The Guiding Voice of the Old Right

guys, don’t fuck up what I started

I’d be amiss not to comment on yet another exceedingly great post from our friend over at Gornahoor, Cologero, who draws on and analyzes the aristocratic thought of 
Edwin Dyga, Valentin Tomberg, and Timothy Sprigge. This is yet another essay that should be scanned by everyone of the rightist persuasion.

Discussed here are the differences between the Old Reactionary Right, and groups such as the ENR (European New Right), and why we should always endeavor to emulate the attitude and approach of the former rather than the latter. Essentially, today’s popular extreme rightist thought, particularly in countries like France, is in fact a Modernist revision, rather than one which has as its center point an understanding of ‘throne and altar’, i.e – the proper relation between the sovereign political power and spiritual authorities. This, as a concept is absolutely vital to Reactionary thought, for an abandonment on either side will lead either to abject fundamentalism or a kind of stealth Modernism which is merely anti-Liberal (good examples being National Socialism and Communism).

There has been a movement which advocates for an understanding of rightism beyond the school of Traditionalism and the desire for a return to throne and altar. While this movement has undoubtedly been astonishingly organized, its intellectual merit has been poor as compared to mainly online Reactionary critique which draws lines clearly from De Maistre to Evola and on to a blasting criticism of Modernity calibrated for the new iterations which have emerged in the aftermath of the Cold War. Here is a key line from the essay:

“The demotic essence, therefore, is atheistic, anti-hierarchical, materialistic. Since there are New Right movements that themselves are atheistic, anti-hierarchical, and materialistic, this just shows the power the modernity holds over some minds. Such movements as typically “identitarian”, often on a biologically racial basis, which then becomes the defining paradigm rather than Throne and Altar. That is because such movements are themselves demotic and therefore unwilling to acknowledge or unable to recognize the hierarchy within the group itself.”

A school of thought which focuses solely on a global view, which sees the races for example, as existing in a hierarchical authority relationship is typically also one which fails to see hierarchy within races. In addition, these are usually the type who will give white Liberals a pass in favor of blaming either elaborate Islamic or Jewish conspiracies, as well as the popular punching bag ‘Christian weakness’ for society’s downfall. This approach is almost primitive in nature, it sees the nation not as the unit fit for civilization, but the unit fit for tribe. Throw out the crown and robes, grab the war paint and clubs! There is of course a correct instinct in there somewhere, contained in this line of thinking, “we are distinct, we should exist distinctly”, but that is where it ends. The thinking doesn’t go further. The same applies to rightists who focus solely on the economic lunacy of Liberalism. Hierarchy necessitates a comparison to corporation, which is an apt one to make. Any society which fails to function as a corporation will in most instances be absorbed by another ‘company’ either through the slow buying up of its stocks or a potentially hostile takeover. This is but a recurring dynamic however, not a foundation. The foundation for a sound society/civilization/nation/’corporation’ has been and always will be its consideration of throne and altar.

vertical power is thine friend

Cologero continues…

“Just as a chemist cannot deny the law that water boils at 100?, neither can a political scientist deny the cosmic order. Hence, the dispute between the modernist and the traditionalist is not an intellectual battle of ideas, but rather the difference between illusion and truth.”

Hierarchy is truth. Things existing in a vertical relationship is truth. The organic state of man is truth. Violations of the cosmic order and its reflection among men cannot be tolerated for long without deterioration for this reason. These are not matters of disagreement, but matters of fact. These are not facts on the order of crude science, although science certainly confirms Reactionary assumptions at every turn where it is not suppressed or distorted, but rather on the order of ideology and apprehension. How we view the world is an objective scale in as much as the view conforms or does not conform with the World of Tradition.

“After all that theorizing, the temptation is to create a political program of some sort. How, then, can you arrive at the opposite of a revolution? It cannot be demotic (i.e., a mass movement); hence it requires an elite who understand the traditional principles and axioms. It cannot be atheistic or materialistic.”

A true rightism is inherently elitist. In my recent Return of Kings article, I discussed in brief this concept of the ‘aristocrats of the soul’, coined by Julius Evola. Aristocratic traits are not ones born from mere circumstance or station according to this principle, but are an innate part of certain individuals who must by virtue of who they are withstand, endure, and resist Modernity. Those individuals yesterday were the great men, not just kings and high priests, but all forms of hierarchy above the masses, even ones whose work was unknown and out of sight. Because this character trait is uncommon, Reaction can never be demotic. It can never be predicated entirely on a ‘racial awakening’ or ‘popular revolt’ or ‘generation identity’, although such movements may aid Reactionary goals in the end, wittingly or unwittingly. The Reactionary movement as a whole, though it may contain those who hold no sincere belief in God, cannot be atheistic in either its core ideological components or its eventual application either. As Henry Dampier reminded us by giving us some much needed Lawrence Auster logic from beyond the grave:

“[…] as human beings we are free to deny God, but we are not free to do away with our need (because it is built into our nature) for something that is beyond us, that transcends us and provides the meaning of our existence. So, when people deny God, who is, as it were, the “vertical” transcendent, they start to look for a “horizontal” transcendent as a substitute. This horizontal transcendent is, pre-eminently, other people. Furthermore, as I said, since God is that which is most Other from ourselves, the more different other people are from us, the more they seem like God or fulfill the function of God in our psyches. Thus the worship of man devolves into the worship of other men, other cultures,other peoples, combined with a contempt for our own. This is the mystical cult of multiculturalism—the uncritical identification with the Other, whoever the Other may happen to be.”

Because of the necessity of a vertical hierarchy which reaches into an intangible ‘beyond’ rather than just ending in a Kim Jong Un-esque figure, rejecting such a necessity leads to all kind of problems, problems which have slithered out from the dirty rock which Liberalism has decided to peek under. Auster relates this primarily to the phenomenon of multiculturalism, correctly identified as a ‘horizontal’ form of worship, so this is another recommended read if you’re a fan of the relationship between Liberal ideological dogmas and national suicide.

Tomislav Sunic
not really a Reactionary by any stretch of the imagination

I asked Cologero about the certain neo-pagan elements of the New Right, examples including Tomislav Sunic and Alain de Benoist. He responded as such:

“Those “neo-pagan” elements are also atheists. They don’t recognize the sort of paganism that we’ve described on this site, e.g., from the sanatana dharma to Plato/Aristotle/Plotinus. Rather, they prefer the vulgar polytheism of the masses, while, of course, not actually believing in the actual existence of those gods and goddesses. Moreover, as we’ve also pointed out, those pagan gods represent real forces, e.g., Demeter, Aphrodite, etc., not necessarily benign. The pagans were concerned about propitiating one god(ess) or another. That is ignored by the new right neo-pagans (NRNP). The real motivation is anti-Christian and nothing else, even to the point of denying historical reality and justifying absurdities such as the conflation of liberalism with Christianity.”

This is more of a European phenomena than anything, but it is important to take note of, and I essentially agree with the assessment offered here. Attempts to reboot and repurpose false understandings of paganism are really cheap attempts to undermine the very throne and altar principles that the Old Right, which was almost universally Catholic and Orthodox, espoused. It harbors more hatred for Christianity than it does for Modernism. It’s absurd to think some of these people truly believe the things they purport to believe, as the pagan elements which are idolized (bear in mind these aren’t even the strongest elements) are ones which were rendered spiritually defunct when Christianity entered Europe. Paganism is certainly more adaptive for a society than the Cult of Progress, but Christianity is more adaptive by leaps and bounds, which is why paganism fell apart in Europe so quickly. People didn’t recognize it as false, they recognized it as incomplete, yesterday’s news. More power and truth came with the revelations of God on earth, which is why they remain so popular even today, even in Communist China of all places. They are the most solid foundation for prosperous hierarchical civilization.

“wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists.”
prepare the altar, fashion the crown, and you will have your king

We turn back to De Maistre, who states the following:

“The mere omission (let alone contempt) of the great Being in any human endeavor brands it with an irrevocable anathema. Either every imaginable institution is founded on a religious concept or it is only a passing phenomenon.”

I would argue the same applies to currents of intellectual consideration and political action as it would to any grounded institution. In service of Tradition, it is an enduring principle that will be forever nourished through the Kali Yuga by the milk of a sacred truth that has been with us since our creation. In service to other motives, however well-intentioned, well-devised, even dressed up in the peculiar garb of degenerate pagan fragment and folklore lip-service, it will add its own entry to the list of regrettable mistakes last topped by the fallen regime of Benito Mussolini.

A good question to ask oneself in order to consider whether one traverses a mistaken or true path is to inquire as to how we view ourselves. At the deepest levels, are we visionaries, designers, engineers, revolutionaries? Or are we preservers, defenders, soldiers, survivors? The Old Right were only a category, so greatly shrunk by the onslaught of Modernism that they required some political label to distinguish themselves in the fallout. None claimed to generate an ideal for which it was noble to fight, for the ideal didn’t belong to them. They only gave voice to what, by then, priests and monarchs were too dead to give voice to, the World of Tradition. We are preservers of this legacy. We are defenders of this ideal. We are soldiers in the service of its Creator. And we are survivors of its enemy’s machinations.

Reactionaries are a thoughtful group. They enjoy research. They enjoy technical subjects. They enjoy deep questions of political philosophy and man’s relationship to superior and inferior forces. We must always remember however that we are not engineering anything new, at the level of forms. Our ideology exists in the true regal current of the world, it is woven into the very fabric of human life (as I have already argued), and indivisible from the Divine Realm beyond. All discussions are discoveries, not startup projects. Whether we’re talking about practical politics or meta-politics, always our guiding voices must be the wise dead men of the old world, and the fallen fighters of the new. The essence we seek is superior precisely because it already exists, tried and tested. It requires no creation, merely a fleshing out of current and form, and a wiping away of dust. The principles of throne and altar are not bound in constitutions or declarations, they are bound in the cosmic order, hence why our victory is inevitable. Let’s not be distracted by the so-called ‘New Right’. While they make some worthwhile arguments against Liberalism, we serve nobler forces than they do. Their interests, concealed or public, should always be subordinate to ours in whatever interaction exists.

14 thoughts on “The Guiding Voice of the Old Right

  1. This is simply one of the very best things I have read in a long time. I will pay it what, for me, is very high praise: it has sharpened and made clean some edges that yet remained rough on the corners of my thoughts.

    Every alt-right person should read this. I have said for a long time that the crisis is first and foremost a spiritual one. Until Western man repents, “seeks first the Kingdom of God,” then the curse, the wrath, abides upon us. God cannot be with us as we now are, which is why He has left us to the misery we have chosen for ourselves. But if we repent, God can be for us again. And if God be for us, who can be against us?


  2. Yes. This touches on several things I return to, over and over again. The moderns state exploits the identities, whether they be progressive or reactionary, but it is hard pressed to exploit a man who seeks perfection. For the Christian perfection is God, but even for the atheist perfection must be ineffable.


  3. I am humbled by your praise. More articles to come. Always, the Christian should remember that God rewards those loyal to him, even in unexpected ways, and the greater our sacrifice and commitment, the more spiritual sustenance we will find at our disposal. We serve this, the highest purpose. Dávila said it best:

    “Faith is not a conviction we possess, but a conviction that possesses us.”


  4. Many thanks. However, 'seeking perfection' is not really the goal, this would be a kind of utopianism. What should be sought is frankness about our realities, our failures, and our shortcomings, and which kinds of systems can balance them in a stable fashion. The best system for such balance is one which mirrors the Divine Realm (i.e – hierarchy), and this is the system God wants for us on earth, to be perfected in the eventual eternal kingship of Christ.

    While this might be framed as a temporal perfection (in the sense that it is the best we can do with what we have), it's best not to frame it in these terms, because it opens up the avenue for those who think they can attain actual perfection via their typically satanic exploits, which is what the Cult of Progress is really all about.


  5. A man seeking perfection is not seeking utopia. He is seeking God, whether he knows it or not. Why did the pagans leave their paganism and become Christians, while now so many Christians are falling away and progressives cannot understand us? Because most Christians no longer try to become perfect. Christ is no longer the Way, but instead a romantic figure. We cannot point out the value or purpose of the struggle.

    If people are seeking perfection, there is a necessary hierarchy. There are those closer to perfect, and those farther away.

    The progressives start out imagining themselves to be perfect- the entire agenda appears to be an attempt to sanctify themselves. Even so, in the midst of, for instance, the fat acceptance movement, there are still many fat people who get fed up with themselves and try to do something. This is why diet and self-help books are still selling. Some try to get better than what they are.

    We need language that the un-churched can understand. I can understand you, but the masses cannot. Look at the resurgence of the white identity movement- they play with simple myths because they cannot fathom the Trinity, and often seem to think it is Christianity's fault that we've got into this mess. In some ways it is, because too many pandered to those (often women) who turned Christ into a romantic figure.


  6. I suspect this organic Hyperborean state you mention is not perfection, but an apex creature in creation. God is perfection. We seek Him. We shall become perfect in Him, through His energies. Of course, He retains His own essence, so we shall always be inferior to Him. Words fail us in the most interesting and frustrating ways.


  7. This request may seem odd, but it need not seem so, between us old-school Christians.

    We are all troubled, seeing the wave of Moslems sweeping into Europe. I hear they are headed primarily for Germany and Austria… indeed, that a large group is marching to Austria right now.

    Now, I'm a monk of the Catholic Church and I have just finished chanting Matins for Sept. 12th, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. As a recent convert to the Catholic Faith from the Orthodox Church, it is my first time using a Latin Office from more recently than 1200 AD! [I'm using a Dominican Breviary from the 40s.] So, this is my first contact with the Feast.

    Reading the Lessons for the Feast, I learned that it commemorates the great and momentous victory over the Moslems at the gates of Vienna in 1683. That battle began on the infamous date of September 11th. Saint Jan Sobiesky, King of Poland, came to help the city as it was being besieged. As this is in the Octave of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, after Mass in Her honor, St. Jan arose and rallied his men to fight with the aid of the Holy Virgin. They had also set out on the Feast of the Assumption almost a month prior, and had besought our Lady's blessing upon their arms at the shrine of our Lady of Czestechowa. When the time to fight arrived, the Moslems were seized by a strange panic during the battle and fled in disorder. Bd. Pope Innocent XI established the Feast of the Holy Name in 1683 as a thanksgiving for Her assistance in the battle.

    Our Lady has repeatedly asked Western man to repent and entrust themselves to Her Immaculate Heart. I have continually said that the crisis of the West is primarily spiritual, and that, should the West repent, we may be surprised at the swift response of unlooked-for aid from heaven. As I finished Matins I had the strong sense that, even now, if the people of Germany and Austria would repent, ask the Virgin to receive their repentance, and implore Her aid, they may find unexpected help from Heaven, seeing as nothing good will come to them from their “leaders.” I saw the crowds, furious with Merkel; but what does Merkel care? Let the Deutsche Volk march under Mary's banner and invoke Her aid, and they may find Her to be a kinder ruler.

    Also, in 1683 Bd. Innocent XI asked all the faithful to say the Rosary for the intention of Vienna's (and the Empire's) deliverance; we faithful should make a point of that this week, I think. I have tried to shake it as a dramatic impulse, but I can't let it go. We always act as if our problems are primarily political and we seek merely political solutions. Politics are easy, for the Queen of Heaven.

    So, I'm trying to get your attention (I'll send a like message to Nick B. Steves), in case y'all have better contacts with religious (or sympathetic) Reactionaries in German/Austrian circles. Of course, they probably already know all of this. But it's no coincidence that they are coming, now, and to Vienna of all places. If you think it worth the time, and if you're able, spread the word to whomever you think best.

    You have my thanks.


  8. Unfortunately I am unaware of any German or Austrian Reactionaries, although people do mostly keep their geography a secret so this isn't a surprise. Nick will definitely be better at this than me. Try this guy perhaps:

    In the end we may find that the punishment of Islam is much akin to the punishment of the Babylonians in Ancient Israel. As such, one must be strategic, realize where the hammer blows are falling hardest. The spiritual gifts of resistance are only in the hands of the believer, and a select few others. The secular masses cannot be helped. They believe in nothing, and thus they are nothing. Violence will break upon Europe like water on rock. My idea is to choose the bastions where Holy Christendom can be preserved… and bring weapons, not only the physical kind, but all the duty-bound powers of our souls. God will preserve these, His faithful. And I have no doubt the virgin mother prays for our success in battle.


  9. I agree with you… though I do sometimes wonder if, in their sense of desperation and impotence, seeing that Merkel and the other Eurocrats care nothing for the will of the people and are bent on destroying them, some of the people of Europe may not cry out to God, seeing that their humanism and secularism has so utterly forsaken them. I sometimes say my Rosary for that intention – that the European people be brought to repentance, if that is by any means possible.

    But I agree with you – it may well not be possible, and surely the hammer that falls upon the West is richly deserved at this point. Quos vult perdere, Deus prius dementat – and the West is certainly demented, so that is probably indication enough. The faithful need to pick a few enclaves and hold them, with the help of God. May the All-Unstained Virgin assist Hungary and Poland; may she sweep the apostates out of the Vatican; may she pray for us all, as she best knows and wills.


  10. I will have an article upcoming which looks at the policy of Jean Claude-Juncker with regard to this immigration wave. Farage said something very interesting about it, and it is worth the analysis.


  11. I just want to point out two things, though I'm in basic agreement with this line of thought.

    First, 'perfection' should always be considered as a comparative for an object – that is, a man becomes a perfect man. Only God is absolutely perfect, but God is not more perfectly God than Man could be perfectly Man, though the only example we have after the Fall is Christ, which somewhat conflates the issue. (I'd say Mary as well, as the Queen of Heaven, but she's rather perfectly Woman.)

    Second, it is the stated theology of the Church that man progresses toward spiritual perfection in his relationship with Christ through the Grace of Almighty God.

    Incidentally, it is through grievous misunderstanding of these two points that we get modern Progressive Utopianism, which is why I feel the need to state it explicitly, even among company where I'm almost certain it's completely understood.


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