50,000 Views & Plans Going Forward

“what were we thinking of then?! What were we doing? This was simply psychosis!
We aspired to outdo all the famous constitutions in democracy, and we destroyed everything!”

                                                            – Ivan Ilyin

This blog has crossed the 50,000 views threshold this week, with more inbound visitors than ever before, all thanks to the generous links to my work provided by linkfests, blogrolls, and personal citations. I give my most sincere gratitude to everyone who reads and promotes this blog. Articles by yours truly have now not only appeared at Reactionary hub Social Matter, but the immensely popular Return of Kings website which is arguably the centroid of the entire Manosphere. In terms of geogbraphical distribution, there has been a marked uptick in visitors from Australia, Canada, Russia, and the Netherlands.

With regards to changes that will be made at this time, apart from pure aesthetic shifts, you may now see a link on the right-hand side of the page to my ask.fm account which has been up for some time. This will allow readers another avenue through which any questions can be asked.

In addition, you will notice an entire overhaul on my own blogroll. While I have cleared out links to blogs that now appear defunct such as Mark Yuray’s terrific Ara Maxima, many more have stepped in to fill the voids, some of them hugely impressive in terms of quality content. However, this list was becoming unwieldy, so I took the step of subdividing it into categories.

General Christian Rx – Any non-denominational, ecumenical, or other Christian Reactionary sites that are not explicitly Catholic or Orthodox.

Orthodox Rx – Explicitly Orthodox Reactionary sites.

Catholic Rx – Explicitly Catholic Reactionary sites.

NRx – Although there will likely be much overlap here, any Reactionary bloggers who self-identify as members of NeoReaction will be placed here.

Other Rx – Any other type of Reaction that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

Manosphere – Any sites that are connected to the Manosphere or NeoMasculinity.

Any queries on the correct categorization of certain blogs I will happily take heed of. It’s hard to tell sometimes when sites lack a sufficiently detailed ‘about’ for their authors.

I have an article pending at RoK, so if that goes up this week, I will link it. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to write anything more until next week due to other engagements, so consider this something of a tiny hiatus.

More material to come soon

To React is Divine

2 thoughts on “50,000 Views & Plans Going Forward

  1. Going into all the denominational differences within Protestantism would be time-consuming and arguably worthless at this point. Protestant authors are included among General Christian Rx.


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