Paying Tribute to the Kakistocracy

My new article at Social Matter deals with something I observed in a comment section in one Canadian outlet discussing Roosh V.’s recent conflict with feminists in the Liberal swamps of Montreal and Toronto, known for their ex-drug dealing counselors and obese rape-hoax botflies. The ‘Enlightenment’ didn’t really destroy hierarchy, it just turned it on its head. Yesterday’s scum is today’s overlord, and the masses must pay tribute in acknowledgement of their lowly status. Of course, they try to get us to pay tribute as well, but this has proved fruitless thus far.

welcome to the new caste system


4 thoughts on “Paying Tribute to the Kakistocracy

  1. What better way to sum “it” all up than to say “our” society is 100% anti-white Supremacy?

    One hundred percent AGAINST the best and greatest white Christians leading “our” society?

    Agree or disagree?


  2. I agree with that sentence. As stated previously, I just think the use of the word 'supremacist' is tortured terminology. But yes, the Modern state's first mission was to keep the greatest Christians from power, and now is simply to keep any Christians from power.


  3. Mr. Citadel…

    Since “we” have the best and greatest Christians, mere Christians and liberated “Christians,” how are distinctions to be made between the three common variations for both young potential converts and nonChristian alike?

    The schtick of “Equality” doctrine is to fashion a self-annihilating Christianity. This is the Narrative and quite self-evidently places liberated “Christians” as the true Christians. This is the alt-rite critique in a nutshell. Coincidently, the alt-rite is anti-white Supremacy also, but still “racist.” Go figure.

    How do I know Mr. Citadel isn't a self-annihilating “Christian?” He certainly shows signs of deracination and deracination is pathological.


  4. As to your first question, you need to re-word it. I'm not sure what you are getting at.

    Your second point is fine, but I think the 'white supremacy' that the alt-right is against is not the same white supremacy you're talking about. You should ask them over at TRS, I'm not really considered an 'alt-rightist' except in the loosest definition of that word.

    How do you know? Would it help to say that your assessment of my Christianity doesn't mean a thing to me? Perhaps that is a sign in and of itself. I'm an instrument of God, and the only annihilation I'm interested in is the annihilation of Christendom's enemies.


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