Why Modern Men Must Become Aristocrats of the Soul

My first article published at popular Manosphere hub, Return of Kings. I kindly thank the editor for accepting to publish this article. It may appear to my regular readers as more of a political speech forwarding concepts I’ve already covered, which would be an accurate assessment. As I have alluded to in my conversations with other Reactionaries, propagating our political vision to other spheres of like-minded thought is a logical step forward in the right direction. Many of the men who read this website, have the potential to become Reactionaries, and along with some other great writers who are pushing the dialogue rightward, I want to contribute to this effort. Call it ‘outreach’ if you like, horribly bigoted and terrible outreach.

And so in this article, I detail what Modern man is lacking, and the importance of fixing this internal error before pursuing any further political goals or actions against our collective opponents. It is a call to put to bed the kid’s table stuff and start saying, “okay, we have a problem. what are we actually going to do to solve it, and to what lengths are we willing to go?”


not everyone can be tsar
but everyone can serve his glorious agenda

10 thoughts on “Why Modern Men Must Become Aristocrats of the Soul

  1. I enjoyed that article Mark, and I agree with your thoughts on the matter – though you put it more delicately than I would have. the modern man is lacking in many things and there are a few reason why he has ended up this way – lack of guidance, no role model, no encouragement, no purpose… a purpose is what the modern man needs, something to give his life meaning… something to be passionate about… but he has to want to change – I know, I went through many changes myself before I decided on the life I wanted and the man I want to be… that's another thing the modern man needs – he has to figure out what it is that he wants – out of life and from the universe.

    I am still going through your journal – I like it but I have to read it slow and carefully – this is heavy reading…


  2. Great article, Mark and equally great to see it so well received on RoK. It's been pleasing to see Roosh's move away from girl-chasing and towards a more Reactionary point of view, and he seems to be drawing his readership with him, in part thanks to articles like this.

    I think the tone of the article was pitched just right for the audience. Disaffected young men were content to enjoy the decline. Now they've looked behind the curtain and seen the ugly truth of the modern world, we just need to show them the pathway to the world of Tradition and let them explore it themselves. A lot of the reactosphere is preaching to the choir but it is articles like this that will swell the congregation. Truly the Lord's work. Godspeed!


  3. “Modern Men” is a radically subversive term that elevates the “Modern” and denigrates the “Men.” It's not true enough for the heterosexual “white” male to see himself persecuted. He must also recognize his self-indictment. “Our” degenerate state of affairs necessarily renders our society nearly and generally, man-free. Infusing the Reactionary critique with self-aggrandizing titles just because one is infected with cultural correctness will not allow one to come to a brutally humiliating conclusion. The super-majority of “white” male is de facto homo.

    It has become blindingly clear that for a “white” male of de facto homo “nature” to reach manhood and thus be deserving of the ELEVATED title of white MAN, he MUST strive towards Supremacy as much as individually possible. For a white boy to contemplate becoming a white MAN, he MUST put his mind squarely on Perfection. One has to earn manhood and then an intimate circle and a righteous mass bestows the accolade. One has to maintain manhood and then necessarily project it outward. The “white” males of the West CANNOT be granted automatic manhood by a “movement” not at all clear on what it actually takes to become a real white man?


  4. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you are enjoying my perspective on the error of Modernity, and its relation to the decline of manhood. Some of my articles are more heavy than others. Ones concerning present geopolitics and strategy/observations are a little lighter than the esoteric theory stuff, if you want to slide in on a gradient.


  5. Thank you. I think Roosh has been heading in the right direction since his interview with Vox Day. Unfortunately, this has created somewhat of a schism in the 'Manosphere' with this new MGTOW phenomena rejecting the new direction.

    The Reactosphere draws in people through a web of less extreme websites on its own. A good place to propagate these ideas outside of official rightdom however, exists in this network of disaffected men who are pissed off for good reasons, the reasons our theory outlines. My focuses have been giving the Reactionary political solutions a point of contact in the Manosphere, and also in Orthodox blogs that I have frequented, some being foreign-language.

    These ideas that our sphere produces are of immense quality and have a grand explanatory scope. They need to branch further a field so we can find good men among the trash heap. These men are out there, but they need to be 'redpilled' to the next level.


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