Germanic, Latin, Nordic, etc. We misinterpret this to mean that there is some great self-contained racial commonality between those people with indigenous heritage in Occidental lands. The problem is this idea breaks down in practice when placed in a broad observation.

Consider the Slavs. Is there some racial mirror that can be held up before the Pole and the Russian? In these two nations, these two branches of Slavdom, we see very different peoples. The same can be said of the Croats and Serbs. Does one expect them to reconcile the temperamental differences between them, dismissing old hatreds and hostilities as merely the product of political or military happenstance? And this is only if we take Slavs, consider the gulf between a German and a Greek! Both are Occidental peoples, but where is their commonality? Perhaps they share more than a Swede and a Zulu but this isn’t saying much. If we think of race like the roots of a tree, we might say with every offshoot there opens a yawning chasm into which we may pour indifference or enmity.

But if our commonality rests not in the genetic makeup of our societies (which is indeed diversified) and the order by which we organize and express ourselves, where does it lie? Where is the ‘white’ race?

you’re gonna have a bad time

First, let me take some words from well-known American Identitarian Jared Taylor:

If there actually were such a thing as white identity, it would be the equivalent of spontaneous fellow-feeling that people of other races have for each other. It would be similar to the sense of racial solidarity that characterizes American or British blacks, for example.I reply in the subjunctive mood because whites are the only race that does not have a sense of racial identity.”

First, I think Taylor should point out that there would not be much solidarity between American and British blacks if brought together. I have dealt with both, and they are very different, especially if you compare American Southern blacks to British blacks. Let us remember that for all that is made of Europeans’ propensity to kill each other, the African continent has a long history of black on black genocide.

Taylor is correct in saying that whites in America are not as united as blacks, but this makes sense when you take into account the north/south divide, or more accurately, the south and middle/eastwest divide that is more pronounced among whites (who fought over slavery) than blacks (who were all slaves). He might see this as a political construct, I see it as a racial difference. American whites experience geographic commonality only within these prospective spheres, and so you only see hints of solidarity within these prospective spheres. The gulf between a white in San Francisco and a white in Jackson is almost as deep as that between a German and a Greek! The explanation of how this can be comes from Evola:

“I argued that an exhaustive racial theory has to take all three elements into account by examining race in its threefold manifestation: as race of the body, race of the character, and race of the spirit.”

Yes, genetically there may be little substantive difference between these two American races, but somehow there has sprung two races of the character from this European colonization and then sociopolitical course of the United States, and they are unique. Where the American Identitarian movement falls down I feel is trying to mesh these two characters into one based on bodily race alone. This makes me sympathetic to Southern secessionists who take a racial line.

Surely there must be some ‘fellow-feeling’ that we can capture along the axis of this Occident however. I believe the answer is spiritual. Evola and others made the case that the peoples who settled Europe had a common ancestry close to what he called the ‘Arctic Seat’, and speculated that the Indians and others might actually share this lineage, though in a different direction. This origin impacted a European spirituality, giving it a varied Paganism among both tribes in the north, and empires in the south. All eventually fell to Christianity. From Vladivostok to Lisbon, Paganism was utterly defeated, or rather ‘surpassed’ in the spiritual consciousness of the Occident which received the God-man as its final revelation prior to the onset of global downfall with the dawn of the new ‘Iron Age’. I sometimes call this the ‘blood pact’ of Christendom. Divided, certainly, and not long after its inception upon the still-beating heart of Rome, but both Slav and Brit accepted as God this obscure preacher from across the Mediterranean. In this, we had some solidarity, broken in places, fulfilled to a beauty in others.

who are the real chosen people of God?
destiny chose us

Alas, for now these roots, the innate Hyperborean attraction to the God who became man and walked amongst us, remains buried in a tomb below the subconscious. Despite exceptions in some geographical areas, Occidental man has in his own hubris and under the hypnotic influence of illusionary ‘Progress’, turned his back on his ancestral spiritual journey. He thinks himself above it all, when in reality he is now below it all and suffering due to the fact. This was predicted by the Indian Vedic prophecy so it comes as no surprise. Why should there be a common feeling a fellowship among whites when a whole section of their racial identity has been stripped away?

But then with the anticipation of the spiritual infusion that may flood our senses at the death of this age, what is to sustain any peace and sense of even estranged brotherhood amongst white men in the here and now?

I give it you in letter form:

“The kind of math … proves how your kind — mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like — are dying. You’re like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass — even if it takes four sequels to make it happen — but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time. Fair enough, and have at it. But remember how this movie ends. Our ankles survive. You do not. And I do not mean by that your physical destruction. We don’t play those games. We’re not into the whole “Second Amendment remedies, militia, armed resistance” bullshit that your side fetishizes, cuz, see, we don’t have to be. We don’t need guns. We just have to be patient. And wait for your hearts to stop beating. Do you hear it? The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful. So know this. If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember… Payback, thy name is… Temporary.”
This is the screed of Tim Wise, a Jewish left wing activist, in reaction to the nugatory event that was the 2010 House of Representatives victory for Republicans in the United States. Far from some fringe kook dwelling in a basement among Trotskyite memorabilia, Wise is an influential figure who appears often in media outlets and has spoken at colleges and think-tanks.
it need not be stated that this site gives full endorsement
to any required ‘action’ people deem necessary regarding this man
What can unite us? The obvious HATRED of us. Do you think men like Wise, who exist in Canada, the UK, Germany, France, give any heed to differences among us, the real tangible and obvious differences? No, it does not matter, and I would argue the reason it does not matter is because of what I outlined above. Their hatred is religious in nature, not a hatred of Christianity as such, but a hatred of Occidental Christian heritage, what the indigenous Europeans, east and west, managed to do with the sacred Scripture, how much they achieved, what beautiful art and culture they created! They hate the Poles for banning abortion. They hate the Magyars for closing their borders. They hate the American southerner because he refuses to take down that flag. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re a non-believer, as a great many whites are, that filthy Christian blood still runs inside you, and men like Wise want it drained.
You want a rallying cry, some kind of sit-down where we can discuss territorial disputes, our historical differences, ecumenism, and think that by the time these issues are resolved we won’t be in ashes? Wake up from this fantasy! The enemy has already geared himself for war, and do not think Wise speaks the truth when he talks of violence, we know the history (1, 2, 3, 4), we know what men like him are capable of, the rape and destruction of peoples.
I don’t forget

I do not believe that the mythical level of ‘white solidarity’ people hope for is tangible or has historical basis. The peoples of the Occident are very different, even in the United States with the north/south divide. Historically what has managed to mediate a peaceable agreement and rule set among us has been a spiritual heritage and disposition which we share, something that transcends the strengths or weaknesses of a given ethnic group. We can certainly try to reclaim this, but for the here and now we are all targeted for extermination by a ubiquitous Cult gone mad and a frenzied grievance industry which incites other races to hate us.

You are patient, Mr. Wise. And yet, so are we. You say you shy from violence. We don’t.

I am a man of peace, but I am not a somnambulist. Rest assured that the goals that are striven for by myself and many others are the survival of our people and their salvation in the true God, the God your people failed so miserably, and the lengths we will go in order to achieve this are greater than you could imagine. Let me take a leaf from the book of Aleksandr Dugin and convey an ominous warning. If the mission of the Occidental Reactionary project of some 300 years looks to be in jeopardy, and the end of the age portends the death of our peoples rather than their continuation on into another Golden Age, then do not think you will survive with a smile on your face. The means exist, and if necessary, we will bring about the Second Coming by our own hand. Much like the Iranians, we do not fear the ultimate death of this world. You should.


30 thoughts on “Ruminations on Pan-Whitism

  1. Wonderful piece, Mark. I love the defiance, fearlessness and martial spirit with which it is imbued. The resolve you exemplify here ought to be the foundation of every reactionary's mental and spiritual disposition, regardless of more specific differences on theoretical or theological lines. Reading your piece, I felt a genuine comradeship with you. However else we may be separated by the sorts of “tribal” divides to which your post rightly makes reference, I can heartily wish your tribe of whites every success in its more particular, regional domain–confident that your success will be one facet of an architectonic victory whereby my tribe too reasserts control over its political and spiritual destiny.

    My tribe, generally speaking, is the tribe of Southern secessionists to whom you allude. Though I really don't know much about my family ancestry, given our Scots last name, our low-church Protestantism, and the pervasiveness of the Scots-Irish throughout the southland, I can only suppose my patrilineage runs through Ulster. So do I think of myself as a Scot abroad? Do I harbor in my heart especial concern for the plight of the Scots in Ulster or Caledonia? Am I at all tempted to become a communicant in the Church of Scotland, to wear a kilt or learn to play the bagpipes? Not at all. I think of myself as a white, or a Southern white. No fantasies about the Old Country for me. My homeland, my fatherland–funny as it may sound to some–is northeast Oklahoma.

    The only reason I mention this at all is to acknowledge the truth of your overview of the complexity of the notion of “whiteness”. As someone who freely identifies himself as a white nationalist, as one who has even made so bold as to style himself a white supremacist, I want to make clear that I don't intend to signify thereby any ultimate aim to unite whites “worldwide” into an intercontinental hegemony. But as you point out above, “white” is a distinction that tends to have a concrete ethnic signification in America, whereas any signification it might have in, say, Russia is necessarily more abstract. And I'm afraid that in my own case “white” really is the appropriate ethnic–not just racial– designation.

    So I'm conscious of the finer distinctions that can be made when it comes to the white race, I'm aware of its limitations as a unifying concept outside of particular regions like my own, yet I must nonetheless avow that “white” really does have a direct and tangible meaningfulness for my people that it can't have for the “white” peoples more generally, who instead exult in their more highly elaborated national identities.

    And thus I'm gratified that you have articulated a way to conserve our “transnational” fellowship as whites without sacrificing the complexity by which the white race is particulated into its variety of tongues and tribes, which are themselves finally our respective loci of meaningful being. In a certain sense, your piece comprehends “whiteness” or “the white race” not via a transcendental essence in which whites–be they Southerners or Slavs–participate, but rather via an existential crisis characterized by a shared encounter with “our mutual enemy”. May that enemy suffer an inglorious defeat on every longitude in which a people that is white and Christian finds its rootedness in the soil of its fathers!


  2. Great article Mr. Citadel, especially the powerful closing sentiments. Utterly dauntless. Truly captures the spirit of 'Let justice be done, though the world perish.'


  3. Thank you for your response.

    If I am correctly interpreting Evola, his threefold apprehension of race explains the racial quandaries we face.

    1) At the spiritual level, the people of the Occident share a common root in the 'mythical past', which renders us very similar in our spiritual orientation. There are certainly variations, but as I make the case in my essay, I think the unilateral embrace of Christianity amongst Occidentals is hinting at this spiritual-racial commonality. On this level, I think we can feel kinship with other 'whites' of other ethnicities than our own, and the universal hatred of all 'whites' made clear by Tim Wise is definitely (consciously or not) targeted at this stratum of race. It is a racial assault of the spiritual order! While the spiritual race cannot summon a great unity among Occidental peoples without an extremely and temperamental careful balance (largely religious institutions, etc.), it also is not the cause of divisions between us. While religions may differ and this may even lead to conflicts as it has done, the conflict is not one fought on a spiritual but rather a political or doctrinal plane.

    2) The race of the character would mark our individual ethnic extractions and their sub-strata. Because this is again, metaphysical, new races can actually emerge, which is what I would argue you represent, a new branch of the root, which is why you don't feel a commonality with people who share your genetic lineage in the Old World. By this same process, we can see how we have Slavs divided into Serbs, Poles, etc. which occurred long ago. This is the real basis for division, and why 'pan-whitism' is so problematic as I describe. Those who only see the bodily race will be incredibly puzzled at the current state of affairs on the global right, unless they can accept that there is a race of the character as well, which is what divides us.

    3) The bodily race, is the least important in terms of its impact. It is the parallel of the physical to the metaphysical, and only becomes noticably prominent on the grand racial level, when we look at physiological and neurological differences between negroids, mongoloids, etc. IQs and such things are definitely not negligible, but I don't think they are the reason we have racial conflicts, nor are they a particularly good basis for racial solidarity. We definitely prefer people who look like us on instinct, but our ultimate loyalties and other such things will depend far more heavily on the spiritual and character aspects of racial identity.

    I think its obvious that point 1 has been nullified by the march of secularism and the decline of civilization. Point 2 is under constant attack in some places more than others with claims like 'Swedish people don't really exist!'. Point 3 is ignored into oblivion and is claimed to be 'socially constructed' despite obvious scientific facts.

    I'm not a Southern White. I never grew up there, and am not intensely well-informed of its customs, yet I see a people under attack repeatedly over and over by vermin like Tim Wise, having their historical legacy torn down, smashed, and removed from public areas, and righteous indignation fills me. I think it is perhaps because I am very much in touch with aspect 1 of my own race, the spiritual aspect which we share in common. On this plane, when a White Southern heart bleeds, a Slavic heart bleeds, even if on aspect 2 it is may be completely meaningless to me. So you can see why it is a good thing for Occidentals to be aware of a threefold nature of race, have their sense attuned and calibrated to this prism. Strangely enough, the attacks on all of us may be helping with that re-awakening.


  4. Thank you, Simon. That's precisely what I was going for. The enemy gets away with what we appear to want him to get away with. It's time to put a boot through the barrier of political correctness and defend ourselves.


  5. There was once a boulder that fell into a river. That boulder, by its very presence and mass diverted the flow of the river. How great that boulder seemed! The boulder had changed the river forever! Now a new course would flow, all thanks to this boulder.

    But year after year, imperceptibly the boulder grew smaller and the river wore it down. Patiently patiently. Then one day there was was no boulder. It was just a small smooth pebble, one of many rolling on the bottom as the river flowed over it.

    The Tim Wise's of the world are that boulder, so smug, so sure of their own power and patience. But that river keeps flowing. And the river always wins in the end.


  6. Good post. Regarding pan-whitism – it may not be completely impossible. A significant degree of pan-europeanism was achieved in National Socialist dominated Europe when faced with the Soviet threat. That explains the good number of army and SS volunteers from German-occupied nations. (Something most in the Anglosphere don't know because of the propaganda.)

    Of course, I do not believe in the possibility of a world-wide or continent-wide pan-whitism. But what happens when the USA finally breaks into smaller states/areas? Who knows?

    The additional problem with the Tim Wise types is that the root of power – Imperial DC – is controlled by two types: the Jewish elite and the anglo-puritan elite. Historically, both were very good at piling up the body count but it is the anglo-puritan elite who were very good at throwing their own people under the bus. (I believe it was E. Michael Jones who said the anglo-puritan elite can out-jew the Jews.) Both groups, which together form our ruling elite, are not known to “live and let live”. When the time comes, they will be ruthless.


  7. All very good points. The Bolshevist threat did indeed unite the Axis-controlled states. A lot of people also ignore (again, propaganda) the fact that anti-semitism in Eastern Europe was entirely rational because Jews were seen as instrumental to communist revolution, and there was good evidence of this in both Russia and Hungary.


  8. I sent this article to Mr. Wise, with no editorializing on my part. Here is his response to me, which came rather quickly:

    “Why don't you and your kind ever manage to put your barely visible balls where your prodigious mouth is? Hmmmmm…

    You're a joke. That piece was no call for extermination. It was a mere statement that older white folks nostalgia is headed for the dump of history. White folks will survive (and thank God as that means me and my whole family) but white supremacy will die.

    Count on it…”


  9. Yarmulke boy Mr. Wise has the audacity to talk about having balls (don't the tribe's thoughts always dwell below the belt?), while knowing nothing about me. While I have a proven record of physical and mental toughness, I suppose Mr. Wise's idea of having balls is trying to turn Western Civilization on its head, all the while having the support of the media, academe, and other major institutions in the North America.
    Yeah… it takes a lot of balls for him and his tribesmen to turn on their host countries, try to destroy what they could never create, while having all the power, money, and elites on their side. Brave guy, this Wise.

    Plus apparently he is so dumb he seems to think I wrote Mark's piece, even though I had it all in quotes and referenced this site's url.


  10. Haha. I thank you for going to the trouble. Did you send him a link, or just transcribe the article word for word so he thought it was yours?

    Look, people like Wise always come out with the same response, “you never put your balls where your mouth is!”. Now I'm sure Mr. Wise has a lot of experience in the balls-to-mouth scenario, but I digress. His kind are the first to cry their eyes out when Anders Breivik guns down 70+ people in Norway, or some pro-migrant bitch mayoral candidate is stabbed in Cologne, or the Black Hundreds rampage through Russian villages to drive out Jewish Bolsheviks at gunpoint. With this all-too-familiar mewling known to us all, his childish “I double dare you!” rhetoric is as hollow as his cranium.

    And let me state flatly, Mr. Wise is a Jew. He is not 'white'. The fact that he claims this heritage would be frankly disgusting if it wasn't for its obvious tactical usage on his part. He also equates what I wrote with white supremacy, which presuming he actually read it shows that he has a reading comprehension slightly below that of a special needs four year old.

    I have a very strong feeling that the day will come, someday soon when Wise is tried and found guilty for his crimes, and his children are deported to Palestine. Either way, the story doesn't end well for him, and that he can count on.


  11. He probably only skimmed it. Knowing what we know about Tim Wise, he's a robotic dummy with pre-programmed hatred for us all. Engaging in debate is useless because he's incapable. He's almost subhuman in this regard.


  12. Great post. I've been thinking a lot about this very topic recently. The right is extremely disunited. For example, there are significant portions of it that include only descendants of germanic tribes. I've even seen the Irish mocked on Twitter. I am not Irish but they look pretty white to me.

    At this point, the threat is real but not so imminent that most people feel it. This slow extermination is working very well, and apart from small pockets of resistance that are easily done away with, I don't see any sort of large consolidation–at least not yet.

    Still, I am hopeful. Gott mitt uns after all.


  13. What is it with these secular jews (small j) and your absolute obsession with white racism? Not black racism, not ISIS beheading people, throwing them off buildings, not the epidemic of Swedish girls being raped by African and Arab migrants, etc., etc.
    Their only concern is white “racism” and/or anti-semitism in majority white, Christian countries.

    And what has Mr. Wise actually achieved in his 48 years? A mere BA in a soft major from Tulane, and working as an activist/author/speaker against (specifically) white “racism”
    Too funny. He contributes so much to America. I feel so guilty having only gone to college, served my country in the military, and doing a hard blue collar job that actually produces something.


  14. Mr. Citadel…

    If you are Modernity then you seek to destroy those most dedicated to destroying Modernity. And if you are a Modernity wholly invested in the material universe THEN those who seek to destroy Modernity must be a particular biological entity sans spiritual or intellectual relevance. In other words, wholly rejecting the spiritual realm thereby mortality crippling one's intellectual realm, all that is left is brute force. So Mr. Citadel, there is, from Modernity's perspective, a particular biological entity whose functional essence is brute force destruction of Modernity. Such entity, history replete, exists within the “white race.” But of course, the “heart, soul and mind” of Modernity lies within the “white race,” ALSO! So “we” are a head divided. This is an internecine war with self-annihilation at stake. The panoply of “other” anti-white Supremacists only highlights the nature of this obscurant proxy war. The zeitgeist wants to destroy those who would destroy the zeitgeist and those who would destroy the zeitgeist are spiritually and intellectually forbidden because such zeitgeist is really in so many ways our family, friends and acquaintances. And so there needs to be a larger and broader fish fry so that the few big ones get caught in all the commotion without any notice from the mass of sheepwalkers…


  15. The assault is on everyone, which is what I put across in the article. One's race of character is not what they are going after, at least not primarily, it is the spiritual race of the Occident they are going after, which is where we can find common cause in our common enemy, the Modernists.


  16. The assault is on everyone, which is what I put across in the article. One's race of character is not what they are going after, at least not primarily, it is the spiritual race of the Occident they are going after, which is where we can find common cause in our common enemy, the Modernists.


  17. Mr. Citadel…

    This is true at a certain level, but you are not permitted to just stop at this level. SOME desire Equality and SOME desire Perfection. Some desire self-annihilation and some desire exaltation. But then those that desire to equate these desires… Equality = Perfection (versus objective Supremacy)… Self-annihilation = Exaltation (versus descent)… This is a different class of desire altogether. Is Modernity just a force now or still just the machinations of men? The Modernist drive is to destroy The Very Most Particular which then can't be said to effect all and certainly not effect all equally.


  18. If reality is, in the general sense, comprised of a nearly infinite array of particular “things” then Modernity has the advantage of being able to attack nearly everywhere. But it is nearly impossible to attack everywhere and even more itrational to attack everywhere equally. Because even though the modernist pushes “equality dogma” in his intellectual drive to collapse particular rivals, he nonetheless understand some threats to Modernism are more equal than others. In other words, Mr Citadel, you show a particular propensity for an INHERENT AVERSION to Modernism. Taking this into consideration, you become a particular target for annihilation relative to the Modernist ransacking of civilization. The question is whether this inherent aversion is genetic, intellectual, spiritual, ideological or perhaps preprogrammed without awareness? Maybe, a little bit of each? But HISTORY shows “us” that Modernity has a particular origin, provokes particular “enemies” and repeats itself due its inherently redundant nature… Its desire to collapse reality into The Redundant Phenomenon. ALL THIS CHOAS transpires within the “white race.” The battle of modernity versus tradition is a battle amongst the “white race.” Those who shall destroy “us” and those we shall destroy are, where it really counts, within the “white race.” This battle to shape perception in the minds of white masses is the intellectual workings of the high IQ “white” males of both the left and “right.” BOTH are anti-white Supremacy SUCH THAT the modernist versus traditionalist APPEARS TO BE A FARCE… A ploy to cover allegiance and belief in one ideology. Anti-white Supremacy.

    Clearly, if Modernity is to mean anything worthwhile, it is to mean anti-white Supremacy… AGAINST THE GREATEST of white men ASCENDING…. This IS the modern zeitgeist. And there are only a truly small number of true threats to Modernity… ALL within the “white race.”


  19. Mr. Citadel…

    The late Lawrence Auster would say we operate in the spiritual, intellectual and physical realms. Any WHOLE way of being must forge a convergence amongst these realms. The advantage of the white Christian is his SOLID spiritual and physical foundations. All that is left is essentially intellectual assimilation. The intellectual nexus between soul and body is Perfection… The intellectual synthesis is symbiotic ascension.

    Your drive towards Tradition is absolutely inspired by desire for Perfection… Your desire for objective Supremacy, absolutely.

    Your resolute denial to such buried motivation is a testament to how deeply immersed even you still are in Modernity.


  20. Mr. Citadel…

    There is no reason to conceptualize white Supremacy as a rabid, self-annihilating collectivist movement. It is, in fact, an internal revolution within the individual “white” male within MRKA. If you are an American “white” male >15 years age with at least 100 IQ then YOU KNOW not to be a “white supremacist.” This is the ONLY REAL TABOO in our radically liberated society once we've slipped all the way down the slope. Ergo, one MUST BE the greatest of white men warring against the modern zeitgeist if he is a genuine white Supremacist. Or, put another way, the greatest of white men warring against the modern zeitgeist are NATURALLY called white Supremacists. But to press the memetic frame, the white Supremacist is the greatest and only true enemy to the modern zeitgeist.


  21. Rhetocrates…

    “We” are in this collective descent and all the brightest and most passionate agree on this point without anyone willing to hold accountable those that manufacture society on the day to day basis. Clearly, the high IQ “white” male is the driving force behind the concrete manifestation of our modern society. Thus, the default assumption is that the high IQ “white” male ACROSS the ideological spectrum IS PATHOLOGICAL… This is the explanation for our collective descent.

    So the “game” is for the nerds of both the modern propensity and the religious propensity to severely obscure this very desultory fact.

    There is NO individual solution for a collective descent. There is no white men's movement. There is radical autonomy or white Supremacy. There is friction or parallel path.


  22. Can anyone condense and simplify the writings of Thordaddy in his several posts here? I suspect it is not nonsense, that he is on our side, but in some the content and wording of his posts are way over my head. Even after multiple readings.
    I am just a simple, regular guy. Speak to me in that language. I'm trying to learn something here, beyond what I already know of our plight.


  23. Shon k…

    The first law of liberation is:

    Supremacy = degeneracy…

    This is both direct and reciprocal. Meaning, the radical liberal BELIEVES objective Supremacy to be degenerate, ie., “god” is degenerate. So the reciprocation is that that the degenerate life is “god,” ie., the degenerate life is “highest.”

    This also translates into a real world practicality where “white supremacy” = white degeneracy. Ergo, one, as “white” male, must not be a “white supremacist” so as to avoid being a white degenerate. Of course, “we” operate in a post-Christian/post-liberalism paradigm. So where “we” can recognize the coherency of the radical liberationist's belief based on his first law, “we” know him to be under a debilitating delusion inevitably self-annihilating. “We” know his first law to BE FALSE…

    Objective Supremacy = Perfection…

    A white Supremacist is a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards Perfection. In other words, the white Supremacist, by DEFINITION, is the label society naturally bestows upon the greatest of white men…

    So now “we” come full circle and recognize that the regime of anti-white Supremacy that undoubtedly terminates any and all ideological spectrum is a high IQ MONOLITHIC regime PITTED against the existence of the greatest of white men emerging from the masses. And in the context of what “we” write, the white Supremacists are the archnemesis of Modernism and the all the variant radical liberationists.

    The modern world says “Do not be a white Supremacist” BECAUSE a white Supremacist is exactly what one is supposed to be*.

    Just imbibe that last statement without deep thought or any struggle over definitions and conceptions. Just “see” it for the dominating meme that it is…

    * assuming “white” male-dom.


  24. The First Law of Perfection is nonduplication.

    So when the radical liberationist ponders why God didn't CREATE Perfection, “no redundancy” is His answer. In other words, it's nonsensical to duplicate Perfection… To make Perfection redundant. And if one is a radical liberationist with strict materialist belief then ONLY REDUNDANT phenomena actually exist. So the question, “why didn't God create Perfection” IS REALLY the inability to “see” any phenomenon that is not redundant. Meaning, one cannot observe singular phenomena. Not only can one not observe singular phenomenon, but the self-induced mental prohibition… The limitation to a redundant reality HAS ONE BELIEVE that singular phenomena do not exist, period. So it's quite the circular soap opera…


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