Juncker’s High Time-Preference Gambit

Another article for Social Matter and the first time I’ve really touched on the migrant crisis afflicting Europe. It was predictable of course, but I’d be interested to know why it has surged so rapidly in the last month. Perhaps there are truths on the battlegrounds of Syria that we are not yet aware of. In any case, the current fissure opening up between the east and west of the white continent are revealing to us a crazed and cynical move on behalf of the Eurocrats. They are not going to let this crisis go to waste. A ‘final solution’ to Europe’s problem of white majorities has been initiated and so far only a Hungarian has managed to put defiance into action.



5 thoughts on “Juncker’s High Time-Preference Gambit

  1. Mark, I had the chance to read your piece over at Social Matter. I was gratified to find that it was both well-written and informed by a robust racial awareness. I hold the latter quality to be an indispensable precondition for any serious analysis of the present state of affairs, and the former quality makes the communication of same a pleasure.

    Like many of us, I have been struck by the magnitude of this “migration” and the helplessness of European regimes to mount a realistic, forceful response (with the exception of Viktor Orban, whom may God bless!). Nevertheless, I'd like to believe that–contrary to the reflex inclinations of mainstream Western elites like Herr Juncker or Frau Merkel–this veritable invasion will simply have to be stopped, by force of arms if necessary, whether they like it or not, in the face of the angry opposition it will almost certainly arouse from ordinary Europeans at ground level in due course of time. Surely the lotus-eaters will be compelled by events and public opinion to set aside idealistic fables and do what ought to have been done from the very start, or their governments will fall and be replaced by those who will. Either possibility would damage the paradigm of progressive liberalism to one degree or another.

    Increasingly, I've come to feel that we reactionaries will only ever get to our own “land of promise” through a series of accelerating crises besetting the status quo, up to and including civil war. The migrant invasion of Europe is one such crisis, and–though it pains me to see the West so fallen from its former splendor–is frankly to be welcomed. Whatever strains the Western regimes and the fantasies that presently pervade them, is an undisguised blessing.

    As a corollary to that realization, I've lately been convinced that reactionism, if it is to be at all serious, will have to take the form of an (at least quasi-) fascistic movement in each of the various regions where white Christian existence is imperiled–not unlike the movements inspired by Codreanu in Romania to which you have helpfully drawn our attention. My own preference, like yours, would be for any such movement to be informed by a robust Christian faith and commitment. But whether it is or isn't, the only realistic responses to the crisis of Western man will be fascistically organized. Reactionaries who don't acknowledge this are timorous, in my view.

    I say this not without misgiving. Fascism is (in some sense anyway) a path of terror and cruelty, while the teleology of our being is properly directed toward peace and goodness. Those ends, however, don't realize themselves–the foolish supposition of our deracinated elites' magical thinking–but must rather be guarded and maintained by martial qualities of fortitude and valor that entail violence. It will go without saying that I'm not a particularly courageous or fearsome fellow myself, but with every passing day I realize all the more that we won't extricate ourselves from the crisis of the western world without bloodletting and repression.

    I'll close on the following note. You mention in your article the “de-whitening” of Europe. The migration crisis has yet again brought the demographic trend of the West to explicit light. It has brought home to me the fact that pervasive use of birth control in the West over the past several decades is a major factor in our demographic, to say nothing of our cultural, decline. It is imperative that we put a stop to birth control among whites. As usual, I can't help but think that only repressive measures will do the trick.


  2. An excellent piece on both the current European invasion and the man pulling the strings. Your comment on the surge of the 'Far-Right' parties in Europe is sadly true. The current system (Democracy, the EU and party politics) will mean that the problem won't simply go away if we put the right party in power. Of course things will change but it will be the system that ultimately drags any hope down. For example, it would be all well and good if UKIP got more seats in Parliament, but when you have people spouting nonsense like this:
    “I am pleased to tell the House that we are looking forward to welcoming the first wave of new arrivals in the coming days, and we are working at speed to plan for even more in the coming weeks,” – Home Secretary, Theresa May.
    “harness the strong desire expressed by the public, and a range of organisations, to welcome these refugees to the UK.” – Richard Harrington, the Conservative MP for Watford
    it is going to be nearly impossible to get anything done in a Democratic system, simply due to the electorate electing idiots like this. Thus, unless we get more men like Viktor Orban of Hungary, this crisis is only going to get worst.

    (Quote source: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/09/17/britain-prepares-open-doors-first-20000-syrians-chosen-resettlement/)


  3. I have to agree with you, the only way that the West is certain to rise again is through the spilling of blood and repression.
    Certainly the first people to go would be our respective 'leaders' and their collaborators, who frankly should be dragged out and hung, but that is only part of the problem. In order to ensure the invading hoards either leave or stop being a problem is to make them regret coming here in the first place. Only an intense campaign of repression, terror and bloodshed could accomplish this.
    While this is certainly Fascist, it is the only practical and surefire way to ensure to save the west.


  4. I thank you for your kind words.

    “Increasingly, I've come to feel that we reactionaries will only ever get to our own “land of promise” through a series of accelerating crises besetting the status quo, up to and including civil war.”

    I have long held this view. See my post on Prophetic Catastrophism – http://citadelfoundations.blogspot.com/2015/02/is-prophetic-catastrophism-pollyannish.html

    Now, with regards to Fascism, I am loathed to use the term because it has not only become a catch-all-term like racist, but even more precise usages of the word fail to understand that Fascism really only encompassed Italy and to some degree Spain. Other far right movements of the period had a different character and more often than not a whole different set of policy prescriptions. Fascism is also inherently secular and populist. Codreanu for example would be more correctly termed a 'Guardist' than a Fascist or indeed a Nazi as some have taken to referring to him. While the Legion did indeed gain massive popular support, it never actively sought members which makes it rather peculiar. I'm going to discuss it more in the coming months I'm sure.

    I would not rely on a repeat of the 1930s with perhaps better results. That ship has essentially sailed, and the same one sailed when the Berlin Wall came down. The two principle Modernist opposition forces against Liberalism were defeated even as they declared their own hubristic claim to be the 'future'. It turns out Liberalism was more 'Modern' than both Marxism and Fascism, much to the latter two's dismay. I do not think populist measures will succeed and where they do, Liberals will stop them. If Greece elects Golden Dawn, expect the USA and the EU to invade it on some faulty premise, probably predicated on something to do with Russia. But this isn't bad for us. This means the system has to lose its clothes, become nakedly imperialistic and ideologically non-neutral. It's one giant 'red pill'.

    It is my sincere belief that the catastrophe we will witness within this century is going to be of earth-shattering magnitude. Many governments will cease to function, and what remains will be very weak. In this environment, there can perhaps be a purer Legionarism. That is, those who band together will be small in number, but hardened and intelligent, ascetic rather than selfish in their motives. They will not need the masses. Through action (and yes, this may include some 'dirty' but necessary work with regards to remaining Liberal elites), they will create civilization upon ruin. Man when he is desperate needs civilization. We do not need to be with the people. When the people have destroyed everything they ever held dear, they will come to us, beaten and blackened. They will not want politics, they will want safety. In this milieu, the caste-regression reverses, authoritarianism becomes unchallenged, patriarchy is natural, and the church is empowered.

    The Modern 'far right' is useful to us, indeed they are in almost all cases never our true enemies, but we must remember as Evola made clear, we have ALWAYS been to the right of them. Our goals are far more extreme than anything that a group like Jobbik would create.


  5. I think you are correct, and in most of these countries, the system has been designed specifically to keep the far right out. Look at Germany.

    And Sweden, where the 'far right' are the most popular party, it doesn't matter because EVERY other party is willing to coalition in order to block them. This means they would need to get 50% of the vote to EVER get close to real power! Such a threshold is borderline impossible. I don't think any of the far right parties are going to make a Reactionary State. The very existence of a 'party' is anti-Reactionary. However, what can be said is that some have an opportunity to actually save a nation from being ethnically liquidated. Because of Orban, Hungary certainly doesn't have a sunny future, but they can be sure that never will they be minorities in their own country. He has saved Hungarians, not Hungary. This remains laudable.


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