Deploying the Antiversity

Mencius Moldbug said the following concerning his concept of the ‘Antiversity’:

“In the First Step, we built the Antiversity – a new intellectual power supply for USG. In the Second Step, patriotic Americans peacefully exercise their democratic rights to disconnect the present power supply, the University, and plug in the Antiversity. Once the Antiversity holds full sovereignty, it continues the Procedure, dissolving USG and replacing it with a New Structure of its own design. America under the New Structure is the Third Step – to be considered later.”

I am very glad to report that while there may be no tangible antiversity in the United States yet, it seems that Russia is witnessing one take shape in the form of a new media outlet, as reported by online publication FT.

Now, it’s worth addressing that Russia has a far more unified media front than the United States. Most people get their news via the recently restructured RIA Novosti in some form or another. They operate the infamous ‘Russia Today’ news service which along with Al Jazeera competes for the market share of the world’s population who are distrusting of outlets such as CNN or the BBC. Like most dominant news services around the world, RIA Novosti presents the party line of their respective government. They are not ‘more fair’ or ‘more balanced’, they just present an opposing perspective to the kind of state-run media you’d find in the West. Because of this, they will publish great hidden truths, or great concocted lies depending on the interests of the Russian elite. Nobody can really fault them for this. It is their job. The duplicitous nature of their game is rather obvious when one can see stories on the same day pushing far left and far right agendas. This is because their modus operandi is to cause as much heartache for the West as they can. If it means talking about the plight of the Palestinians, fine. If it means talking about the social decadence of cosmopolitan Western capitals, fine. So long as it gets the job done.

“in Russia, story writes you”

But now, meet Tsargrad TV, the brainchild of Russian business tycoon and fast-rising power player Konstantin Malofeev who made his fortune as a private equity manager for Marshall Capital Partners. The country’s foremost lobbyist for the points of view of the Russian Orthodox faithful, views which the priesthood themselves seem to find hard to give a forceful voice to, Malofeev has largely slipped under the West’s radar of persona-non-grata, at least until the war in Ukraine during which he was sanctioned. You won’t often hear this man’s name, but both Putin’s longevity as well as his ideological turn to the right can at least be partially credited to the influence of Malofeev.

putting ideas into practice, I like this guy already

At university, Malofeev had a religious conversion to Orthodoxy and has held fast to the religion ever since, not wavering from Traditional Christian teachings, and cultivating his image as such which definitely made him stand out in a time where religion among the Russian Federation’s upper echelon’s was anomalous. In 2014, Malofeev financed a secretive meeting of political and academic figures on the European far right in Vienna, proving that his influence extends beyond Russia’s borders, and he has even been accused of being the primary catalyst for Russia’s annexation of Crimea. His delve into the world of media and public information is just the latest of many ventures he has undertaken, but could be the most significant. 

Oligarchs who tried to create media empires were quickly shut down in the early 2000s, but Malofeev remains untouched thanks to his connections and much appreciated support of the current administration. You might ask why he would do this if he is a devout believer in Putin’s regime. After all, the state has a media apparatus already. The reason is clear. He is part of the tsarist undercurrent in Russian society, the shadow in the background of the present swamp of opportunism, the bear which for now only whispers in the right ears rather than roaring. 

“We’ve always stuck to our Orthodox, patriotic, imperialist positions. The mainstream hasn’t.”

Indeed they haven’t. They couldn’t afford to, and the people they hired usually didn’t care to. Malofeev is a monarchist who knows there is an audience for what he can offer, a far right media outlet that will take the fight to the West on its own terms, rather than those that are politically expedient at any given moment. They have adopted a Christo-proselytizing ideology on-air, a geopolitical belligerency that makes Russia Today look like Lawrence O’Donnell, and much out of character for Russian media, have featured “a news item about Planned Parenthood [that] turned into a cautionary exposé on “American Satanists” who “openly supported the killing of children”.

Who do you suppose Malofeev has hired to be the editorial director of his new channel?

Eternal Rome
you just can’t keep it down

Yes. Out of work since intra-influence infighting toppled him from his position as head of sociology at St. Petersburg University, well-known illiberal troublemaker Aleksandr Dugin has found himself a position which could portend greater influence than before. I had predicted we hadn’t seen the last of him, and I was right. Russia is changing, showing that its period of catastrophic Liberalism was simply a transition step, and now a truly rightward future is very much on the cards. All that is required is the data structure to support it. Malofeev seems positioned to strike while the iron is hot, and the goals he pursues are bold. He has stated plainly that he believed a resuscitation of religious observance in Russia can tackle the country’s endemic corruption problems.  Even with my general overview, I highly recommend reading the whole article linked at the top of the page. It’s not too heavily biased.

Arguably this is a perfect storm scenario. You had the right man, Malofeev, willing to do it, but it should be a lesson to all Reactionaries who want to make headway in their resistance struggle against the Modern World. We’re stuck in this age, but Moldbug is right when he fails to recommend passivity. The antiversity, an alternate source of knowledge and education based not on the dogmas of the Cult of Progress, but instead on timeless truths, our truths, is possible. The article even says that the key demographic that Tsargrad will appeal to is young Russians, countering the popular view that rightism is an ideology of the elderly. One of its front line anchors is only twenty-six! They have Jack Hanick on board who was one of the original founding producers of Fox News (which you might remember at its inception, was rather game-changing). This has the hallmarks of a potentially very successful project.

If you want to influence a direction, a current, but most importantly people themselves in a given system, you have to control the means of information. Should the enemy control these, it does not matter how right you are or how well you can deconstruct an opposing position, you will be lost in static. To build a sphere with its own language, its own code of understanding, its own agenda, and to harness its power to reach aims; this is a true achievement. Something like Tsargrad TV, should it succeed, provides a blueprint to what the ambitions of the Reactosphere should be geared towards, the inception of a competitive order in information which will steal what we might call the ‘cognitive elite’ from the clutches of Modernity. Our task is of course a game with higher walls to overcome. Our self-declared masters are not a disengaged maze of oligarchic interests, but a band of zealots for a satanic motivation, a motivation they will defend to the death. We have a long way to go.

Hanick, perhaps unaware of what he’s getting himself into, bemusedly states the following about the new channel, that it is intended to be “Byzantium meets the 21st Century”. I’ll raise my glass and say, here’s to that.

Valiant galley set sail
adrift through the  Dardanelles.
Her masts, backs straight,
composed as Venetian dames
in familiar basse danse.

Sunset floats amongst the sea mist
silhouetting the capital’s skyline.
The holy dome of the Αγία Σοφία
eclipses the light.

The Lady makes port,
at the City on the Seven Hills.
Gentle entrance to the beating heart
of the bustling district.

                                                                                                – Tom Orr


16 thoughts on “Deploying the Antiversity

  1. It's certainly good news that Russia is moving rightward. Do you think you will ever do a post on ideas on how to build a US/Western European antiversity? I suppose in a sense all these right wing blogs serve a purpose sort of like that, but do we need something more formal and organized than that?


  2. Think of having an intellect like Moldbug, but unable to conceptualize objective Supremacy as Perfection and that this Perfectiion is the very “thing” that draws out one's intellect to create the Antiversity? If the Antiversity is not made to Perfection then it will never be because it shall never crystallize due its creator's inexplicably self-imposed rejection of The Perfect Antiversity.


  3. Give it time. Things like SydneyTrads and the Hestia Society are forerunners to what could be in the future. Right now, the goals remain to proselytize the message of the intellectual radical right, and try to network with other global forces who could help further our cause.


  4. It's amazing to witness how the rival intellects of “white man,” both traditional and modern, WILL NOT subscribe to the idea that their intellectual drive culminates in a desire for objective Supremacy. And of course, once one “sees” this phenomenon then the most likely conclusion is collusion. And this is doubly dubious for Christians on the “right” who, BY DEFINITION, worship objective Supremacy, ie. Perfection. And “we” understand the desire of the social engineers to “perfect man,” ie., dispirit, denature, deracinate, homo-sexualize, bureaucratize, trans-humanize white man.

    The reality is that the meta-drama amongst the Nerds (high IQ “white” male) of the left and right ARE ALL IN ACCORD with keeping a tight leash and controlling command of their intellectually inferior “white” brethren who make such an icky and obscene display of “white brotherhood” rooted in “our” collective existential crisis (don't “they” know the technological barrier for mass “white” breeding has been.surpassed).

    In the intellectual game, Mencuis Moldbug is a “white” supremacist in the least and Mark Citadel is a white Supremacist at his most.

    That both will deny the above shows an ALLIANCE in anti-white Supremacy, both real and perceived.


    Desire for radical autonomy.


  5. If there is something in this article that has upset you, Thordaddy, you should put your concerns in clear and concise terms, rather than vagueness What does being a white supremacist at my 'most' mean?


  6. Mr. Citadel…

    You are a white man. You are a Christian. And your writing is empirical evidence for your primary desire for Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy.

    Ergo, you are a white Supremacist.

    But, you deny this claim BECAUSE…


    White Christian who writes about organizing society (assumingly as perfect as possible) is somehow NOT a white Supremacist? In what way? How is Mark Citadel not a genuine white Supremacist?


  7. Mr. Citadel…

    What wouid you say the IQ threshold is to fully assimilate the things you write of? Who could possibly implement the visions of the Citadels, Moldbugs, Kristors and the like OTHER THAN YOURSELVES???

    The great scandal of our time is the massive failure of our intellectual class both modern and traditional. The former lacking concrete vision of the future with latter no longer the will to apply the violent mechanics necessary to perpetuate. This symbiotic regression is rooted in anti-white Supremacy in the high IQ “white” male of both modern and traditional persuasion.

    I assume you desire to break from this anti-white Supremacy. I hope that you do… Just as I hope for Kristor and Roebuck and Charlton and Wood will do someday? I am still trying myself!


  8. Mr. Citadel…

    Can there be a real war between Modernism and Tradition IF BOTH are anti-white Supremacy? Especially if modernism is coherently so while tradition is incoherently so? In other words, modernism just is anti-white Supremacy and tradition submissively agrees.


  9. Mr. Citadel…

    In terms of “game,” the next radical step for the radical “white” liberationist is white Supremacy or Final Liberation. This is the proper frame for the “white” male of the liberal right to march squarely out of the cuckquagmire NOW and not play the always slipping down the slope jester that has become his primary role.


  10. Die-versity = anti-white Supremacy = “white” self-annihilators…


    Anti-versity = white Supremacy = procreative and perpetuating white Christian man…

    Any aspie can understand the above equations UNLESS in a state of radical autonomy. And he remain in this state BECAUSE he secretly desires DIE-versity for the mass of his white intellectual inferiors. This high IQ ETHOS CROSSES both modern and tradition lines. In fact, there is a case to be made for one mind… A collusion amongst both high IQ moderns and “traditionalists…” Anti-white Supremacy for anti-“white supremacy.” And it's all win/win for the radicals.


  11. Thordaddy, let me set the record straight on what I believe.

    I believe in the Supreme God of the Holy Bible, who was incarnate in Jesus Christ who was perfect and had two perfect natures, divine and human, which were sinless. Regarding his human nature, you might say He was the supreme man.

    I am 'white' or as I prefer Occidental, Slavic by extraction.

    I do not group the above concepts together into 'white supremacy' because I find it etymologically unsound, yet the above facts remain true.

    I am committed fundamentally to the World of Tradition which I believe is a metaphysical construct of God weaved into the fabric of this planet and through which divine energies and contact can be tapped when the state is in the proper orientation of Traditionalism. I do not expect to implement my views. I expect to die for my cause, but I am confident the ideals that I and others have espoused now for 300 years will be implemented by our successors, high intelligence to map them, low intelligence to enforce them, such is the story of history. I do not see this as a journey to supremacy, supremacy is Gods alone. Even after death, we serve the Lord God as inferiors forever. My political project is the journey to what can be good about this treacherous fallen species, exemplified in the World of Tradition and all it entails, for what is this World I speak of but a pale reflection of the Divine Realm itself? Civilization is an infinitesimally small slice of heaven, but one I will surely give everything worldly for.

    I have no use for Modernists of any stripe, they are satanic to me, and I labor for nothing but their destruction.If you think Tradition is in any way in agreement with Modernity, you don't understand either. They are diametrically opposed ideals. I would highly recommend reading some older scholarship which might aid in your interpretation of not only what I write but what others are writing. The men at the bottom of my website are a good place to start

    Codreanu, Cortes, Chesterton, Davila, Evola, Guenon, Ilyin, De Maistre, Sarda, Spann, and Spengler.


  12. Mr. Citadel…

    I believe absolutely everything you say. Our only disagreement is whether what you believe makes you a white Supremacist? I say it does IN THE ABSOLUTE SENSE and you say it doesn't because of its widely held relativist interpretation that you don't care to be negatively associated with. So on this one issue alone… The very issue of what Mark Citadel is, he forsakes the absoluteness of tradition for the modernist mindset. But you are not alone…

    ALL Traditionalists AND Modernists are anti-white Supremacists IN THE ABSOLUTE SENSE…

    This is a statement of fact that one either affirms or denies.

    But the consequences of affirmation or denial vary between the self-identified traditionalist and the self-identified modernist.

    When someone such as yourself denies being a white Supremacist because you set your mind into modernist mode then you necessarily disqualify yourself as a traditional Christian. This is an application of the Logos at a time when the radicals have totally liberated our language. A submission to their perversion of the Logos is a disqualifying act… A self-annihilating act… The act of the anti-Christian.


  13. in reality, he's a nationalist, who wants to support the traditions of his people, traditions which reject the degeneracy of the West.

    When the White East is overrun with immigrants, and protestants and protestant atheists who quote Matthew 25, then you can attack him on religious grounds. For now, his people just emerged from being crushed by another movement of protestants, protestant atheists, and Jews.


  14. I thank you Peppermint for your candor, and yes my ancestors were personally affected by the overturning of our entire culture by Communism (Incidentally a German import), and were forced into exile with the so-called 'white emigres'.

    Thordaddy, you think I am rejecting the title of white supremacist because though I implicitly acknowledge I am one, I am not comfortable with its political incorrectness. This is a misinterpretation. I reject the title because I do not think the meaning you ascribe to it is etymologically sound as it applies to what I believe and espouse. Do you really think, knowing as far as you do my posting history, the topics I have written on, the opinions I have given which could see legal action brought against me in several European states, that I am concerned with political correctness?

    You have said you do not find the beliefs I outlined above problematic, but the question is whether it makes me a white supremacist. If we have different definitions of this term, how could we ever come to an agreement in answer to that question? We cannot, but why should a term matter? Look at the content of what I am writing about, and what the Orthospherans are writing about, rather than dismissing anything simply because people don't consider themselves white supremacists.

    On this side of the web, nobody is worried about political correctness. We passed that stop a long time ago. Don't mistake conflicts of etymology that are perfectly reasonable for secret leftist pandering. I have no need to pander to people I want to see strung up.


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