Interesting Times Indeed

Things are moving incredibly quickly in Europe, something that I hadn’t necessarily anticipated. There is a growing divide between the east and west portions of the continent which I briefly touched on in my Social Matter article last week, Juncker’s High Time-Preference Gambit. Whether we’re talking about Hungary, which is currently erecting an iron curtain against roaming migrants, or countries which really don’t have an immigration problem at all (Poland, Slovakia, or the Czech Republic), an anti-Western consensus is building. Although the hordes from North Africa and the Middle East do not want to settle in Eastern Europe, these nations feel a responsibility to keep them out of the whole continent and must look upon their white brethren in Germany and Austria as madmen. Do they not recall the siege of Vienna, the Ottomon Empire… heck, even the Madrid bombings or 7/7?

The answer is of course, no. Eastern Europeans have something in common with Arabs in the fact that both have a keen national-historical memory. A few hundred years isn’t that long ago for them. Westerners meanwhile have trouble remembering what the big news story was last week.

The first electoral test of this divide manifested itself in Greece this past Sunday where once again the ‘social-nationalists’ of Golden Dawn participated and performed above expectations, retaining their position as the country’s third party, gaining another seat in the parliament, doubling their support on the migrant-strangled islands of Lesbos and Kos, and in an astonishing turn of events, winning the unemployed vote. As far as I am aware this is the first time the party has won a measured specific demographic. And this is even as its leaders are being tried in a kangaroo court for supposed murder, their state funding has been removed, and the results of another biting memorandum have not yet come into effect.

whether anyone wants to say it or not
these are quite literally the only people who care about the future of Greece

So, this is what is happening in the European Union right now. It will be interesting to follow as the months unfold. In other ‘far right’ news, it appears that patience is running out with the Washington puppet regime in Kiev. Petro Poroshenko’s Yeltinization of his own country is now beginning to lose credibility, and worse for him, because the Ukrainian military was such a debacle, he has helped to arm and grow the radical Right Sector organization under Dmytro Yarosh. While the group was a footnote in the last election, the fact is they are the only fighters on the battlefields of Eastern Ukraine who have had any success. They are well-equipped and well trained, and just recently held a ‘revolutionary committee’ of members who agreed to a no-confidence vote against Poroshenko. Fighters now openly state that they are planning to seize the government by force when the time is right. Members of the less militant Svoboda organization also held a protest rally where three policemen were killed by a grenade

Needless to say, should these groups actually throw out the ‘democratically elected’ Poroshenko, Russian troops will have justification for pouring into the disputed eastern regions and the West will have lost its argumentative advantage. No outcomes at this point look positive for Ukraine.

In the United States, the Donald Trump phenomena rolls on, with one-time nominee-in-waiting Scott Walker having to withdraw after his support plunged to a couple of Wisconsin trilobites. The Republican Party is of course having a predictable meltdown. Everyone should take a look at Dante’s de-balling of strategist Rick Wilson. Is it possible someone might actually break the American political system for good? I doubt it, but in the meantime it is a lot of fun to follow this burgeoning fiasco.

no one smashes my patriarchy

My general assessment of where the whole world stands right now is that things have stabilized a little after some grueling weeks, but the internal problems and challenges continue. China hasn’t triggered the stock market crash some had anticipated, but I was cautious about such prophesy from the beginning. Speaking of China, remember that old curse, “may you live in interesting times”? Well, we do live in interesting times, though I am sure they will get far more interesting in the next couple of years. The Modern World still has some mileage. This is no time for slacking.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Times Indeed

  1. Interesting times indeed. I think your assessment about the world stabilizing a little is correct, but I would add that this is very likely to change in the next few weeks/months as the immigrant invasion continues. We may well see the EU's 'bridge too far' as the reality of the situation hits home. With the way the world is at the moment, anything could happen. Such is the 'interesting times' we live in.


  2. We'll see what happens. I disagree with ArkansasReactionary's view that out current masters are sufficiently great as to avert crisis forever, but I have been surprised before with just how skilled they are at pulling things back from the brink at the last moment. They are a resilient weed, but a weed nonetheless.


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